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Octavia and Vinyl had a happy life together. But even Vinyl isn't immortal. Death reaches us all, and Vinyl's death hits
Octavia hard, especially at Vinyl's funeral, the last chance she will ever see her love again.

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Short. Nicely written though.
The whole "lovers" thing seemed a bit tacked on. Probably would have been a bit more 'heartfelt' if it was just her talking about her best friend dying. I don't know I'm just nit picking, heh.

Nice story. You deserve a thumb.

Claps Claps claps:fluttercry:

Great story, made my vision slightly hazy, only the saddest make a few tears fall but this, is sad. The cliche isn't that overused, not as much as :two people meet, they love each other, then they have to leave each other forever.

This deserves my favourite, and those people who disliked are sons of cucumbers.

*slow clap building into thunderous applause* :fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::applecry::fluttershysad:

Very touching...if it weren't for the fact that I've got company I'd have broken down into tears reading this...especially around the cello piece for Vinyl. That was truly moving.

Great, now I can't see the screen. I'm going to go and sit in a corner and cry for a bit.

Touching, moving and heartbreakingly beautiful. You sir have crushed my soul and let every emotion in my being flood out. Fantastically well written, I loved every word of it. THank you for letting me experience this. :raritycry::raritydespair::heart:

Damn that's sad:applecry:

awwww ;A; this was amazingly done. nice job!

:fluttercry:....no words from me at all as it was just plain sad. :raritycry:

I fail to see how this could be considered sad. Maybe I'm just being a prick, but along with some grammatical errors, no time to allow a reader to gain an emotional attachment to the character, or that semicolon misuse I've grown to hate so much, I found myself more appalled by this fic than anything.

I won't downvote it, but I'm not going to upvote it.

Good day.

it made me cry manly tears.


OMC I'm tearing up. Dammit, manly tears.
Brb, need to go hug a stranger.:fluttercry:

vinyl...we love you, and you too octavia.

vinyl...we love you, and you too octavia. rip vinyl scratch. we love you.

:fluttercry: must not cry on key bored stay strong
ok i'm better now:heart:

Very awesome story :fluttercry:

....ok now a sequel, vinyl comes back as a ghost!:pinkiecrazy:

This made me very sad... :fluttercry:
very well written, am now listening to V-Scratch music on YouTube.

greatly written, and it made me almost cry reading it. keep writing.

This + 'Nearer my God to thee' = ::fluttershysad:
Fine story.

Beautiful story, although it needs an editor. Upvote regardless, as this appears to be only your second story.

572615 No, it's made of the burning cold of skepticism.

makes me sad like the paring of vinyl and octavia:fluttershysad:

Hey Bro its me. Nice Story however it seemed like it just cut off at the end and it was shorter than i expected from you but still a touching story. You had one grammatical error that i noticed but other than that elaboration on certain aspects of the story would've helped the length issue that people seem to hate when that is expected of most one shots. Keep up the good work and i hope see some more updates on your other story even if you've already shown me whats gonna happen next.

P.S. Didn't cry so your still not at My Little Dashie level just yet but i have faith in your writing skills my friend and also we need to hang this week cus we haven't hung out in a while!

No, no, I promised myself that I wouldn't... :applecry:

Come on man, hold it in... :raritydespair:

Oh who am I kidding?! :raritycry:

Great work on the story, absolutely loved it, then hated it for a while because of the sadness, then loved it again.

Keep up the good work.


if you would tell me 4 months ago, that i would be sad about a story of 2 Pony's....
But here i am, holding my tears back

Very well written story....

Very nice job, though I have to say that was much too short for my liking. You could have done so much more, but as it is I like it well enough.

I agree with some of the other comments, A little short for my taste, however still a good read.
Misty eyes.... Check
feeling of loss for one of my favorite background ponies... Check
Overall a decent quick read, with a light heart string pull as well.
Continue the work dear author, for I will read more.

I do not see a Derpy Pony.:derpytongue2:
I see Derpy, a pony.:derpyderp2:

I will eventually find out how to have a sig on Fimfiction.

stand your ground, never surrender your integrity.
I figure after seeing some messed up things in my time, watching talking ponies is very relaxing. I don't care what you all think of me for that.

Awesome story. Exceptionally well written. :pinkiesmile:
+1 Thumbs up!

One thing though. Author comments or special thanks should be in the description, not in the chapter.
Chapters are for the story itself, ONLY! ( Hope I don't come across as rude or anything... :pinkiesad2: )

ehhh, i needed something to boost up the word count. i realized that i am horrible at writing long stuff

also, i should really say to everyone that i'm surprised this did so well, honestly. This is the first time I've ever tried to write something sad. Thanks for the feedback and i'm going to make a new fanfic... eventually... sorry.

*Checks the amount of words*

OH! I see! :derpytongue2:
That explains why you put them there. :ajsmug:

Too bad that, if I remember correctly, it's against the rules to have author comments and such in the story itself just for the sake of getting above the 1000 word minimum.. Just a little nudge. I'd hate for a good story like this to be forced to be taken down. :pinkiesmile:

U read Equestrian pie? Cuz yur pic is ffrom that fic?:572036

1435655 ya I've read it, good fic. The picture is from the story...it's sexy :rainbowkiss:

1437725 ''He thrust his dick into the pie'' I paused the reading went downstairs and had some pie.

Poor Octavia without her lover.

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