• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 4 - Secret's Out and a Party's on

I got to back to Ponyville quicker by running than Celestia by flying. I think I was breaking mach 20 at least getting back to town. I got there just it time to block the ursa’s paw from coming down upon some ponies. When the dust cleared. I was standing there, somehow holding up the paw with my left arm. I looked behind me and saw the pre-CMC shaking in fear. “RUN! Get out of here! Go now!” I yelled at them and they got the message and booked it out of there.

Now with them out of the picture, I sent as much power as I could to my arm, and pushed the ursa back a few feet. It looked quite surprised seeing something strong enough to push it back. It roared at me. I built up so much power in my chest that I let out a roar even more powerful than the previous one. It was strong enough to make the Hulk flinch. The ursa looked really worried.

“Leave! Now!” I yelled. It turned around and starting heading off to the forest. I turned around to see the pre-CMC running up to me with happy faces. But I sensed something behind me and yelled at them to stop. They did, with wide eyes, as I turned around to only get a glimpse of purple as I was sent flying straight into a wall of a nearby building with a sickening crash.

The ursa roared in victory for a second before continuing to destroy the town. I dropped down from crater I made in the wall and immediately felt a sharp pain throughout my entire body. I grunted for a second until I saw the pre-CMC about to get crushed. Again. My body filling with adrenaline and a strange other energy as I quickly dashed over there and stopped the paw from crushing them. “Deja vu. RUN!” I didn’t need to tell them twice.

As I continued to hold back the paw, I felt that energy I felt earlier building up again. I felt myself get angrier and angrier as the energy flowed throughout my entire body. Suddenly a bright flash and I quickly threw the ursa into the air and into the town square, closer to the forest. I looked down at myself and noticed my entire body was cosmic purple. There were several tiny stars moving around on my body, and I noticed my right arm was back. Then I realized that it wasn’t my physical arm but the cosmic energy of my entire body.

I quickly dashed after it and arrived in the town square before the ursa fell into it. Once it regained its bearings, I quickly flew up to it, and upper-cutted its jaw sending its head along with the body upwards several hundred feet. I flew up again, and delivered massive powerful blows to it’s stomach while it was still going up. Once it reached its apex, I did a massive attack on it’s head, sending it straight back down at incredible speeds.

Once it impacted the ground, I flew down to it’s head so quick that when my leg impacted its skull, it whimpered loudly in pain. I flew up to in front of it and looked it straight in it’s fearful eyes. “That is what you get for attacking me after I let you leave peacefully! Do you know who I am?! I am the Cosmic King! You are lucky I even let ursas live in any peaceful universe like this! So if you ever attack this town again, I WILL PERSONALLY SEND YOU BACK TO THE COSMIC VOID WHERE YOU CAME FROM! IS THAT CLEAR!” It very quickly nodded. “WELL! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! RUN BACK TO YOUR CAVE!” It didn’t budge. “DID I STUTTER?! GO!” It very quickly ran back into the Everfree without looking back.

Once making sure it was back in the Everfree, I started to fly back down to the ground. By the time I landed, I saw all the ponies looking at me in shock, Applejack, who was with Applebloom, had her rope but now it was just laying on the ground. Fluttershy was hiding behind her. Rainbow was standing there with her mouth agape with a fascinated Scootaloo. Rarity was with Sweetie Belle and had several gems in front of them that had fallen to the ground in their shock, which clearly were supposed to be used to defend themselves. Pinkie was just bouncing up and down, but with comically wide eyes. Celestia was there smirking for some reason, no surprise to her at all. Everyone else was in various stages of shock and failed to notice the princess.

Another flash and my body was back to its relatively normal state. I fell backwards and landed on my back. I looked down and saw how mangled my body was. Every bone was broken, and my clothes were in tatters. I noticed my fedora was still on my head. “Heh, Indy would be proud.” I chuckled noticing how hoarse my throat was. Another chuckle. “I guess I am a little hoarse now too.” Several of the ponies started walking up to me.

Before any of the ponies could say anything, Pinkie spoke up. “Wow! That was amazing Connor! You were all like zoom! Pow! Punch! Yell! And you were all purple too! And your eyes were glowing yellow! You could sense the power radiating off of you! It was so AWESOME!” She was going to continue but Celestia cut her off.

“Now, now my little ponies. Let him rest a bit. He was badly injured during that fight.” She said walking up. At that point, all the ponies noticed her and bowed. She just chuckled a bit.

“If I may ask a question.” A country accent spoke up and Applejack stepped forward. “What was with that purple look you had going Connor?” Several other ponies were muttering in agreement.

“Well…” When I started speaking, everyone flinched at the sound of my voice. I had a coughing fit that awkwardly lasted for a minute or two. “Hang on, regeneration will kick in soon.” Right after I said that I began glowing. There was a very audible crack as my skin puffed out and my bones fixed themselves. Everyone gasped at the display.

Once I was regenerated, I just got up and stood there for a minute to let the ponies soak up the new info. “So, I think I kinda lied to you. Sorry.”

“Tell us the truth, now buster!” Rainbow flew up into my face. I just pushed her out of the way.

“Now listen closely. I’m probably only going to explain this once.” I sighed. “I’m from another universe. Mine is significantly more advanced than this one. We were advanced enough to make synthetic blood, put a man on the moon, and develop a weapon so powerful, it wiped out most of the life on a single island and made it uninhabitable for years. So in my universe, I was at school, and some bad people attacked, I risked my life to prevent a friend from getting killed, and got killed instead. After being dead for I’m not sure how long, I was struck by purple lightning, giving me powers and making me something called the Cosmic King. So I used those powers to stop the bad guys, but I almost lost control and destroyed everything. So I split myself up into multiple versions of myself and sent them to different universes to learn how to control their powers. That form you saw, is my cosmic form. I think all my powers are increased while in it. So, sorry for lying to you all.” I looked down in shame.

“Pfft! You expect us to believe that crap?!” Rainbow yells. I was about to form a response when Celestia walked up.

“What Connor here is saying is in fact true. He is the Cosmic King.” Celestia looked at me and I gave a thankful glance.

“So what is this ‘Cosmic King supposed to do?” Applejack asked.

“It’s my job to watch over the multiverse and intervene directly to stop conflicts like unjustified wars between universes and accidental travel between universes. You know, like when someone is taken from their universe because of a spell someone casts in another.” Applebloom walked up.

“What’s the multiverse?” She asked.

“It’s every single universe. Imagine space, but instead of planets, you have universes, and there is an infinite amount of them.” I reply.

“So does this mean I can throw a ‘Welcome to Ponyville and Equestria and this universe and thanks for saving Ponyville party?!” Pinkie said in a single breath.

Celestia again spoke up; “Yes you can, but why not throw it at Connor’s new house?” I forgot about that.

“What!” Rainbow yelled. “He’s got a house? How?!”

“It belonged to another human from a different universe. It left it and thousands of bits to any human to arrives in Equestria again.” The ponies shouted what again. Except for Pinkie who was really happy.

“So where is my new house?” I turned to Celestia and asked.

“Follow me.” We did. Several minutes later, we were in front of a house that looked like any other house in Ponyville. It looked like it had 2 stories and a balcony near the back. But I could sense electricity in it. "Now if you excuse me. I have to get back to Canterlot." The ponies just bowed as she teleported away. I waited till my eyes were clear.

“Awesome. I always wanted to have a house on my own at some point in my life.” I walked towards the door and planned for what was behind it.

As soon as I opened it, the dark house filled with electrical light as all of Ponyville (who were all right behind me when I opened the door) jumped up and yelled “Surprise!” I just faked being surprised to make sure Pinkie stays happy and not insane and possibly homicidal.

“Bet you didn’t expect that did you!” Pinkie said on top of my head.

“Actually I did.” She looked sad and her mane deflated a bit. “But that’s only because you would do something like this and I could sense you all behind that door when I opened it.”

“Awwww!” She was sad. But she suddenly had an idea and her mane inflated again. “I’ll just have to find a way to surprise you then!” She bounced off to join the party. I just walked over to the food table and started consuming the pies.

After consuming all the pies, I turned around and saw a mint colored unicorn with a big smile in front of me. “Let me guess, something about anthropology?” She gasped in surprise.

“How did you know!” I smirked and led her over to a wall so I could lean back.

“I could tell you depending on how much about humans you really know.” She took a deep breath and I mentally braced myself.

“First, why do you only have one arm? I thought humans have two arms?” Simple question.

“My right arm got blown off when I crashed into a tree after arriving in this universe. Arriving by re-entry is very painful.” I grimaced at the memory.

“Is it true that humans have 5 fingers?” No, not really.

I show her my damaged glove covered left hand. “Four fingers and a thumb. Thumbs don’t count as fingers.” She studied my fingers for a while.

“Do you know Albert Einstein? Cleopatra? William Shakespeare? Elton John? Michael Phelps? Or Barack Obama?” What. Who the crap is Elton John?

“Um, yes, yes, yes, don’t know who that is, no, and no.” I replied, remembering that video I watched a few times. “Though the first 3 were dead when I was around.”

“Is it true that humans have a box that allows them to watch plays?” Now that was the cincher.

“Kinda. We call it television. It allows us to watch tv shows which are technically like plays, but most are fictional.” I smirked at what I was going to say. “In fact we have this one show called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It takes place in the magical land of Equestria, but more specifically, it take place in a town called Ponyville.” I noticed that the entire party was quiet and listening to me. Weird. I just continued. “It’s about 6 ponies that are all best friends and work around problems to save the day.” All the ponies eyes were opened wide.

“Can you tell us who these ponies are?” A voice rang out. Other ponies nodded in agreement.

“Well, there was a lavender bookwormish unicorn. An over excitable pink pony. A hard working yellow pony with a hat. A shy yellow pegasus. A fast and cool blue pegasus. And a fashionable white unicorn.” When I said that, the ponies were looking around and stopped when they saw one of the mane six.

“So I reckon I’m one of these 6 ponies you were talking about.” Applejack said. I nodded. “But there ain’t no lavender unicorn in Ponyville.” More mutterings of agreement from the ponies.

“Well that’s because technically, the show hasn’t started yet. I would tell you when the show’s first episode is and what the characters go through but that could be very bad.” A lot of ponies looked sad.

“Well, how do we know you’re telling the truth? You could have just made it up.” Rainbow yells.

“True, I could have, but haven’t you wondered already how I don’t seemed fazed that much about this universe? I already know what cutie marks are even though humans don’t have them. And I know a lot of the ponies’ names.” I looked around and saw a few of the same pony looking at me.

“Fine then. Name some of them!” Rainbow said unconvinced.

“Well, from what I remember of the background ponies of the show, no offense to you all, but there was Lyra Heartstrings, a pony that is obsessed with humans, her housemate or girlfriend or something else BonBon, or might go by the name Sweetie Drops, Ditzy Doo, a clumsy pegasus who loves muffins, although her name might be Derpy Hooves instead, fans of the show debated that.” I took a quick breather.

“There’s also Doctor Whooves or Time Turner, an awesome pony who the fans named after the Doctor from a British show called Doctor Who. Berry Punch, a pony who serves alcohol, which I have no idea if it is in this universe. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody aren’t here so I can’t point them out. Also their is Aloe and Lotus Blossom, the spa sisters. And Mr. and Mrs. Cake, the bakers at Sugarcube Corner.” Everyone’s mouth were dropped down and I just leaned against the wall in satisfaction.

“You’re telling the truth.” A shocked Rainbow said.

“Hey isn’t this a party? Why aren’t you partying!” I yell and got everyone out of their shocked states. They just walked back to whatever they were doing at started up again. A moment later a bouncing Pinkie bounced up to me.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to dance? You’re the guest of honor after all.” She said so enthusiastically. I just sighed.

“I don’t really dance, or know how to. The closest I’ve been to dancing would be me when I’m fighting.” Pinkie just grabbed my nonexistent right arm and started pulling me towards the dance floor. “I don’t know how to dance Pinkie.”

“Dancing easy! Come on! I’ll show you!” She continued to pull me while I was wearing the iron boots.

“I’m a bit too tall to dance with, Pinkie.” She continued to pull me.

“Don’t make me force you.” She spoke in a very deep voice, looked at me with a flat mane and an evil glare and started to scare me. I just gulped and walked forward, accepting my fate.

“Don’t say I don’t make sacrifices.” I muttered as the ponies moved out of my way on the way to the dance floor. “I just hope I can replicate Sonic’s victory dances.” I reached the center and everyone was looking at me. “Just remember what Mordecai and Rigby did. Confidence.” I looked up with a smile on my face.

I pointed towards the jukebox and the music changed to a fast quick beat that I could dance to. I started to slowly move up and down as the beat got faster and faster. When the beat stopped I did too. Once it started back up even faster, I dropped to the ground and started spinning really fast doing neat tricks. Eventually, I jumped up, spinned in the air for a bit landed on my feet. The music stopped and all the ponies half-heartedly stomped their hooves on the ground. Pinkie spoke up.

“What! You call that dancing!” She was angry.

“I told you I don’t really know how to dance! Besides, that was impromptu.” She was still angry.

“Fine! I challenge you to a dance off!” She quickly ran up to the dance floor.

“I accept.” I pointed towards the jukebox again and the song changed to a nice steady beat. “Lets do some Dance Dance Revolution.”

We both started dancing, if you could call what I was doing dancing. I was just putting my feet on the ground as if their was a DDR pad below me. When the song stopped, everyone was asking for a round two. I sighed and changed the music to a Tetris remix and started dancing again while the ponies were cheering.

Author's Note:

Chapter 4 is out! And now we discover that Connor sucks at dancing. Probably because I have no idea how to write someone dancing. Anyways, what will happen now that Connor's secret is out? Stay tuned to the next exciting episode of The Cosmic King!.

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