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Princess Flash Sentry

I'm not really Flash Sentry. That was just the lulziest pen name I could think of. Twilight is still best pony though.


Twilight Is dating Flash Sentry! But Trixie will never let that happen because Flash Sentry is Worst ponY and Twixie is my OTP!!1!! I will Go down with this SHIP!!!!11! Thsi SHtorefh IZ abouyetet Trixie winning Twilight's heart from Worst pony the EVIL Flash Sentry!!!11! Twixie FOEVEAH!!11!! SOREJOYAHX THE STORTEH!!111!!!!!! NU FLAMEZ PLZ CAUSE DIS STOREH IS TOTALEH SERIOAUS SO NE FLAMEZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!

*added the crossover tag for Sonic near the end*

Yes, this is a trollfic if it weren't obvious!

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Obvious trollfic is obvious.

m8/m8 it was meh.

I Can't. I just... can't. :duck: Obvious trollfic is obvious. :duck:

Wow. Just wow. That was beautiful.
The imperfection and disregard for character development and plot planning as well as the rushing and lost details we will never get to have just screams Chaos Pie to me! I will eat this Chaos Pie, and I will enjoy it, then I will have to take a Chaotic Poop! This story was so imperfect, it made it perfect, and that is why I shall gave it the Golden Apple of Chaos.
Kallisti my friend, Kallisti.

Nope, I don't wanna go with her.

Yes, this is a trollfic if it weren't obvious!

Fucking liars. :trixieshiftright:

EDIT: They actually aren't, I have been told why this story passed and I understand the difference in guidelines.

5325884 Fine! It's not a trollfic! It's a deliberately awful fic!

I think that's the definition of a trollfic. :duck:

I'm not saying that it being a trollfic is inherently bad. I'm saying that the moderators should be consistent in their story approval methods. This is a trollfic, which I could definitely see as being pointlessly offensive due to the jimmy-rustling you were aiming for, yet it passed moderation.

Once again, this is obviously a trollfic; you've admitted as much. The approvers should not have passed it for obvious reasons. Yet, it passed. Perhaps there's a not-so-obvious reason that I'm privy to for this passing and I would love some enlightenment on this, but as far as I can tell, this fic's existence is an example of hypocrisy on the part of the story approvers.

5325912 It was rejected the first time. This was for bad grammar, author's notes outside the author's notes areas, and a short summary lacking any detail. Other than that, I'm not sure why they passed it. I think the one in your image was offensive to a group of people. The rules said they didn't judge the story on content. Either that or it's vanity publishing. :unsuresweetie:

Nopony likes flashj Setstereh!!!!

Oh man I love it!

I have trouble comprehending how she expected everyone NOT to fall in love with her.

Why yes Trixie is my favorite Pony why do you ask?


This story isn't even pointlessly offensive, though. You did read what that message in the picture said, yes?

I actually PMed the moderator that denied My Little ISIS and got some clarification and...

There's the other half. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I read the reason for denial. I just wasn't sure where the line of distinction was being drawn, which has been clarified on the point of the story being pointlessly offensive, not because it's a trollfic. Therefore, trollfics are 100% okay, but fics that exist specifically to offend the general populace are 100% not okay.

Justice has been served on this day. :rainbowdetermined2: Thank you for the clarification, Shadowflash.

Comment posted by crystal_chaos deleted Dec 1st, 2014

Am I a trollfic writer who writes to get cheap laughs? Or am I just another brain dead fanfic writer who is 100(1)% serious about her works?

Both. Enjoy your up-vote.

I fucking love this shit, 10 outta 10 ducks! :yay:

dat wuz si epc i did
i cray leik evry tim

Hello! I am a rookie MST3K-er on a site called PonyRiffs and i would like to torture myself and Trixie with a trollfic. Can I please use your story?:pinkiehappy:

I will of course have to censor some things...

5492677 Yeah...apparently the riff site i once loved hasn't updated in months. :fluttercry: Here's the riif if you want to take a look

5492677 Slight change of plan. I'm doing a cinemasins version! :yay:

i thank mi breain imploodud :derpyderp1:

(but i really did like the ending)

So Twilight goes from being in a cocoon in the same room Chrysalis is in to being in the dungeon where Trixie could screw her? How did that happen? Did the changelings take her down there and free her from the ooze?

Dude. Just... stop.

You`re not funny. You`re not edgy. You`re not audacious. You`re simply boring. Try something else.

It takes skill to write trollfics. You ain `t got it.

5624773 You clearly want a real trollwork! Try "My Little Unicorn!" Best trollfic I ever read! :pinkiehappy:


Pff. You do realize that your best is still subpar, right? Learn from true master.

5626167 That's a crackfic though! Also, how is that the "true master?" Have you seen "Peter Chimaera?" Or "Troll" for that matter? You need jimmy-rustling (make it ass offensive as you can) , somewhat poor grammar (optional) , and to make fun of a certain cliche (in my case "Die for our Ship", "Strangled by a Red String" and "Shipping" in general). Treat your work like it's 100% serious too. That got this story a couple of flamers in FF.net, though it's more successful here (probably because I treated it like a blatant joke, or because there are more bronies here).

P.S. You NEED "Wangst!"


Indeed. Coprophagous I am not.

5631839 Badfic writer you will never be. correct. :twilightsmile: Now, leave before you turn the comment thread into a flame war. I may block you for extra measure :trollestia:


Try better. World`s already got enough of badfics as is. It doesn`t need anyone adding to the multitude intentionally as well.

5635906 I can tell you are trollling. TRY HARDER. Also, leave me alone. You don't like the trollfic. I get it. Just go away, I'm getting annoyed. :facehoof:


Suspect thy sin in everyone you see?

I`m genuine. You do NOT have the requisite skill to make a successful trollfic. Your answers only further reinforce this notion. True troll would`ve delighted in an opportunity to bounce his replies off existing ones. He`s prolong the argument for the sake of arguing. Ars gratia artis.

You, however? You`re not a troll. You have hard time trolling, even though you desperately want to believe yourself an ace. Try something else. You don`t have what it takes to be a troll... and most definitely don`t have what it takes to be a loved troll.


5637131 True. I am not much of a troll. I am more of a gladfly. I just wrote this to give bronies a good laugh. On FF.net though, :trollestia:

EDIT: I found a link to a video that will tech you the difference between a troll and a gladfly. CLICK! :pinkiehappy:


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