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Always gonna love Aj. Im just a silly guy. Hope to be friends with anyone who wants to be mine. if not, that's still fine. Just enjoy your life for yourself K?

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The sequel to, Is Life Worth it?

This story is a continuation of Chris's life after his depression experience. After Applejack saved him and made him realize how important Life really is to him. After they woke up for a whole new day, Chris asked a whole new question that would make Aj know that he really needed to understand his new life.

How do Relationships Work?

( Enjoy the story! know that i'm a bit rusty so it might not be too good at the moment and there might be remakes of the chapters after the full raw chapter is out... Sex is implied for well...sex. Duh. And some other stuff.) :twilightsheepish:

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Christopher goes through depression. Thinks about killing himself, and wonders.

Is life worth it?

Is it ever worth anything to do in life? Chris thinks over this and gets completely heart-broken and sad about how no one will ever be able to help him out of his shell.

Till he met a pony who cared. Who cared enough to tell him that life IS worth it. Hopefully.

(Up-lifting, thoughts of killing self, and very heart-breaking and heart-warming. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:)

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Captain Jack Sparrow. Just having another normal day being a pirate and finding a cure for his black pearl ship that was stuck in it's bottle still from his most recent adventure.

He went to go find something to re-fix his ship so he could finally set sail, and he found a treasure map that led him to something that should've fixed his ship and made it back to normal.

But, instead of fixing his ship. He is sent to someplace he was not expecting was real.

A world, made of colorful ponies. Also, any kind of feedback would be awesome. Positive or negative, I'll take it :)

(Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow is our important character, and the humor is gonna be just like it is from the movie. Except funnier. Also, No futa? WHAT!?!?!??!?! But yeah, I am gonna have fun with this one XD.) Doing this just for fun, I have nothing to do with anything :)

(Also, Mature rating for alcohol, sex reference, shippage, and possible sex references.........don't judge me. Also, swearing, Jack Sparrow humor and much more! But no futa :) ) Also Why is the rum gone? Gag XD

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All right.

This story is a one-shot. A comedic story with our pal Chris, and all that other stupid shit.

It's gonna be funny, short and you do whatever the fuck you want with it.

I'm just writing it, and enjoying every second of it.


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