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Honey Dew is the smallest of the breezies, a race of bug-like ponies. During their migration, Honey Dew was separated from both packs due to a leaf flying in his path and carrying him away. He ended up breaking one of his wings, rendering him unable to fly. And when the portal to his world closes, he is now trapped in a new environment, a world full of giants, or what we know, Equestria.

Can the mane 6 find the smallest breezie before he ends up crushed? Can Honey Dew gain the attention of the mane 6 before they end up crushing him?

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I saw this and thought of the yogscast. :facehoof:

Good story Vanilla

I love this story, especially the ant crushing part ;)

5432278 Hehehe, awww. A fan of Dashzilla I see

5432506 Dashzilla is awesome but Iam more a fan of mares crushing living things under their godlike hooves :scootangel:

5435058 As is all who are a fan of bigger mares. I like almost crush, no death

That ending was so sweet:twilightsmile:

BEST!!!! 1000/10

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