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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 16 - Predecessor part 1

It’s been a while since anything serious happened. The most recent major events were when Trixie came to town (I tried to show her up with my powers, but even to this day, I still don’t know how she beat me) and when we had to take care of a dragon problem (I had to point out that it wasn’t an avalanche, it was a rockslide. I tried to speak to the dragon in the old dragon tongue, which happens to be the same language spoken by dragons in Skyrim).

We were currently at Canterlot Castle, meeting with the Princesses about some problem that’s affecting the planet on a global scale. We were in the war room, and surprisingly Shining Armor is nowhere to be found. Since we were brought in by chariot, I have yet to seen what Canterlot is like while walking around.

Anyways, we were gathered around a circular table, talking about the problem, and what it might be. While everyone was talking, suggesting ideas, and stating what problems have arisen. I was staying quiet, listening to what everyone was saying, and trying to figure out how this problem could be happening.

“My family’s crop is dying! We won’t be able to make it through the cold season if we don’t solve this problem!” Applejack yelled out.

“The pegasi can’t even control the weather anymore! How could anything like this even happen!” Rainbow added.

“Umm, the animals are all getting nervous, and even the bigger ones are running out of the Everfree.” Fluttershy said out loud, as best she could.

“Quiet, my little ponies.” Celestia stood up, and all the ponies sat back down, and went quiet. “We are trying our best to figure out what is causing this phenomenon. Connor, do you have any ideas?”

I snapped out of my thoughts when my name was called, and stood up. “I have an idea. But I really don’t like it.” I gulped. “I’ve noticed a high amount of Cosmic energy around the planet. More so than it even should have. Most planets have a low amount of Cosmic energy due to the big bang, which releases Cosmic energy.”

“So, are you causing this? Even on accident?” Celestia asked. I shook my head.

“No. While staying around me, even when I’m not in my Cosmic Form, you would get a small amount of Cosmic Energy in your system, which I could tell you all have, but the entire world being covered with a massive dose of Cosmic energy? Something really powerful is coming to this planet from the void, and I don’t like it.” All the ponies looked worried at that.

“This void, you mentioned that it’s what’s in between universes?” Celestia asked. I nod.

“Yes. It’s hard to survive in for extended periods of time. Any Cosmic being feels at home in that area, due to how powerful the Cosmic energy is in that area.” I take a breath, as Celestia asked another question.

“Since you know that the problem comes from the void, can’t you stop it?” I shake my head.

“Millions of things come from the void, Ursa majors and minors, remnants of Cosmic weapons from wars, all kinds of stuff.” I sigh, and look down at the table. “But the power of the creature causing this is extraordinary. It might be stronger than me” The ponies all gasp. “Whatever is doing this, it’s trapped in the void, and breaking through to this universe.” I explained what it means to be trapped in the void, and how if you’re trapped, you can’t easily enter another universe, but if you aren’t, you can just get close to a universe, and enter it.

Right after I finish explaining, a guard rushes in, and delivers a message to Celestia. “Princess Celestia! A creature just appeared in the throne room! It… killed all the guards that attacked it immediately. It requests to see the Cosmic King.” We all tensed up, and some ponies gasped at the fact that ponies were just slaughtered.

After following Celestia to the throne room, we arrived to see the room filled with bloody bodies, some burned, some hanging off the ceiling, guts, organs and blood was almost everywhere. But while the ponies looked at the bodies, trying to resist throwing up, Celestia and I were looking straight at the person sitting on the throne, drinking a cup of wine.

“You MONSTER!” Celestia screamed, charging straight at the figure, who didn’t even bother moving. Before she could even reach the halfway mark (we entered through the doors opposite of the throne), the figure raised a hand, and white energy surrounded Celestia, throwing her into the wall at high speeds, before slamming her into the ground.

The figure let out a loud laugh, before floating off of the chair, and walking up to Celestia’s body, who was struggling to get up. “Why don’t you try to think next time horse, before you attack a god?” The way he said that, sounded like he was in a good mood, but you could sense the underline of power and anger in it.

After hearing their princess be called a horse, the other elements of harmony all charged at once. I just stood there, and watched as the one person I hoped to never see easily beat all of the Mane six. He first grabbed Rainbow’s forehooves when she flew at him, and spun around at supersonic speeds, before throwing her into a wall, breaking most of Rainbow’s bones as she collides with the wall.

After Rainbow was easily taken care of, he grabbed AJ’s hind legs when she tried to buck him, and turned to face the gems that Rarity somehow had and threw at him. Instead of the gems hitting him, they hit AJ, who yelped in pain, before being thrown on top of Rarity as high speeds, knocking them both out.

Twilight tried to use magic on him, to keep him still so Fluttershy could use the Stare on him. But to both the ponies surprise, he just completely ignored the magic and the Stare, before rushing up, faster than I could blink, to Twilight and grabbed her horn. Once he had gotten ahold of Twilight’s horn, she barely had the time to let out a surprised gasp, before he swung her around, and threw her into one of the walls, snapping off her horn while doing so.

After dealing with Twilight, he quickly spun around, before delivering a punch that would easily tear through the Hulk, straight into Fluttershy’s face. I could hear a sickening crack, as Fluttershy’s skull breaks, and she got sent flying straight into a wall. Luckily, cartoon physics took place, and she isn’t dead, or permanently wounded.

After taking care of the Mane six and the princess, the figure turned to me, a smug smile on his face, as he asked me a question. “Do you know who I am boy?”

I gulped, trying to control my fear of who was talking to me. After nearly a minute, I finally worked up the courage to respond. “Yes. You’re my predecessor.”

“You’re God.”

Author's Note:

Cliffhanger! I'm thinking about making this little story arc be at least 3 chapters long. But I hope you enjoy this chapter. Note: If you really don't want to see Christianity's God (don't really know how to put it) get put into a bad light, just skip the three chapters, and I'll try to have a brief summary of what happened in those chapters after this little story arc is finished. But I wouldn't recommend skipping the 3rd part of this story arc, as I have a lot of fun ideas to put into that one.

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