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You have returned! :pinkiehappy:
You're writing! :twilightsmile:
Awesome! :rainbowkiss:

You're back! Huzzah! Also, this story is off to a great start. Only the first chapter and it's already awesome.

leaving them to discover what it means to be in love together.

apparently crude and nonsensical content. Since you seem to have a 'thing' about people mentioning Growing Pains I wont say that I really wish you had worked on Growing Pains, instead of whatever this is.

1. You're back. Awesomesauce!
2. You're writing. Awesomersauce.
3. Ohmygawd, You live!
...Oh and a nice story btw :yay:

... Your writing again?
I can't say ive been so excited in quite a long time ^.^.
I really hope whatever problems you had have been sorted
And dont push yourself if you dont feel ready no matter how much we miss your stories 0.0

That ending!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy has the same problem as me when i eat tacos, only difference is that i don't fart, it comes out in a more solid form.
So far i'm enjoying it and it's fun to read.

She knew all the old cliches: a candle-lit dinner under the stars, a slow dance to live music, feeding each other food, small notes left around the house, awkward selfies of her butt slipped into Fluttershy’s lunch box, but she’d done all of it already. Two weeks in and they went through every cliche she could think of, and three of them were done in one night! Twilight wanted to gift-wrap every possible pleasure and moment she shared with Fluttershy and create new ones every second they were together, but she was running out of cliches, and honestly, bits as well.

And now I have Time in a Bottle running through my head. Thank you for that. I mean that honestly, it's one of my favorite songs from that era. Also, I wanna know what happened to the butt-pic, too. Was it just her back-end or full-on, tail-flagging exposure?

“Uh, yeah ,” Dash interrupted, cringing. “Fluttershy’s mom made the best food and those tacos were great, but she only made them when she took me and ‘Shy down to the ground to have a picnic when renovations were being made to her kitchen on days with a strong breeze ,” Dash said with as much emphasis as she could muster in her voice.

Oh, dear. I was wondering if that was gonna be a problem.

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