• Published 7th Nov 2011
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SpitFire's Honor - WinterTwister

SpitFire and the WonderBolts enjoy their profession.. but their profession comes with competition

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SpitFire's repressed memory

SpitFire's Honor (Chapter 2)

Later that day after the race excitement had worn out and they had finished practicing they walked toward the middle of the field after their last attempt at the new routine.
"Ugh... my wings are so tired from all of today's flying we did, how about you guys?" Soarin' said while he rubbed his drooped wings with his hooves.

SpitFire didn't like complaining but she couldn't help herself but to agree with Soarin' "Yeah today was pretty rough out there today, I think we are going to take it easy the rest of this week we already had a nice start on the new routine so i think we deserve it." SpitFire looked away while she tested the strength of her wings and then turned back to her team.

"Alright guys lets walk back to the H-Q, we need to keep off our wings for the rest of the day so we don't strain them and besides its not that long of a walk back to Canterlot."

All of the WonderBolts agreed and the walk back everypony was silent; all thinking about the tiresome day.The only noise on their walk back was their hooves clopping on the narrow dirt road and the wind running through the trees and making the brown and orange leaves dance carelessly. Soarin' was thinking about the race and watching SpitFire become enraged and taking on all of the ShadowBolts by herself. The other WonderBolts were thinking about the same thing, but SpitFire wasn't thinking about the race at all. SpitFire was thinking about ThunderDancer and why she had changed her name to ShadowHeart and why she was acting in such a manor, it bothered her greatly.

As soon as they made it back to Canterlot they increased their pace to make it back to their home to get to their rooms all eager to get some well deserved rest. SpitFire was still thinking about Thunder Dancer and almost tripped over the front steps of their two story pale blue home.

Soarin' was surprised to see SpitFire so lost in thought. " Hey S-F are you alright?" Soarin' , always thinking of SpitFire as a role-model, was normally concerned for his captains health.

"Wha-? oh im fine don't worry about me Soarin' I'm fine." That was a lie.

"Your thinking about those ShadowBolts aren't you?" Soarin' was so sincere SpitFire couldn't lie to him.

"Yeah.." SpitFire looked down, after a moment she raised her head. "I'm thinking about Thunder Dancer."

"You mean ShadowHeart?" Soarin' was confused that she still called her ThunderDancer.

"No, her real name is ThunderDancer, ShadowHeart is a fake name that she had made for herself and I'm really worried about her." SpitFire didn't want to talk about it but Soarin' said something that slightly offender her.

"Why do you care about that no-good ShadowBolt, i mean she even tried to injure you!" Soarin' didn't understand.

SpitFire had anger in her voice."She wasn't always like that!" SpitFire calmed herself down to normal. "I knew her before she was a ShadowBolt, she was my best friend along time ago."

They went into their home and most of the WonderBolts had turned into their rooms, but Soarin' wanted to know more so he pressed Spitfire before she could tear away from him. "Please SpitFire i want to know how you know ShadowHe- I mean uh.. Thunder Dancer..."

SpitFire rubbed her hoof against the door of her room nervously. "...If i tell you will you please never talk about it to me again? It's a really personnel matter." Soarin' nodded to the agreement.

"Alright, this is how I met ThunderDancer it was a long time ago.."

SpitFire couldn't say anything at first but she knew Soarin' wouldn't go away until she told him so she started forcing it out."When i was a teenage Philly i was walking home from school when i heard yelling a few blocks away so i galloped ahead to see what was wrong."
SpitFire took a deep breath. "When i got there I saw Thunder Dancer against dirty alleyway wall with a bag of sweet-bread in her mouth and she was cowering from the Baker that caught her in the far corner of the alleyway, screaming at her calling her a thief while trying to get back the bag of bread."
SpitFire shuddered from that memory, but continued regardless."I stepped in between the Baker and Thunder Dancer and tried to reason with both of them, after a few minuets of arguing in-between them i got the bag of bread from Thunder Dancer and returned the bag to the Baker."

"wow... why was she stealing the bread?" Soarin' was at a higher point of curiosity than before.

SpitFire rubbed her eyes; she was really tired and didn't want to continue but she felt bad about leaving Soarin' hanging in curiosity.
"Well after i got the Baker away i went up to greet Thunder Dancer and she wanted to run but i grabbed her hoof before she could get away." SpitFire remembered the look on her face when she first saw her face up-close, it was angry and the look in her eyes had no compassion within them and when I looked at her side she was starved and bony. "I invited her to my house for dinner and she immediately accepted with a small grin on her face but it wasn't very trusting..." SpitFire stopped for a moment feeling deep remorse in her heart remembering her friend in such a state.

"After dinner i looked at her smile again but this time it felt different, it didn't have the same distrust as before and the look in her eyes was softer. She thanked me for the dinner and was about to leave but before she could leave i didn't want her to go back and live on the streets so i asked her if she wanted to stay with me at least until she was ready to leave and be able to survive on her own. She didn't know how to react but she reluctantly agreed to stay. After about a month of her staying with me i felt as though i had her full trust and we started becoming friends. We Lived together and spent each day together for about 3 years attending school normally, but then one day Thunder Dancer was smiling so hard i asked her why she was in such a good mood and she told me about how she got accepted into Canterlot's famous academy for dancers. I was overjoyed for her fortune but then she started frowning, so i asked her what was wrong. She told me that she would be leaving and going to the academy, i told her that was no problem and i also told her to follow her dreams. We promised each other that we would fulfill our dreams and then meet again someday, for some reason we never met again after the day she left. It tore me apart that she never tried to contact me and i went to the academy to visit but they told me she left one night and never came back. And it was only a few months ago i saw her again but i was unable to reach her, it was only today i really spoke with her again." SpitFire was finished; exhausted and heart-heavy she turned to her room to leave Soarin' awestruck.

"Thanks for telling me SpitFire, goodnight." Soarin' went to his room still thinking about the story that SpitFire had told him.

Before SpitFire walked into her room she stopped and nodded then continued into her room towards the bed and then plopped herself on her bed and stared at her window and for some reason that she didn't know why her gaze was fixed on a single star in the sky. She finally closed her eyes after watching the star for several moments and went to sleep still facing the star, feeling slight comfort.

-At the ShadowBolt headquarters-

ShadowHeart fell on her cold bed that resided in the corner of her dark room; eyes puffy from her constant weeping and still feeling rage from losing to SpitFire. She edged up toward her pillow letting it comfort her and pulling her black silk covers up so that she could sleep, she felt her eyes drawn toward her window and her eyes were fixated on a single star that she couldn't understand why. But she was sent into a deep sleep before she could try and tear away from the star.

They were staring at the same star.

End of chapter 2

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