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"Mama? I wanna be a Pony when I grow up!"

That one sentence change the life of a young Timberwolf pup, later named Tabitha. When suddenly disowned by her Mama and the rest of her pack. Left to fend for herself, she wonders out of the Everfree Forest and finds a bush to curl up in outside of a small cottage where the shy little pony lives.

Can Tabitha, nicknamed Tabby, with the help of her now adopted loving mother Fluttershy, fit in with the other ponies and finally become what she wishes to be?

But there are problems along the way that she must face to achieve her life goals; like facing angry frightened ponies, her natural instincts, becoming a vegetarian and learning to speak their language.

Timberwolves need some love and happy endings! Right?

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This looks interesting, I'll have to read it later.:raritystarry:

That one sentence change the life of a young Timberwolf pup named Tabitha, for the rest of her life.

Changed her life for the rest of her life. Pretty sure that second part is redundant.

Whoops I'll go fix that! Thnx for pointing that out :twilightsmile:

cute story, we indeed need a Timberwolf icon:pinkiehappy:

This seems promising. Put in my read later list.

This is... Adorable... I love the premise, its original and refreshing... Tracking!

thank you! That's exactly what I'm aiming for :twilightsmile:

Add more

I will die without more..

( >.< ) So sad..

A good start, although there's a very good reason why children aren't subject to most laws until they're old enough to understand them. Aside from that though, I'm curious to see how this works out.

While the concept is good the pacing isn't what i'd thought it would be. I've seen fics kinda like this that were very successful so I have high hopes.

Poor Timberwolves, as if they didn't get screwed over enough already. Now even their offspring feel so little pride in their species that they would rather be lunch on legs than just be themselves.

she does have pride for her species, she's just sick of hiding all the time and seeing her family slowly shrink. So she thinks that if she becomes a pony that they could feel more accepted and change the ponies opinion on their kind.

No, sadly I am just an inferior fleshling. :-(

I was just joking around, it was meant to poke fun at how Timberwolves are constantly getting their ass beaten, due to having a 50% chance (the other 50% being a Manticore) of ending up being the Everfree creature that the male lead character beats to a pulp to save his romantic interest and establish his man cred.

can you tell me what the spelling mistakes are pls? so I can fix them :twilightsmile:
hmmm I'll try to fix that!
haha don't worry, Zecora didn't even cross my mind when I wrote this :rainbowlaugh:

Seems interesting

"OK OK Angle Bunny,"

You might want to fix that

damn it! thought I fixed them all :facehoof: I'll get to it right away!

yepp! I bet there's another one hiding somewhere, waiting to be found :twilightangry2:

So Heartwarming, but even though I can see Fluttershy standing up for Tabitha with her friends, as the first chapter established, Timberwolves are Carnivores, so what is she going to feed her?

Perhaps fish and/or eggs?

I shall figure out her diet in the upcoming chapter :twilightsmile:

yes yes Fluttershy shall figure it out I meant, Im just the one writing it up! :yay:

5483541 I am pretty sure I saw Fluttershy feeding carnivore animals in some episodes
So she clearly has to know

They're magic bundles of deadwood that think they're wolves, who knows if they even actually need to eat at all.

Really the only pony of the main 6 who would be at all timberwolf averse would be Applejack, because she has to deal with them often. Rarity would see it more as an exotic animal. Dash would be more worried about Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie would see it as an excuse for a party. Twilight would want to study the pup.

Granny Smith might have some information actually about such an abandoned timberwolf. With the zap apple jam stuff, she is the expert.

Kat PocketMonster i got a question when will the next chapter come out for this story

not for a week or so, I'm behind on my studies so I need to focus on that atm :facehoof: :twilightsmile:

"Because I help critters, no matter what species they are and I want to help you. Where your mother?"

That would be 'where's'. Keep it up. Also, just a small suggestion, get a proofreader, maybe a friend, to help you spruce up grammar and small spelling errors, it would greatly benefit your story.

Ah I'll fix that thnx! And I've been looking for one but I haven't found anyone yet :twilightoops:

5506078 Then allow me to offer my services

I like this story a lot :twilightsmile: this should get more views

I cannot believe something as corny as this isn't written by APoeticHeart.

? I don't know how I feel about this yet... still I don't think I've seen any story's like this yet, please continue I'm rather curious what happens when tab meets the crusaders.

honestly not a big fan of the name, short form is good but the larger name reminds me of another Tabitha in Fallout NV

I'm not sure if this is a novel concept, or some sort of transgressive metaphor. Either way the author's avatar is freaking me out because a) Uncanny Valley and b) Eerie similarity to Chatoyance.

Also, don't bash wolf instincts. They're functionally identical to human instincts, so unless you want to remind me even more of Chatoyance...

"Becoming a vegetarian" impossible for an obligate carnivore, and somewhat freaky for a timberwolf due to being magically animated vegetation, even if individually sentient...

I like the concept, but the execution isn't working for me. It seems too dry, awkward, and a bit repetitive in some parts. I wish I could tell you how much I love it, but it's just not there. Sorry. :ajsleepy:

i forgive you and i like this chapter, Kat PocketMonster please don't have us wait a long time for the next chapter for this story

Glad you like, I'll try my best not to keep you and others waiting :twilightsmile:

I liked this chapter, it was worth the wait.

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