• Published 7th Nov 2011
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SpitFire's Honor - WinterTwister

SpitFire and the WonderBolts enjoy their profession.. but their profession comes with competition

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SpitFire and the WonderBolts meet the ShadowBolts

Spitfires Honor (Chapter 1)

"what an amazing day this is guys, i hope your all ready for todays flying session!" she said to the other WonderBolts, Spitfire had a large smile on her face and she thought to herself as soon as she woke up after last nights wild Gala that today was going to be a great day she could just feel it in her heart.

"ha ha wow S-F your in a great mood today, any particular reason?" Soarin' was also excited along with spitfire.

"yeah today we need to practice a new trick that i know the crowd will just love and im really excited for it!.. are you guys all set?" All the WonderBolts exclaimed yes, everypony was anxious to get started on the new routine. "Okay guys! i need you over there and come around in an arch towards me and Soarin' as fast as you can, got it? and Soarin' stick right next to me and you t-" but she was cut off abruptly by a roaring thunderclap that confused her, the day was clear and the pegasi hadn't planned a storm or even a sprinkle that day!

The thunderclap came from the right side of them.. from the ever-free forest. A Sinister dark cloud raced into their direction but as they were about to call the weather patrol; dark figures emerged from the cloud and they all knew immediately what it was, The ShadowBolts.

Spitfire looked at her team and saw Soarin' shaking in rage " Those ShadowBolts are messing with us for the last time!" right as Soarin' was about to take off towards the dark cloud Spitfire instructed him.

" Soarin'! calm down maybe they will be smart and just pass us this time" that's what she had hoped but they all knew that the cloud was descending and losing speed. when they landed it showed 6 Dark Figures slowly walking off the smoke of their cloud.

"Well Well if it isn't the LoserBolts!" All of the ShadowBolts laughed in such a cold and crude manner. one of the shadow bolts stepped forward "so im guessing your about to make yet another horrible routine?" the ShadowBolts continued to laugh.

Spitfire stepped forward inches from the shadow bolt "Why are you and your team here? This is our practice feild you and your team have no reason to be here Thunder Dancer" she said to them trying her hardest not to show her anger.

The Lead pony changed her mood after being told that "Don't call me Thunder Dancer that's not my name anymore, now im Shadow Heart" she told SpitFire gritting her teeth.

" you can't just forget the name your parents gave you! that's not what they would have wanted" Spitfire told her, Shadow Heart started tearing up and looked down for a moment.. and when she looked up her face was blank, but in her eyes you could see intense hatred burning in the center of her eyes.

" you don't know that, im Shadow Heart now and that's how my name is staying" her mood changed back to confident " and im leading the Shadow Bolts to the top!"

Soarin' stepped forward " Sorry but that position is taken by us, and you won't ever be as good as us." he wanted them to know of his dislike to them.

"why don't you just go stuff your face into a pie you slow snail!" Soarin' was inches from tackling Shadow Heart if it wasn't for SpitFire and another WonderBolt pulled him away from her. Shadow Heart gave Soarin' a smug grin and laughed at him." you wonder bolts cant even compare to the speed of the shadow Bolts!"

SpitFire kept calm and just replied " And that's why we are given the title of Equestria's most talented flyers right?" SpitFire knew that remark seared the hearts of the Shadow Bolts. Insults and arguments rained for minuets until both SpitFire and Shadow Heart simultaneously yelled stop. SpitFire looked at Shadow Heart in Pitty, Once knowing her as a Filly but she had changed so much since then.

"Well then! How about a race loser bolts? We'll see whose faster here and also who rightfully deserves to be the most talented flyers in Equestria..." Shadow Heart kept a straight face but she knew SpitFire well enough to know she can't turn down a challenge.

Spitfire turned to her team " Well guys what do you say, i don't think this is a good idea but i think we have a chance to shut them up once and for all." SpitFire was worried but also confident that her team was the best there has been in a long time.

Soarin' was the first to answer "We can take these clowns easy S-F!" the other Wonder Bolts agreed to race the Shadow bolts.

SpitFire Turned to Shadow Heart "Alright you got a race." Shadow Heart smiled."Good.. lets do this right now." This caught SpitFire by surprise but she nodded yes.

The WonderBolts and the ShadowBolts lined up at the edge of the practice field "To Canterlot and back, first pony of either team back..wins." Shadow Heart said this with such confidence it scared SpitFire into imagining the worst.

They got the help of a local pony to be the starting announcer "on your mark...." Their wings all propped up."get set..."They all leaned forward."...Go!" As soon as the race started all of the trees at the starting line bent from the speed of the pegasi. The WonderBolts were ahead of the ShadowBolts but only by 50 yards. SpitFire looked back to glance at Shadow Heart... She was smiling and she nodded at her team and they instantly sped up.

They were right overhead of the WonderBolts and Spitfire shouted "Guys we need to get away from them speed up now!" Only SpitFire, Soarin', and another WonderBolt made it away before the ShadowBolts kicked downward and sent the rest of the WonderBolts spiraling uncontrollably downwards.

Soarin' yelled in rage staring at his falling teammates " NO! you dirty Cheats!"

SpitFire told the remaining WonderBolt to go make sure they were alright."Go help them out, we can still win this race" As the other WonderBolt sped to his fallen teammates the ShadowBolts were closing in on Soarin' and SpitFire. "Don't worry Soarin' we can win this, just keep your distance from them" SpitFire knew Soarin' was on the edge of turning back and fighting the ShadowBolts but he kept flying next to SpitFire. They made it to Canterlot and started heading back to the field before the ShadowBolts decided to make another move. One got between Soarin' and SpitFire and another got on the other side of Soarin' and rammed him inwards making his wings fold in, and before he could recover Shadow Heart kicked him down more and Soarin' fell into a lake.

SpitFire lost her confidence and it was replaced with rage and she could hardly control herself. One of the ShadowBolts caught up to her and was right above her and his hind legs were coiled and ready to strike.SpitFire barrel-rolled on top of the ShadowBolt and kicked with all of her anger and sent him into a 0 aerodynamic state and on his way down knocked down another ShadowBolt. Two other ShadowBolts went to go aid their fallen teammates.It was just SpitFire against Shadow Heart and one of her teammates.

Shadow Heart yelled to SpitFire " Just give up! you can't win!" SpitFire couldn't hear what she said everything around her was blank, she could only see forward..only hearing the painful scream of Soarin' and the other WonderBolts. SpitFire suddenly stopped and Circled over the ShadowBolt and kicked Downwards, Shadow Heart tried to bash into the side of SpitFire but she shifted upwards dodging the attack. Shadow Heart yelled again so loud that SpitFire regained full consciousness" I WON'T LET YOU WIN AGAIN!" SpitFire surged forward wth all of her energy towards the finish line and the pony ready to announce the winner. Both Pegasi surged forward close to the ground, Shadow Heart moved ontop of SpitFire and kicked her in the dead center of her back.SpitFire fell for a moment but went with the momentum of the kick to head straight towards the ground and kicked away from the ground doubling her speed.

"The WonderBolts win!" yelled the excited pony "They won by only a few inches what an amazing race that was!" SpitFire was relived to see the WonderBolts heading towards the finish line all safe and unharmed.

Shadow Heart collapsed to the ground and cried for a moment and then stood up as her ShadowBolts reached her side "This..." she started" THIS IS NOT OVER!" she shouted. "This is the last time im ever going to lose to you!" The ShadowBolts flew up in a cloud darker than ever before.

SpitFire teared up a little as she flew away.. feeling remorse for Thunder Dancer. The WonderBolts all grouped together praising SpitFire for her amazing flying "I have never seen flying that amazing S-F!" Soarin' had a huge smile on his face." Hey S-F whats wrong? we won!" SpitFire was not happy at all " I Feel so bad for Thunder Dancer, and this race didn't solve our problem, they WILL be back and they will probably be dirtier than before." The other WonderBolts scratched their hooves in the dirt, forgetting the victory.

Soarin' stepped up "Well that means we just have to get faster and be ready for them again right Spitfire?" SpitFire's smile returned "yeah your right, lets all rest for a bit, then what do you say we get back to practice?" All the WonderBolts all together replied "Yes sir!" they all had ever growing respect for SpitFire that day.

(At the ShadowBolts Head-Quarters)

Shadow Heart was crying in her room thinking to herself," I let her beat me again...why..why cant i ever beat her? I try my hardest and it never works..."Shadow Heart broke down in tears again. "N..never again.. next time i wont hold back, no matter how close i was to her in the past...

End of Chapter 1

~ By Winter Twister

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