• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 17 - Predecessor part 2

I slowly got up from the wall, my vision coming back to me, as I heard voices. Once I could properly see again, I saw Connor talking to the creature that easily defeated all of us. Then I realized something, I saw an emotion I don’t usually see in Connor’s eyes, fear. Pure fear. The white robed creature spoke up.

“So you do know? Then I suppose I should ask, why aren’t you kneeling to me?” How dare he talked to my friend like that! Doesn’t he know who Connor is? I looked around, noticing the beat up bodies of my other friends, and my mentor who was still struggling to get up.

“I don’t kneel to those who don’t earn my respect, tyrant.” Connor said with venom. It sounded like Connor knew this person.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to beat some respect into you.” Suddenly, the white robed figure shot forward at unimaginable speeds, punching Connor straight in the face, sending him flying through the doors, and impacting the wall on the other side.

After a minute, Connor walked back in, but his face looked horrible. His mouth was bleeding, and his skin looked like in was falling into him. Connor spoke up, his voice sounded different. “I can’t believe you just did that, you turned my entire skull into dust.” Connor’s skull quickly regenerated, before he cracked his neck. “My turn.”

Connor quickly speed forward, causing the white-robed one to only have a chance to look surprised, before he got sent flying through the roof, Connor quickly flying after him. Seeing my chance, I limped over to my mentor, and tried to help her. “Princess, are you okay?”

The princess looked away from the hole in the ceiling, and looked at me. “I’m sorry Twilight.” Sorry? What was she talking about.

Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye that made my blood grow cold. A large fragment of a lavender horn. I quickly reached up, and felt the noticeable lack of most of my horn. “My horn!” I yell, frantically trying to put my horn back on my stump.

After my fifth try to get my horn back on, I felt a hoof wrap around me. I looked to see the princess pulling me into a hug. I gasped, when I realized that I was so concerned about my horn, I forgot about the princess being hurt.

I looked up to the princess, to see her in a bad state. Her once flowing mane was having trouble moving, her regalia was cracked, her crown was missing, and her coat was covered in bruises. “Princess!” I said with tears in my eye. “Can we fix my horn?”

The princess looked down at me, with a look her eyes that told me that there was more important things at hand. I heard some explosions, and looked up, to see Connor and the strange person, fighting in the sky. There was bright flashes of purple and white. After hoping that Connor would be alright, I looked over to my friends.

Applejack was helping Rarity up, whose mane was a mess. Both of their bodies were bruised, and Applejack’s was cut. Rainbow Dash was trying to help Fluttershy up, who’s face was badly bleeding and injured. I looked around, not seeing Pinkie Pie anywhere. “Girls, where’s Pinkie?” I asked in a slightly raspy voice.

When they all heard the question, I saw that they all tried looking around, not seeing Pinkie. Suddenly, a voice pierced the air. “Pinkie should be fine.” It sounded like…

“Connor?” We all ask at once.

The voice chuckled. “Yeah, it’s me. Anyways, Pinkie tried to be…well Pinkie, and God here sent her to a parallel universe.”

“Shouldn’t you be paying more attention to your fight?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“You all are my friends. If this jerk killed anyone of you, I… I don’t know. I just… I’m worried. this guy is stronger, faster, and quicker than me. I have to win this, or this world will become like my own. Corrupted.” I didn’t have the time to ask him another question. I just stood there shocked by the fact that there is something stronger than the pony who could destroy the world with a thought.

“How can this creature be stronger than you! You’re the Cosmic King!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Yeah, well, unfortunately, he is too. He’s my predecessor. And for some reason I don’t know, I don’t have full power. I only have a third of the powers I should have gotten as Cosmic King. I don’t know where the other parts of the powers are.” He was cut off by a loud whistling sound, as an object crashed straight through the ceiling, and impacted the ground.

“Ow.” The object said, and as the dust cleared, we all saw that the object was a bloody and bruised Connor. He quickly spared a look at us, before firing a purple shot at midair in between us, which turned into a portal, that a familiar pink pony jumped through before it closed.

The peace was interrupted when another loud whistling sound came down, remarkably fast, aiming for Connor, who quickly flipped out of the way. When the dust cleared (again) Connor and God were both staring at each other, both daring the other to attack first.

“Figures you’re weak. You made yourself weak trying to contain your powers! If you used your powers to their full extent, you could be invulnerable!” God yelled.

“I don’t need full power to protect others!” Connor yelled back. “But you want to see power! Try this on for size!” A bright flash covered Connor, and when it cleared, Connor was in his lightning form, and God flinched back at the surprise.

Once I was in my lightning form, I quickly charged forward quicker than God could react, and kicked God straight in the crotch. It took God a second to figure out what happened, before he fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I let out a small chuckle before God was able to speak again.

“Oh you think that’s funny do you? Well, how do you like it!” God quickly punched me in the pelvis as hard as he could, but to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t really react.

I let out another chuckle, before explaining. “You see God… I’m not like you. I choose to not have a gender when I got my powers. I had a feeling something like this would happen in the future. That’s why I love being in total control of my body.

“Think you’re so clever? Well, I have my own Cosmic Form.” A bright flash later, and I was sent flying straight into another wall. I push myself off, before looking at my adversary. Instead of looking like my Cosmic Form, God’s was pure white. It almost hurt to look at.

I barely managed to dodge his next attack, and delivered a few quick punches to his stomach. I wasn’t able to dodge his next punch that sent me flying into Canterlot’s streets. I bounced across the ground a few times, before landing back on my feet.

I blocked God’s next punch, feeling my left arm break, as the force behind his punch decimated the houses nearby. I quickly turned Cosmic, knowing that I’d need strength along with speed to beat him in this form.

I delivered a quick uppercut to his jaw sending him flying back, before charging forward hitting him in the back of the head before he hit the ground. He quickly recovered after that before appearing behind me with his superior speed. He quickly kicked me in the back, sending me flying through another wall of the castle.

Before I could get back up, he grabbed my throat, throwing me back into the throne room. When I landed, I noticed my body was flickering in between my Cosmic Form and my regular form, telling me I was getting weaker. God quickly landed on my back, snapping my spine in the faint seconds I was in my regular form.

He picked me up with his energy, showing me to my friends, who all gasped as he sent a burst of energy into my body, making me scream in pain, and turning me back into my regular form.

“Here is your hero now!” He yelled before spinning around, and pulling me back with his energy, making sure to flood my body with his energy so I couldn’t do anything, and threw me at at the speed of light into the Everfree forest.

I quickly crashed in the forest, bouncing a few times, before sliding to a stop. I was only able to say one thing before I passed out. “Sorry guys.”

I quickly shot up in the bed I was in, before looking around. I found myself in Zecora’s hut. I noticed the zebra herself mixing up something. I tried to stand up, but my body was still filled with God’s Cosmic Energy. With God’s Cosmic Energy in me, I couldn’t regenerate.

I laid back down, and decided to speak up. “Thanks for saving me Zecora.” I remember meeting her some time after I arrived. I was exploring the Everfree, and I came across her, being attacked by Timberwolves, so I helped her. I have visited her from time to time.

“It was no problem my Cosmic friend.” Zecora added some ingredient to the pot, causing a large ball of colored smoke to come out of the pot. “Let me just finish this blend.”

I looked over my body, noticing that my shirt isn’t healed yet, and my body was just bruised. It would have healed, but since my body is made of Cosmic Energy, any Cosmic Energy that is different messes up mine, and leaves wounds. Cosmic punches usually leave bruises that heal when the energy is gone, but Cosmic blades can leave cuts that will leave scars that don’t really heal over time.

I was cut out of my thoughts, when Zecora came over with a small bowl. I grabbed it, and started drinking it, ignoring the foul taste. A while back, Zecora found some plants that were exposed to a fragment of a Cosmic Meteor, and it turned out that the plants could help with Cosmic wounds.

After drinking all the stuff from the bowl, I handed the bowl back to Zecora, and felt my body start healing. I looked down to see the bruises were gone, and my shirt was patching itself back together. Once I stood up, I stretched for a second, before asking the question on my mind.

“Zecora, how long was I out?” I asked, fearing the answer.

“You were unconscious for three days. In that time, Canterlot has been overrun by your foe’s craze.” Three days! I hope my friends are alright. The nobles are probably bowing down to him, in fear of dying. Anyone that stands up to him, will be murdered.

“Zecora, do you have any ideas of how to defeat a foe that’s power is greater than mine?” I asked, hopefully.

“You haven’t been using your full power. You do this in fear that others will cower.” I make a hand motion for her to continue. “It’s a shame you don’t have anything he does not. If you did, it would have been brought.” That rhyme sucked.

“While that rhyme wasn’t really good, you do have a point. Anything I try to do, he can do better. He has more experience, more strength, more power.” I looked down at my mismatched hands. “All I have is the will to remain even partly human.” I snapped my fingers. “That’s it! Humans have battled and defeated gods before! God got rid of his humanity for more power. But I’ve held on to mine.” I ran out of the door, waving to Zecora. “Thanks Zecora!”

As I ran through the Everfree, I was quickly building my plan in my mind. As I quickly built my plan, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I let out a full blown smile.

As I sat on my throne, I held my face up in my hand, as I watched the countless nobles came up to me, and offered gifts in exchange for their lives. I looked at my prisoners out of the corner of my eye. I had the previous ruler chained to the side of my throne, and her champions chained to the walls forced to watch as everyone bowed down to me.

To my surprise, a noble stood up, while everyone else was bowing. “Why should we bow to a peasant! You probably cheated against the princess! There is no way a monkey like you could defeat the pony that raise the sun and the moon! Who’s with me!” A few of the other nobles started standing up, clearly supporting this idiot.

I looked at the white princess, and noticed the fear in her eyes for the life of this pony. I stood up, before taking a few steps forward. “So, you think I cheated do you?” I said with a small smirk on my face.

The pony was quickly pushed to the front of the crowd, and I could see he actually had no fear in his eyes. “There is no way you could have beaten the princess fairly!” He yelled.

“Fine then. Let me show you how I defeated your pathetic princess.” I raised my hand, and the pony found himself surrounded with my energy, before I slammed him into the wall, before slamming him into the ground, leaving a small crater.

I walked up to the crater, the other ponies parting for me. “That is how I defeated your Princess. Maybe you should have worshipped a stronger creature. Your princess was hardly a challenge.” I walked back to my throne, and before I sat down, I looked at all the ponies, who were looking at the injured pony with fear in their eyes.

“Kneel before your God!” I yelled, causing them all to kneel. All except one. The pony that didn’t kneel was covered in a black cloak. I pointed at them. “You there, come forward and explain why do you not bow before your God!”

The pony slowly walked forward, the others moving out of the way. “So many have tried to rule over others.” The pony, clearly a male, spoke in a gravelly tone. “They tried to use their power to force their rule.” The pony walked past the crater in the ground. “But they don’t understand a power that can easily kill them.” The pony then stood up on two legs, causing everyone to gasp. “True power comes from the inside, whether you fight for your friends…” Connor looked over to the ponies chained up. “for freedom…” He looked over to the scared nobles. “or for a better cause.” He looked at me, before lowering his hood, and showing everyone in the room who he was, which caused all the ponies to gasp.

“So Connor? Are you going to use this ‘true power’ against me?” I asked, knowing the answer. Many heroes have used it before.

“No.” I flinched back at what he said. “I won’t.”

“Then how do you hope to defeat me?” I asked, not expecting his answer.

“Like this.” Connor then threw off his cloak.

“Like this.” Connor threw off his cloak, and then put his arms to his sides as if he were going to build up power.

“So what? You have a new form or whatever? Please, I’ll beat it just as easily as your others.” God said, not caring.

“You could say that. It’s a pretty old form to me though.” Connor then started glowing with energy, and to everyone who knew him’s surprise, they felt energy leaving him. After around half a minute, no one could sense Connor’s energy. When the mane six and Celestia finally decided to look at God’s face, they could see he was absolutely confused.

“Did… did you just turn yourself back into a human?” God asked, not believing what he just saw.

“If I can’t beat you as a god. I’ll beat you as the race who has been known throughout several universes to defeat gods.” Connor said with determination in his voice.

After hearing this, God just burst out laughing. “You honestly think that being a human will help you defeat me! If anything, it would make you easier to defeat!”

After hearing this, Connor just let out a smirk. “If your so confident in that fact.” While still smiling, Connor held his arms out at his sides. “Then I’ll let you have first hit.”

“If you say so.” God said with a shrug, as he walked forward, until he was right in front of Connor. God pulled his fist back, preparing to punch Connor, as the mane six and Celestia looked on in fear for Connor’s life, hoping his plan will work.

“Let’s see you take this.” God said, as he sent his fist forward, hitting Connor straight in the gut, with enough force to bring his fist straight through his body, much to the surprise of God.

While Connor kept on smiling, God took a step back. “You just let me give you a lethal blow.” God said with the surprise in his voice.

Connor, the smile never leaving his face, as it started to become creepy. “I told you I’d let you have the first hit.”

“You’re either crazy, or you have a really good trick up your sleeve.” God said, preparing for whatever Connor was going to do.

“Crazy, definitely. Although I’m not wearing sleeves, as you can see.” Connor gestured to his t-shirt. “But now it’s my turn.”

Connor ran forward, clearly visible, as he went to punch God straight in the face. God quickly caught his left fist, before crushing it in his hand. Connor let out an insane laugh, as the blood began to drip from his hand. God let go of Connor’s hand, still wondering what Connor was planning.

“Why aren’t you screaming in pain? You only have a few minutes left to live now!” God asked, still confused.

“Because, I’m human! Getting killed doing something stupid is in my genetics!” Connor said as he held his robotic hand to his gut, as it started to bleed profusely.

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I did this!” God yelled, punching Connor in the face with enough force to break his nose, and send him flying into a wall.

Much to everyone’s continued surprise, Connor pushed himself off the wall, before slowly walking forward. “No matter how hard you try, you won’t defeat me.”

God quickly ran forward, before sweeping both of Connor’s legs off the ground. Before Connor hit the ground though, God caught his right leg, before swinging him above his head, and slamming him into the ground on his other side.

God did this a few more times, as all of Connor’s bones broke, before throwing Connor into the air, causing him to slam into the ceiling. Before Connor hit the floor, God grabbed his throat. “Where’s your plan? You wouldn’t just let me kill you like this? No one in their right mind would.” Much to God’s frustration, Connor just let out a laugh.

“Well then, I guess you don’t know much about humans. So, what are you gonna do? Kill me? I bet you don’t have the balls.” Connor taunted.

God let out a small growl, before replying. “If that’s what you want. I’ll give you your death.”

Then, with a loud snap, Connor’s body fell limp, as God snapped Connor’s neck, and then dropped his now lifeless body.

Author's Note:

Another cliffhanger. So this is part 2 of the Connor vs God story arc. Who knows how it will end up next chapter, now that Connor's neck is snapped and all of his bones are broken.

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