• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 18 - Predecessor part 3

After Connor’s lifeless body hit the ground. The saddened cries of the mane six and Celestia were heard as one of Equestria’s greatest heroes was killed. God just let out a small smile at this, and walked over Connor’s body.

“Some hero.” God said, but stopped in his tracks when he heard a sound come from Connor’s body. He turned around to see a small token appear above Connor’s body. It was a pixelated version of Connor’s head. “No.”

The token started spinning faster and faster until it unleashed a bright burst of light. When the light cleared, Connor was standing where his body was a moment ago. Connor just cracked his neck, before speaking. “Did you honestly think I would let you kill me that easily? I was purposely getting you to kill me.”

“Why? Why would you want me to kill you?” God asked.

“Because, I needed to power myself up with the power I needed to beat you, and what better way than to use a 1-up?” I replied with a smirk.

“No matter, you’re still human, and I can still kill you easily.” God said before charging at Connor. But to everyone’s surprise, the attack went straight threw Connor, as Connor looked faded. A second later, God was pushed back by his own attack. “What was that?”

“Lucario’s counter-attack from Super Smash Bros.” Connor stated.

“But how? You don’t have your powers!” God yelled, not understanding.

“Who said I don’t have my powers! I’m just not a Cosmic Being anymore!” Connor answered. “Now, let’s get this party started!”

God gave a loud yell as he charged Connor again, who jumped and landed on top of God’s extended fist. Before God could react, Connor kicked him in the face before landed behind him. God growled in anger, before a glowing sword appeared in front of him, and God grabbed it.

“How about you deal with the Holy Sword!” God yelled, before swinging at Connor. Before the holy sword could hit Connor, it was stopped by Connor’s own sword.

“And how about you deal with the sword of evil’s bane!” Connor yelled, before he kicked God in the knee, causing him to stumble. Connor took this moment to drive his sword through God’s back.

God screamed in pain, as he pulled the sword out, and holding both swords in his hands, and charged at Connor again. But before he could close to Connor, the Master sword burnt his hand, and he dropped both swords as he grabbed his burnt hand.

“You actually thought you could wield a sword that only the good can touch?” God let out another bestial yell, as he crushed the Master Sword under his feet, and picked back up the Holy Sword.

“I AM GOOD!” God yelled as he swiped at Connor again, only to miss as Connor disappeared and appeared at the opposite side of the room.

“No your not!” Connor replied, as he slammed his foot into the ground, causing a massive Earthquake inside the room. “You killed anyone who didn’t follow your beliefs! If they were homosexual, you killed them! If they were of another color, you killed them! You forced someone to write a book about lies you wanted humans to follow! You sent your own son to death, without teaching him how to survive against those who killed him! You’re nothing but a monster!” Connor fired an orange portal underneath God, and a blue one on the ceiling right above it, causing God to fall through an endless loop.

“ENOUGH!” God yelled, as he turned into his Cosmic Form, and destroyed the portals, before charging at Connor at lightning speed.

Before God hit him, Connor had some boxing gloves on, and he punched God a few times, before God jumped back, to avoid another punch. “How are you doing this? You couldn’t do this with your powers earlier!”

“Easy. I”m a gamer.” Connor said, as he jumped into the air, and summoned a bow, before firing several light arrows at God, who barely dodged them. Connor quickly landed on the ground, before charging up and firing a kamehameha at God, who wasn’t able to block it time, and took the full front of the attack.

Before God recovered, Connor threw a small knife out of his hand, piercing God, and then pulling him over to Connor. “GET OVER HERE!” Right when God was in front of Connor, Connor jumped up, delivering an uppercut and spinning in mid-air. “Shoryuken!”

When God landed on the ground, he quickly got back up, before firing several quick blasts of energy at Connor who deflected them with another Master Sword. God quickly got hit by each of his blasts.

God recovered quickly, and punched forward quickly, which hit Connor who was invisible in front of God. Connor was sent flying into the throne, shattering it. And God let out a small laugh. “Looks like you can still be beaten.”

“Never said I couldn’t.” Connor said with a smile, as he wiped the blood of his lip.

“To bad you don’t the belief of others in you. I’m sure you know why Cosmic Kings have religions about them.” Connor nodded, knowing that a Cosmic King gains more power the more people believe in them. “While I have Christianity and other religions, you have just a small amount of ponies that even know you exist.” Connor let out a small laugh at this.

“Oh, I have my own religion. Think about it. I’m a person who split up into several different versions of themself, each having a special quality about them. What happens when ancient humans see this? You get Greek Mythology.” Connor laughed again. “But I won’t need to use the powers of several hundred gods to defeat you.”

After Connor said this, four black tendrils came out of his back, and attaching themselves to the sides of the room. Connor took a step back, before being flung forward at God at fast speeds, impacting him and sending both of them sliding.

Connor quickly grabbed God, and flew up, through the ceiling. Connor kept on flying up, God in his grip, struggling to break free. Even when Connor broke the atmosphere, he kept on flying.

Connor didn’t stop flying till he was at the sun. Once there, Connor started circling the sun, over and over again, as he used the sun’s gravity to build up speed. After passing the sun over a hundred times, Connor started flying back to Equus at almost the speed of light.

After breaking back through the atmosphere, Connor started to spin around several times in midair, making a circle in between where he keeps on flying. After doing this several times, Connor quickly flies back through the ceiling of the throne room, and smashes God into the ground.

After using a seismic toss on God. Connor just stands on the opposite side of the throne room looking at the crater God made, waiting to see what God will do. A minute later, God crawls out of the crater, and stands up before trying to charge at Connor, but without enough energy, God just slowly walks to Connor.

Connor rears his fist back, filling it with energy, before sending it forward, straight into God’s face, causing God to fall onto his back, too weak to get up. “FALCON PUNCH!”

As Connor walks forward, he puts his foot on God’s neck. God looks up into the eyes of his enemy, before asking one last question. “What are you?”

“The Cosmic King.” A loud snapping sound was heard throughout the halls.

Author's Note:

The final chapter of the Connor vs God story arc. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

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