• Published 7th Nov 2011
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SpitFire's Honor - WinterTwister

SpitFire and the WonderBolts enjoy their profession.. but their profession comes with competition

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(epilogue) SpitFire's Honor

(3 months later)

ThunderDancer was accepted into Canterlot's academy for dancers thanks to the help of SpitFire and Princess Celestia. ThunderDancer had walked into the academy with her letter and a smile on her face that day to re-enroll, but as soon as she had walked in she had dropped her letter from her gaping mouth as she saw Princess Celestia herself had showed up to personally escort her to the Dean's office.

ThunderDancer excelled in all of her classes as she did many years ago and was praised by both her teachers and her classmates. ThunderDancer had finally graduated from the academy after months of tuition and was requested by Princess Celestia for a private performance and which resulted in ThunderDancer earning a contract to perform at he Grand Galloping Gala along with a few other seasonal festival contracts in Canterlot. ThunderDancer had finally achieved her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

SpitFire and ThunderDancer made it tradition to meet with each other every week to talk about events that had happened from dance performances to flight routines. They also enjoyed going to their favorite restaurants and slumber parties forgetting their age and just having fun together as they had as teenagers.

(10 years later)

Both ThunderDancer and SpitFire had retired from their life careers and had decided to move in together so they could continue to be friends to their old age.

ThunderDancer was crying across the table where they usually sat together, but she had a smile on her face. "SpitFire im so glad you found me that day in that dreadful alleyway." The tears were increasing but not sound had come from ThunderDancer.

SpitFire had also began to cry a bit. "Yeah me too, your the best friend i could have ever asked for." They held each others hooves as testament to this.

"We had a good life didn't we Thunder? A bit rough at some points but we pulled through together."

"Yeah... I wouldn't have been able to do it without you SpitFire." They both closed their eyes and kept holding each others hooves.

They both were going through their lives in their minds and both came to a conclusion. 'Maybe your dream isn't enough to get through life.. maybe in the end all that matters was that you had a friend beside you the whole way.'

To SpitFire's honor, she had no objections to this statement.

Story inspired by CertaintyPrinciple from deviant Art.com- to whom im grateful for this story idea which made me realize how much i loved writing. (his games on deviant art are fun)

Hopefully you watched the link to 'in the end' by Linkin Park i consider them a type of video credits showing the beginning of Shadow's Depression and in the end of the video showing her peace with the shot showing the nature of the land.

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Comments ( 18 )

Please check the blog on my page.

:flutterrage: Do a barrel roll!
:raritydespair: I'm trying!!!
:rainbowlaugh: What a noob!

215679 It did get alot better, grammar wise, after chapter 1. sorta.

215692 hehe:rainbowlaugh: i honestly did not really notice the grammar mistakes except for a few spots but other wise there are not many grammar problems that i say reading this a second time and looking for them:eeyup:

215836 you read this twice? lol alright, I have been kinda leaning towards a re-make though, this was a good story - but poorly fleshed out and other stuffs, but I have a long lines of fics to make, about 7 in the chamber with Blue Skies as top priority.

216710 yep just felt like it and if ya make a remake ill probably read that twice too for no reason whatsoever:pinkiecrazy: i agree with the whole good story poorly fleshed out thing but none the less i think it is good:eeyup:

Congrats you just criticized my writing skill that was done 5 months ago, read my more current writing if you want to access my writing skill.

365305 I'm not here because of someone's personal skill, though that can be a plus, I'm here for the story you wrote and it just needs some maintenance.

You commented on my grammar and punctuation - not the story.
and I am not giving any maintenance to this story because its old and nobody reads it, they read my newer work which is written better.

365602 :facehoof: I commented on the grammar and punctuation in the story itself. It wasn't an attack on your writing skills as a whole as you've seemed to have interpreted it. I was merely saying it needs a little work. Also why not fix something that's wrong? After all doing so improves the overall quality. Also if nobody reads it then why was I reading just last night?


I'm busy writing a third part of a trilogy of one of my stories, it has much more readers and I want to write it

This story is just my first step into writing, I have no interest in fixing it right now, and you read it for reasons I can't possibly know, you either just read through random stories on the site, or you like looking at first-written stories.

365705 First-written stories can be interesting if you have two examples of an author's work. Namely the first one they wrote and the latest one.

Yes, and thats one of the reasons I'm not fixing it, in an earlier blog I told my readers if they wanted a good laugh is to read the first chapter of this story, and the lastest chapter of Blue Skies and compare them.

it funny to read terrible writing, and see the vast difference between recent and the start

365738 Ah. Ok, that makes sense.

spitfire and thunderdancer should go with this music:

since your asking to watch in the end i posted it up instead oh and join my group p;s

Good story, but you need to work on your grammar.

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