• Published 7th Nov 2011
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SpitFire's Honor - WinterTwister

SpitFire and the WonderBolts enjoy their profession.. but their profession comes with competition

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A friend in need, a friend indeed.

SpitFire's anger was ignited and she knew what to do. She Sped back to the WonderBolt Head Quarters making an even louder sound with her speed than two of BlackJack's sound deafening landings.

SpitFire had never flown so fast before, she felt the adrenaline mixing with her anger. SpitFire flew straight for the house but she was going so fast she ran into the house causing considerable damage to the side of their home. The WonderBolts ran outside with the thought of a bomb in their heads but they found a dazed SpitFire and rushed to her side.
"SpitFire what happened?!" Soarin' was still spooked about the noise and the damage and terrified that his captain was hurt.

SpitFire was still dazed and her head was spinning and her body shaking with tears still streaming down her face. "I..I need you guys right now.." She forced the words out with each word pounding her head like a drum the size of Manehattan.

Soarin' went over to SpitFire and put his wing over her to try and comfort her. "Calm down SpitFire just rest for a moment before you talk."

SpitFire took his advice and rested allowing the spinning world to settle around her before she spoke up again. "Guys we have to go save Thunder she needs us!"

The WonderBolts were in confusion at this request from their captain to go save a ShadowBolt but they saw her tears and continued to listen.

"I went to go see Thunder and she doesn't want to be with the ShadowBolts anymore but their leader wont allow her too and tore her away from me, please guys come with me we need to save her!" SpitFire was angry but shaking in her plead as she saw their reactions differ from each other.

Soarin' was the first to step forward and speak. "C'mon guys!" he stared at the team appalled by their disregard towards SpitFire's pleading. "Our captain needs us and we shouldn't question her!"

The other WonderBolts felt ashamed of themselves for doubting their captain even if they didn't like the ShadowBolts at all. They all stepped forward and their loyalty returning to them they all nodded at the captain and she silently mouthed the words 'thank you' she said as she wiped away her tears and replaced by a confident stare. "WonderBolts! Take flight and follow me!" SpitFire once more sped to the EverFree forest and this time her team following her all ready to jump when SpitFire yelled jump.

The WonderBolt's were in perfect sync and they were nearing the ShadowBolt HQ in 'V' formation with SpitFire at the front. They landed in front of the ShadowBolt's home with the air and dust swirling around them in a bubble heading away from them.

(Inside the ShadowBolt base)
ShadowHeart was lying in her bed not even wanting to continue living anymore... what day started in new companionship became the loneliest day of her life. She just wanted to lay there and do nothing for the rest of her life, that is until she heard a booming from from outside. ShadowHeart walked up to her window and saw SpitFire and her team with her. ShadowHearts eyes widened in terror and she sprinted to the door.

(Outside the ShadowBolt base)
SpitFire saw the door swing open within a few seconds of their landing and saw ShadowHeart yelling at them. "You guys have to leave now! Hurry before BlackJack comes o-" ShadowHeart was silenced after being shoved aside by all of the ShadowBolts. The ShadowBolt's doubled the WonderBolt's numbers two to one.

SpitFire wasn't scared. "Thunder hurry come over here we will protect you!" SpitFire once more beckoned with her hoof at ShadowHeart. This wasn't the time for tears, this was the time to save her best friend.

ShadowHeart slowly started to walk toward SpitFire.. but she was blocked off as soon as she started walking by BlackJack.

BlackJack pushed ShadowHeart back and yelled at SpitFire. "I should have just finished you back in the EverFree forest! I guess now this has to be settled in front of our own home." BlackJack had a bloodthirsty look in his eyes and he shouted to his team. " SHADOW BOLTS! Get into attack position!" All of the ShadowBolts went into a line sticking close to each other in pairs of two.

SpitFire's heart sank in fear for a moment but then she shook it off with determined anger-lit eyes she faced her team and shouted. "Defend yourselves and watch each others back! we need to save Thunder!"

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