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Spike has a nightmare about his longtime friend, Twilight Sparkle, becoming a giant and wreaking havoc on the poor little towns ponies. But when Spike wakes up, and ends up shrinking down to bug size, will Twilight find him and help him, or will his nightmare become reality?

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That scene where they were crushing the bugs was a bit sociopathic to be honest. I'd have recommended a psych evaluation for Twilight if I saw her doing that.

6028982 She was just having fun

6029508 I just can't imagine Twi and AJ being so gleeful about taking a life, even a bug. What if Fluttershy walked in and saw what they did to the bug? What if Rarity walked in and saw what they did to the carpet?

What if it's the Mane 6's turn of being the shrinking and Spike the Giant?

6029537 That technically has happened before. Plus, someone else is writing that story

Firstly, all those scenes in the dream was nice to fit - I mean, showing those cliches in such unrealistic way is nice - but when you started to copy them in the not-dream part - that wasn't so good. That just didn't fit properly.

And then

“Oh really?” Twilight interrupted him “First Apple Bloom says she spilled it, now you tell me this? Will anypony tell me what’s going on?!”

Seriously? There is a buggy Spike and she still doesn't believe him?
Ha, wow.

I am hoping that the nightmare didn't stop and Spike really never woke up, cos' it would make fic much better.

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