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hello, my name is KingKang. I'm just your average guy who ocassionally hears voices. So i hope you enjoy! Miranda: "Enjoy what?" my work. Morgan: "you mean the stuff i blow my nose with?" Aw F*UCK YOU


Sweetie Belle has failed to get her cutie mark. Again! Deciding to go for a walk in order to try and forget about it, Sweetie finds that she has somehow stumbled into the Everfree Forest! While looking for a way out, Sweetie comes across a creature you never want to cross. A Timber wolf!

However, this one seems a bit...small. And scared. and trapped in a hole in the ground!

Having a change in heart, the young pony decides to help the poor pup. However, this pup doesn't seem to want to leave her alone now...things only go downhill from there.

I suck at description. I am so sorry.

Morgan: that's not the only thing you suck at...


Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 31 )

I love this. I actually liked the timberwolves, and Sweetie Belle is an interesting character, as are the rest of the CMC. And then there's this line:

"Alright Sweetie, no time to be a chicken, that's Scootaloo's job."


Miranda: So how many dislikes do you think he'll get?

Make that 4 likes 0 dislikes

Fave and followed. Can't wait for the next chapter. keep it up

5618898 I don't know who COULDN'T love that line?

'She through both her hooves up...' I think you want 'threw'. ;)

Also, just a suggestion, while I get the whole use of all-caps because Sweetie tends to be really dramatic, I always find its use to be a bit silly. To me, it is better to describe the motions, or use an exclamation point. Either way, those are my two cents. :3

Oh, also.. 'Sweeties thoughts were cut short' .. Sweetie's :3 Apostrophes for the win, and welcome to the world of first fic!


Rarity will flip up upon this situation.

oh you can count on it!

SB: "Rarity he followed me home, can I keep him?"
SB: Is that a yes?

And later...

*Timberpup runs for his life*

Very cute story, I can't wait to see Ponyville's reaction, though I'm sure at some point we'll see the Flower Sisters overreact to Timberpup.

5631954 believe me, I plan on using the flower sister.

"What Sir Creepsalot? You want me to do that, again?"

"Oh, well, with Diamond Tiara, it was fun, but why would I do that to a guard?"

"Oh... Okay. Have the hole ready when I get back!"

But seriously, you need to go back through and capitalize several words at the beginnings of sentences.

"Alright Sweetie, no time to be a chicken, that's Scootaloo's job."




awwww the timberpup is following Sweetie Bell home yeah she totally screwed but awwwwwwwwww :pinkiesmile:

but being cereal love your story so far and were is the timberpup's mother is she died or something ?

5887202 all will be revealed in time...

This story reminds me of food. You can't ever seem to get enough of it, and when there's no more, you get sad. The chapters are the food, and since there's no more, I am sad. XD well not sad, just can't wait for more :D

6481834 I promise I'll have new chapters out as soon as I get my laptop fixed.

6482190 hey when's. Next chapter coming?

you are now being tracked

Its exceedingly rare to find a fic that puts the timberwolves in a good light even more rare then that is to find a good one howwever i think this satisfys both

This is such a great idea for a story. You should continue it!

A nice start, hope you will someday continue it :twilightsmile:

Sweetie of Wolf has nothing to fear as she has assymilated the timber wolf pup with her cuteness.

When will you continue this it's really good

Even though this fic has clearly been dead for years, I'm gonna give it a follow anyway. It's really good and I'd love to see it continue.

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