• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 20 - Mortal Weakness

I was startled awake when I heard some rapid knocking on my door. Well, I wasn’t actually asleep, I haven’t slept since around the time I first arrived in this universe. Technically I was in a stand-by mode to conserve energy. As I made my way to my door, I activated my flame-thrower on my arm to burn my face up so I at least look presentable.

By the time I made it to my door, my face was already regenerated, and I did a quick scan outside my door to find a whole bunch of reporters with cameras outside my house. I sighed, and mentally prepared myself for the questions I already have a feeling they’re going to ask. I grab a pair of sunglasses I had near the door and put them on, before opening the door.

Like I predicted, I was immediately assaulted with a bunch of flashing lights, and a bunch of questions. Because they were speaking all at the same time, I couldn’t even hear what they were saying. I used my powers to make me sound louder before speaking. “Quiet!

After speaking, all the reporters instantly fell quiet to hear what I had to say. “Raise your hooves, and I’ll pick you to speak.” I said this, and all the reporters hooves were in the air. I pointed to a reporter who had the same design as Doctor Whooves.

“How long until the alien mothership arrives to enslave us all?” The way he said this, sounded like he actually expects this.

“I don’t have an alien mothership. Now if you’re going to be racist, can you please do it somewhere else.” I said, a slight amount of anger in my voice. I pointed to another pony.

“What are you?” She asked.

“I’m a Cosmic Being. Basically I’m a creature made of pure Cosmic Energy.” I replied, before pointing to another pony.

“What do you eat?” The pony who resembled Bulk Biceps asked.

“Anything I can safely and properly digest.” Which is kinda true due to the fact I can eat and digest anything. Except for those baked bads.

Another pony spoke up after pointing at them. “Princess Celestia referred to you as the ‘Cosmic King.’ Why did she call you this?”

“Because that’s my title. I’m the Cosmic King, and I’m not only the ruler of every universe, but the protector of each.” I pointed to another pony.

“How powerful are you?” I sighed, expecting this question.

“Powerful enough to move the sun and the moon with a song. Powerful enough to destroy the planet easily. Powerful enough to take down entire armies. Powerful enough to not need to kill to protect others.”

“Why did you defeat this ‘God’ creature?”

“He hurt my fellow Elements of Harmony.”

“There are only six Elements of Harmony. How can you be one, if you’re not a pony?”

“You don’t have to be of the same race to be an Element of Harmony. As long as you represent your Element, and are in harmony with the others.”

“Do you plan on overthrowing Princess Celestia?”


“Why do you wear clothes? Is it because you think your better than others?”

“The race I was before I became a Cosmic Being don’t have sheaths for our reproductive organs, so we wear clothes to protect ourselves, and keep ourselves warm due to lack of fur.”

“You said you were a race before you became a Cosmic Being. What do you mean?”

“Cosmic Beings are usually created by reproduction, or when a creature of any possible race performs a certain act, and is made of the right ‘stuff’, they become a Cosmic Being. Most Cosmic Beings are in charge of certain things. So as the Cosmic King, I’m the strongest, but I also have the most responsibility. God was my predecessor, who supposedly died a while back. And before you ask, I was a human before.” I created a portal in my doorway. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have someplace to be.” I walked through my door, closing it when I was through the portal, and then I closed the portal.

I turned around to see I arrived on time. Twilight suggested we all have a picnic together or something. I sit down, as Pinkie was putting down some stuff. I opened my pocket dimension, before pulling out some food I made last night, and put it down on the blanket thing.

After waiting a few more minutes, Rainbow Dash arrived with Fluttershy, and the gang was all here. Rainbow brought some cloud-related dishes, like a cloud cake (a spongy cake shaped like a cloud) that still had the price tag on the plastic. Fluttershy brought berries and fruit related stuff. AJ brought some apple related dishes (what a surprise), and some cider. Rarity brought some flower-filled sandwiches. Pinkie brought sweets. I brought some pies, other fruits, and some meat sandwiches for me. Twilight brought some egg dishes.

Immediately upon seeing the sight of cooked eggs, I fell onto my back, and quickly pushed myself away. Twilight noticed this however. “Connor, are you okay?”

“No, not really. Sorry, but I can’t stand cooked eggs. I had some bad eggs when I was much younger, and now I get nauseated every time I smell eggs.” The ponies started laughing at that.

“Connor, they’re just eggs, they won’t harm you.” Twilight replied.

“Yeah, but it seems that even the smell now still nauseates me.” I had to cut off my nose so I wouldn’t smell the eggs.

“The courageous Connor, who risked his life to stop God from conquering Equestria, is afraid of some eggs. This is priceless!” Rainbow said in between laughs.

“Says the world’s fastest pegasus who let said God break her forelegs. If you’re the Element of Loyalty, then why did you let God hurt our friends?” I said in a slightly joking manner, gesturing to the casts Rainbow still has on. Twilight’s horn no longer has the cast on it, Rarity and AJ still have bandages around their barrels, Fluttershy’s face was no longer badly injured due to some healing I managed to do yesterday, and Pinkie was completely healed, except her mane still wasn’t as poofy. I’d probably feel the same way if I was forced into the 95th dimension like she was. I shivered at the thought of that dimension.

Before Rainbow could retort, Twilight spoke up. “Connor, why don’t you try some eggs then? They might not be the same kind that humans eat.” I shook my head.

“What’s the matter Connor? You chicken?” Rainbow joked, trying to get me to eat the eggs, by whatever it’s called when you try to get someone to do something by insulting them.

“You’re the one with the wings. Not me.” Pinkie was suddenly right behind me, before tapping something on my back, causing my own wings to spread out, shredding the back of my shirt. “Oh hey. Forgot about those. Don’t usually use them.” I fold my wings back, allowing my shirt to regenerate again.

“Connor, could you just please try some? They won’t hurt you.” Twilight said, with pleading eyes. “I spent 3 hours this morning trying to make them. You wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings, would you?”

“Don’t care. Not eating eggs.” I reply simply.

“Don’t make me force you.” Twilight threatened. I gave her my ‘What you talkin’ ‘bout fool?’ look. “You’re still legally considered a child by pony standards. And because of that, we would be considered your guardians, as the only adults around.”

“Still not eating.” I said, narrowing my eyes. Sometimes it feels good just to act immature again.

“Girls.” Twilight said, before she used her magic to pull my arm out of it’s socket. I let out a small cry, before Pinkie was able to put something in my mouth to keep it open, and Rainbow jumped onto my back, forcing me down. I watched, with scared eyes, as a fried egg slowly started to float over to me.

I struggled against Rainbow’s weight, unable to use my powers. Once the egg was forced into my mouth, Pinkie removed the thing from my mouth, and Twilight used her magic to force me to chew and swallow. As I let tears out from the pain my mouth was in, I felt the egg go down my throat, and Rainbow got off my back.

Twilight used her magic to give me back my arm, but I was unable to as I started coughing. “See Connor, it wasn’t so bad.” As my coughing started to become progressively worse, the ponies started looking at me worryingly, until I coughed up some black ooze. “Connor, you okay?”

I didn’t respond, as I kept on coughing, the black ooze still coming out, as I grabbed my arm, and put it back on. But when I didn’t feel my powers return, I started panicking, as my arm started clearing my throat. “What… did you...do? I managed to ask.

“We just feed you an egg Connor, it was no big deal.” Twilight responded and I shot her an evil glare.

“Well, whatever you did, my…” I was cut off by some screaming from Ponyville. I turned around to see some fires around one of the edges of town.

“Connor, can you see what it is?” Twilight asked. I just shook my head, unable to use my powers. As the others started running to Ponyville, I just looked down at my arms, thankful for the fact I still have my natural strength. ‘And with all the training I’ve done, I’m twice as strong as I used to be without my powers.’ I started running back to Ponyville, hating the fact that I don’t have my powers.

After a few minutes, I arrived back at Ponyville, and I took a quick minute to catch my breath, wiping some more of that black ooze off my mouth. I looked up, to see what was attacking the town, to find a chimera that looked like a kangaroo with 8 spider legs, punching gloves on it’s hands, and the head of a giraffe.

After analyzing the situation, I ran forward, picking up some debris, before throwing it at the back of it’s head. Once I had it’s attention, it ran forward, throwing a fast punch at me, quicker than I could react, hitting me in the chest, sending me flying through some buildings, before landing in front of Twilight.

I tried to get up, before realizing my back was snapped, giving me paralysis below the neck. “Twilight. Need. Help.” I managed to say in between coughing up blood, and more of that black stuff.

“Can’t you regenerate?” I shook my head. “Well, why not?” She started up her horn, repairing my back, allowing me to stand up.

“I think when I got my powers, my fears and stuff I can’t stand became my weaknesses. I wasn’t afraid of pistols until I got shot by one. Now I’m deathly afraid of them. I couldn’t stand eggs, without feeling weaker, and sick. So now…”

“You lose your powers when you eat eggs.” Twilight said, realizing her mistake. “Connor, I’m so sorry. I thought you were just being arrogant, and not wanting to try new things.”

“Well, I was, but you shouldn’t force people to do things they don’t want to do.” I start to walk back to the battlefield, before stopping. “And that’s something you can write to Celestia.”

“Connor wait! It’s too dangerous for you to go without your powers!” Twilight said, trying to stop me.

“Well ponies are going to get hurt, if I don’t at least try. I’ll always try to help others until I’m too dead to do anything. And last time I checked, I’m not dead enough.” I said with a smile, before running back to the battlefield, instantly thinking of a plan.

Once I was back at the battlefield, the chimera quickly noticed me, before preparing to punch me again. This time it hit me in the head, causing me to go flying back, but I grabbed the ground with my metal arm, stopping me before I take too much damage.

Once I got back on my feet, a little off-balance due to the blunt-force trauma I received, I heard the chimera laughing. “So this is the legendary hero. More like a wimp.” The chimera’s voice was incredibly demonic.

“Just you wait buddy. Then I’ll show you why people don’t mess with me.” I said walking forward. Once I was in front of it, I spoke up again. “In fact, I bet you’re such a wuss, you can’t even punch me in the stomach. You probably so weak, that if you were to try to punch me in the stomach, your fist would break.” I noticed it was getting angry.

“No one calls me a wuss!” It yelled, before sending a massive punch into my stomach, causing me to be sent flying into the sky. As I was sent higher and higher, I had a small smile on my face, as I waited until I was sent crashing down.

After another minute, I crashed back into the ground, and using cartoon logic, I survived the fall that would have killed me. As I laid on the ground, clutching my stomach, the chimera walked up to me. “It looks like you are the one who’s the wuss.” It raised it’s hands up, and right as he brought them down upon me, I caught them. “What?!”

“Never underestimate your opponents.” I said with a smile, as I held the chimera’s hands up with my right arm, and use my left arm to wipe the vomit off my lip. I quickly kicked one of it’s legs, causing it to lose balance, and allowing me to get out from underneath it’s hands.

I quickly jumped up, kicking it in the head, sending it flying into a wall, before flying forward, sending a massive punch into it’s face, breaking all of it’s teeth. I landed on the ground, preparing to throw it back into the Everfree when it spoke. “Mercy.”

I gave a small smile, before responding. “Of course.” I grabbed his front two legs, before spinning around, slowly moving up, until I built up enough speed, and I threw back into the Everfree. I landed back on the ground, before looking around, checking the damages.

Luckily no one was killed, but a few were lightly injured. I took off my overshirt, using my powers to wash the small amount of blood, vomit, and ooze off of it. After doing this, I took a quick glance at my undershirt, a white muscle shirt with holes in the back for my wings. After making sure that my shirts were clean, I put my cosmic purple overshirt back on, just in time as the mane six ran up to me.

“Connor! You’re okay!” Twilight yelled, before they all dog-piled me. “You managed to defeat the monster without your powers?”

“Kinda.” I replied, still covered in ponies. “I got him to punch me in the stomach hard enough to make me throw up the eggs, restoring my powers.”

“Wait, so you’re weak to eggs?” Rainbow asked.

“If they get inside me. If I were to eat eggs, I would start coughing up black ooze. If I’m ever too injured to get rid of it myself, you all need to remember that I lose my powers for as long as there are eggs in me. Well, I think it is just cooked eggs.” I said, still trying to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth.

“If you can’t eat cooked eggs, then how are you able to eat cakes and pies?” Pinkie asked.

“I wasn’t able to stand just regular cooked eggs, or the taste of said eggs. Cakes and pies don’t taste like eggs.” I said.

“Well, I’m just glad your okay.” Twilight said, nuzzling my chest, also causing my shirt to get wet with her tears. “Sorry for forcing you to eat the eggs.”

“It’s okay. None of us knew.” I said, comforting Twilight by petting her. “But now that we know, we can prepare for it happening again.”

Author's Note:

Well, Connor's mortal weakness has been revealed. I based the idea off of my similar weakness to eggs.

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