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Always gonna love Aj. Im just a silly guy. Hope to be friends with anyone who wants to be mine. if not, that's still fine. Just enjoy your life for yourself K?


Christopher goes through depression. Thinks about killing himself, and wonders.

Is life worth it?

Is it ever worth anything to do in life? Chris thinks over this and gets completely heart-broken and sad about how no one will ever be able to help him out of his shell.

Till he met a pony who cared. Who cared enough to tell him that life IS worth it. Hopefully.

(Up-lifting, thoughts of killing self, and very heart-breaking and heart-warming. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:)

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Yes, life IS worth it. :pinkiehappy:

AJ did the right thing, bless that mare.

I hope you feel better man!

5821580 :ajsmug: No one but AJ would be able to let me change my mind about life :moustache:

Nice story. I can relate. I've wanted to die for many years and really have no real friends. One of the worst parts is struggling alone, never having any real friends to actually care enough to help me or even listen and My family doesn't really care that much either. Is my life worth it? I say no for now but if I stick around maybe it will be.

Made me cry a bit, and I honestly don't truly understand why people even conaider those options! When I was in depression, it didn't even touch my mind, because I don't even dare think of that. Get better, because depression is a bitch to go through. But remember, your not alone in this world :pinkiesad2:

5823087 We will see..................

Bravo. Just bravo. I give this my David Crespo stamp of approval.

5835597 Thanks :)

Short but amazing this is what I like to call 'AWESOME'

5849932 Thanks.

This helped my depression out a little too when I wrote it :)

5849941 I could have used a better word then AWESOME but I really like The Miz:pinkiesmile: but CM Punk is favourite

5849960 Yes. So true :)

5849974 "LOUDER!"

As Dash would say XD

5849997 You are awesome XD

5850016 Seriously though your stories are The Best In The World

5850016 Now I have favourited all your stories

5850022 Thanks.

Also, congrats your my 80th follower :)

5850022 I would love if you replied to my stories too.

Makes me happy to know people actually like my stories.

Thanks for being awesome bro :)

5850029 I love you so much.

Author Interviewer

I hope you're feeling better these days.

5897457 I am....just a tiny bit.

Thanks for worrying.

I hope you had an enjoyable read :)

I'm surprised so many people like this O_O

I'm confused, why did you make this story?

5982359 Cause of my depression and tried to make myself feel better I guess. *Shrugs*

It's good to have an outlet :pinkiesmile:

That was deep dawg...holy shit you deserve


6137935 Well...Thank you :)

6150209 Thanks Piggy :)

This has Applejack, by that alone I want to read it, but it sounds intially depressing, don't like that. But it seems like it will turn out ok.

Hmmm conflicted

6667021 It will be heart-warming at the end. And this is very novice writing, so please give me as much criticism as you need. And thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

I love Aj...lots.

6667027 ....(presses save button) sold!

All hail the green eyed mare!

6667035 Yes! Hail AJ! *hugs* And here's a follow back btw.

6667041 :ajsmug: much obliged

Ok... Let's get this out of the way:

It's AJ!!!! capital 'A' capital 'J'

I don't even know how I got any money in order to live.

. How do you not know? Seriously that's amazing.

Still, a lot of love and thought was put into this and, dare say, personal reflection?

I give you my vertical thumb but retain my fav till that 'J' shapes up.

Thanks for sharing your story!

6669860 Of course. Thank you sire for the criticism and everything. :twilightsmile:

:trollestia:6669901 thou art welcome

6669912 There you go btw. It's fixed. :ajsmug:

6669920 .....(checking).......(checking)....true enough. Fav

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