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One day, Sweetie Belle was with Twilight Sparkle, working on a shrinking spell. Spike volunteers to be her test subject, but even though it doesn't at first, the spell was a success. Only problem, Spike was now outside at the mercy of his new wilderness, and even worse, Rarity, the diamond in his eyes, was coming his way.

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Sweetie Belle !:raritycry:

##@**#! :moustache:



I'm sorry :unsuresweetie:

Glad to see that you make progress in writing. Ths story is nice to read.

5333955 spongebob.......

The picture is laughable, but that's pretty good for MS Paint. I created this profile image with MS Paint. So... can't really expect much from MS Paint.

Cute! Impressed with the progress you're making grammatically, too!

5335266 I actually hand drew this picture and colored it in in Photoshop

This is a really nice story, your writing skills have really improved.

5337695 The cover image?

5344713 Oh... AWK-ward...

Here is an hilarious alternate ending for the heck of it.

Spike had to make a huge effort to speak, he still couldn’t stop sobbing and he felt like his throat was all tied up, and Rarity’s giant muzzle tenderly looking at him gave him conflicting emotions: clearly she wasn’t going to hurt him now, and her voice was truly a soft and comforting caress; but still he couldn’t help feeling a little scared of those enormous shining eyes staring at him, he could clearly see his reflection in the pupils, two clones of himself inside of the blue irises reminded him of how small and helpless he was.

And then the clones jumped out of her eyes and tried to attack him. One turned into a samurai and the other turned into a ninja. Spike then said "I am not going to die here. I am going to take you down. SUPER DRAGON ARMOUR ACTIVATE!!!" He was now in golden armour prepared to fight clones in a giant stadium with a cheering crowd of Raritys. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!! said Sonic the Hedgehog.

As they battle we cut back to Rarity and Twilight.

:raritystarry: Look at him dancing on my hoof.

:facehoof: He's not dancing i think he has become so scared that he is hallucinating.

:raritystarry: oh...

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