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SpitFire's Honor - WinterTwister

SpitFire and the WonderBolts enjoy their profession.. but their profession comes with competition

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ShadowHeart's Past

SpitFire's Honor Chapter 3
ShadowHeart fell on her cold bed that resided in the corner of her dark room; eyes puffy from her constant weeping and still feeling rage from losing to SpitFire. She edged up toward her pillow letting it comfort her and pulling her black silk covers up so that she could sleep, she felt her eyes drawn toward her window and her eyes were fixated on a single star that she couldn't understand why. But she was sent into a deep sleep before she could try and tear away from the star.
She couldn't tell if she was dreaming or looking into a bright light of her doorway, she decided she wasn't dreaming so she had slumped over to her bedroom door to close it. It was after she had reached her door that she realized that she had decided wrong it was a dream, and peering into the door she saw herself as a child... happy and playful. She was confused for a moment but she turned to the left to see her parents who even in a memory their faces looked scratched away by a yellow light. ShadowHeart started to whimper as she saw the two horses, sad that she never truly knew them and while she was thinking to herself she sub-consciously walked into the door and it slammed shut behind her before tossing itself away into the white abyss. She faced forward once again to the memory of herself walking a few yards back admiring the plant-life in the ever-free forest. Her mother was a gardener retrieving a bushel of some type of fruit i could not identify but knew it only grew in the ever free forest, her father was also there to help mother in collecting the crop smiling as he watched the little filly play. The little filly had run into the bushes chasing after a squirrel she had spotted leaving her parents to finish harvesting the fruit while watching their daughter act so lively. The mother was nuzzling the father and talking about how beautiful their daughter was, but the father noticed he couldn't hear Thunder Dancer playing so he took a step forward towards the bushes but stopped as he heard the bush directly to the left of him was shaking. He took a step back from the bush and out came something that made their hearts jump and their stomachs fell. A mighty Cockatrice had ambushed the father and turned him into stone showing him in motion of looking back and telling the mother to run but no words came out of the cold stone. The mother couldn't move she was shocked that her husband was gone she only whimpered and couldn't move until the Cockatrice was slowly slithering towards her. She had backed into a tree and slowly slid down it in defeat, ShadowHeart was having a fit in tears while the mother slowly turned to stone with a hoof outstretched where Thunder Dancer had dissapeared and as she had completely turned to stone a teardrop from the edge of her eye had fallen and made a thud on the ground for the teardrop was also petrified.

ShadowHeart went into a mad dash to go try and aid her mother but she passed right through the image and fell face forward into the dirt, out of frustration she tried again and once more fell into dirt but this time she wept in the dirt instead of foolishly attempting to touch the projected image again. After moments of crying she saw that the younger version of herself had come back grinning ear-to-ear about having so much fun, but that grin had died instantly at the sight of her parents. The upset filly had run up to her parents nudging them mouthing the words begging them to be alright but no words had escaped her mouth. The filly ran right to a near-by town called PonyVille to get help but as the filly got the specialist to the scene even from a distance he knew it was to late to help them. He didn't know what to tell the little filly but the look in his eyes was enough for the filly to read his mind. Before the Doctor could stop the young girl she ran into the woods, the Doctor tried to find her but to no avail, the only thing he could do was to walk back and hope the little filly had calmed down and returned to PonyVille. ThunderDancer didn't stop running that night, trying to run from the truth but becoming exhausted she passed out after tripping over a rock and cried in her sleep.

Another Door-way had entered the scene and ShadowHeart stepped within it to find herself 1 year after the incident. She remembered this part of her childhood well, she wouldn't let anyone be near her and she had lived in a damp alleyway which fortunately she had made herself a small house created off pallets, old house insulation, and an old quilt that she had found one day. She was defending for herself in these times, she was an orphan constantly stealing and feeling nothing but the hate of the world. Most who passed her just ignored her and those who tried to offer their help were scared away by the anger the filly possessed. Daily she was lucky to have eaten a discarded sandwich or some unfinished crackers she had found. Life was Lonely and difficult for this young girl and at some points even considering one of the most immoral crimes of ending her own misery, but never attempted to fully resort to this.

After months of fighting for her life one day she had casually walked into a bakery and the baker gave her a pleasant smile before returning to his usual work. The Philly had gone into the corner of the store to find a small section of the wall filled with bags of sweet-bread shaped like animals. The filly couldn't contain herself over the lust over that bag of bread, she snatched the bag of bread and slowly walked to the counter allowing the owner to think she was about to make a purchase. As soon as she reached the flour covered counter with the smiling baker she immediately sprinted out of the door with the store bell clanging recklessly.The filly didn't look back but only heard terrifying screams that made her run faster, wishing she had the strength in her wings to fly, while looking for a place to hide but this was where she had made her flaw in the bread robbery. She had dived into an alleyway that was closed off with a brick wall so she had tried to shrink herself in the corner as the baker approached and instantly saw her and slowly closing in on the thief. Screaming at her from a short distance the baker was grabbing for the bag but the philly kept dodging but couldn't find an opening big enough to escape the baker from. As the baker closed in even more another Philly had stepped between them, she had a yellow coat and had orange hair and was a Pegasus pony. The Pegasus had begun to talk to the baker but after a moment she turned toward ThunderDancer and asked politely for the bag, at first ThunderDancer refused but the Pegasus had warned her that if she didn't she could be arrested and sent to jail for bad fillies. After being frightened with that statement she handed over the bag to the Pegasus who returned the bag to the baker who grumpily took it and trotted off.
" Hello there, I'm SpitFire, are you okay?" The Pegasus was worried for the little filly.
ThunderDancer tried to push past the Pegasus, but SpitFire had counted on that so she grabbed her hoof firmly. ThunderDancer tried to struggle away but the Pegasus being a few years older than herself and also the weakness from hunger the struggle was pointless.

After the Pegasus had looked over ThunderDancer she asked politely. "You look really hungry, would you like to come to my house for dinner?"

ThunderDancer was surprised to be asked such a question, the hunger in her stomach forced her mouth to whisper. "Y-yes please miss."

SpitFire had led ThunderDancer to her home and gave her a seat at the table while she went into her kitchen to start cooking. The smell of the warm food made the filly's mouth water and her stomach was anxious to be fed and her heart was rising a bit to the kindness she was being shown.

SpitFire laid in-front of ThunderDancer a large plate of steaming vegetables that were sprinkled with the perfect amount of salt and pepper in the appropriate places. ThunderDancer immediately started eating the delicious meal and was also given extra helpings to fill her stomach. As soon as ThunderDancer finished she felt drowsy and passed out banging her head on the dining room table with a small giggle from Spitfire.

SpitFire took the small filly on her back and slowly carried her upstairs and laid ThunderDancer on her bed and then covering her up in two layers of blankets. SpitFire laughed again when she heard the snoring from the tiny Pegasus filly. She stroked the filly's' dark purple coat and slightly brushed her lavender mane and noticed that she had not yet earned her cutie mark. SpitFire left ThunderDancer there to sleep while she slept downstairs on her couch.

The memory fast-forwarded to morning where the little filly had woken up in a happy mood that she hasn't felt in ages and was suddenly overcome with joy wondering if this whole time she was in a deep sleep and her parents were still there! The filly sprinted downstairs yelling "Mommy! Daddy!" but her heart sank back into the abyss that she felt when she saw her petrified parents. She also felt embarrassed that she had fallen asleep in a strangers home and started heading for the door but was stopped by a recently awoken SpitFire who spoke gibberish. "wai oh leaf yat". SpitFire shook her head and corrected herself, slightly more awake. "Wait don't leave yet!" SpitFire was wide awake after saying that."Before you leave, please tell me your name." SpitFire knew that ThunderDancer was living on her own and was sorry for her.

ThunderDancer gently kicked the carpet while looking down and said."M-my name is Th-ThunderDancer." She looked back up to speak again."Thank you for having me, ill be leaving now.."

After hearing this SpitFire jumped up and almost on the edge of yelling. "WAIT!". ThunderDancer froze in fear of what was going to happen next, she looked at Spitfire to show her scared expression.

SpitFire blushed at what she just did, so she cleared her throat and said "Sorry i didn't mean to shout, what i ment to say was wait, i have a question for you."

ThunderDancer looked in puzzlement at SpitFire.

"Would you like to stay with me ThunderDancer? At-least until your able to leave and survive on your own?" SpitFire asked a bit nervous about her answer.

ThunderDancer's eyes were wide, her heart was swelling, there was nothing she wanted more than to stay with this kind mare. "Y-y-y-you really mean that?" unable to control her emotions she stuttered her speech.

SpitFire smiled and said "Of course!" SpitFire smiled harder. "We would be the best of friends and always look after each-other!"

ThunderDancer couldn't control her emotions she broke down in SpitFire's mane crying with SpitFire patting her back with her hoof to comfort her.

ShadowHeart was crying with the joy she remembered having that fateful day and wanted to watch that moment for awhile but the door had re-appeared and she obeyed hoping it would take her to another happy memory. The door became a window and she watched in fast forward her days with SpitFire, from attending school, playing daily games with Spitfire and always trading turns to cook for each-other trying to top the night before. They almost literally spent everyday together with ThunderDancer having someone to look up to almost like having a big sister and SpitFire enjoying teaching ThunderDancer new things like having a little sister.

The window stopped and re-formed back into a door for ShadowHeart to walk through. It was the day she had left SpitFire.
"SpitFire! SpitFire! I have great news!" Said ThunderDancer with a large smile across her face

"Oh really? What is it Thunder? SpitFire was curious.
"I got accepted into Canterlot's Academy for dancers!" ThunderDancer was so overjoyed she could barely contain herself.

" Whoa! CAC is a really prestigious school they only take the best and i guess that's you Thunder!" SpitFire said this proud of her friend for her accomplishment.

"Yeah but..." ThunderDancer's mood changed.

"What is it? aren't you happy? SpitFire was confused.

ThunderDancer was on the brink of crying. "I have to go live at the school to make sure i get my full education and practice."

SpitFire thought about this for a moment. "Well how about this, you follow your dream and become the best that you can be and so will I! And we can be together again after fulfilling out dreams."

ThunderDancer's Smile returned. "Deal!"

They both embraced in a hug that went on for minuets. A few hours later ThunderDancer embarked on her way to the academy to realize her dreams of becoming a professional dancer to perform for the princess
"Bye SpitFire! Don't forget to visit me!" ThunderDancer yelled behind her.

"Don't worry i wont! Goodbye Thunder!" SpitFire was happy for her friend and watched her leave until she dissapeared from sight.

ShadowHeart was moved by the friendship they once had and was in a state of lust to meet SpitFire, to be her friend again like the good old days. The door had appeared and it was time to move on to the last memory, the memory of hatred and hardship that she didn't want to see... but she was in no position to control the direction that the door took her.

ThunderDancer studied hard and was praised by her teachers for her performance and artistic views. But the other students were spiteful, always pointing out her flaws and making fun of her, jealous of her excelling in the school.

One day, a few days before her recital, she was practicing her routine until she deemed it perfect. When she left the dance room she was met with a cluster of classmates.

"Oh hi guys, what's up?" she asked... clueless.

"Oh nothing..." a nameless pony smirked.

Then suddenly they circled around ThunderDancer and started shoving her and finally making her thud on the ground with insults trailing after her.

ThunderDancer didn't know what to, so she broke through the crowd (slightly injured with a limp) running away from the academy with them yelling threats of what would happen if she came back. ThunderDancer was confused, she thought she could dance well.. she was praised by her teachers!... or was is pity? What if she could never dance at all? She thought to herself while running away crying towards the ever free forest. She had made up her mind, she would live in exile in the ever-free forest knowing that she had no talent or any purpose in life.. and what seemed worse is that she broke her promise to SpitFire so she didn't deserve to be her friend. A trail of tears is all she left.

ShadowHeart was furious that her mind brought her here and started screaming into the white abyss. As if she had called a cab a door halted in-front of her, she remembered this day well it was the day her leader and come to ask her to join the ShadowBolts. The leader had told her who he was and why he wanted to take her in as a new teammate, he wanted to assemble a team to top the show-offs called the WonderBolts. ThunderDancer asked about the WonderBolts curious about them, the leader gave a brief explanation of their team and then said something that caught her attention. He told her the leader was a Pegasus named 'SpitFire' and upon hearing this she fell into depression remembering their promise but then the depression was replaced by the rage of how SpitFire had become so great and ThunderDancer was still the equivalent of what she was years ago as an orphan wandering the streets. She agreed to join the ShadowBolts so that she could also become great and top SpitFire in life. When the leader asked for ThunderDancer's name she replied.

"Call me... ShadowHeart." She said coldly as if she lost all emotions other than hate.

The Door Finally closed and ShadowHeart let loose her emotions and started regretting joining the ShadowBolts. She started hearing a muffled sound.


"He- sha- He-..."

"Hey ShadowHeart are you alright?"

ShadowHeart woke up to the leader next to her bed.

"Shadow you were crying in your sleep, are you alright?" The leader asked.
"Yeah im fine don't worry about it.." ShadowHeart said weakly.

"Good i don't need one of my fastest members being soft and crying from a little dream, c'mon its time to practice." The leader said as he exited the room.

Something told her not to go with him, but what choice did she have?

End of Chapter 3

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