• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 2 - Recovery

After my fit of panic ended (rather quickly I might add), I was quickly thinking of how to survive this. When I realized I was still too exhausted to use my powers, I spun around, with my back facing the forest and sighed as I felt everything slowing down. After what felt like half a minute, but was actually a few seconds, I felt a sharp pain in my arm. As I looked over, I saw my right arm get blown up when hitting a tree at the speeds I was going. Before I could react, my back hit more trees as I destroyed them one by one slowing down until I just hit one tree without breaking it and fell down into the small impact crater I made.

I looked down and grimaced at the sight. My ribs were sticking out, covered in blood and my intestines. My right arm and shoulder weren’t there anymore and were my shoulder should have been, blood was gushing out. My left arm was badly cut, and my fingers were bent in odd angles. I looked at my legs next. My knees were pointing in the wrong directions. I had a few bones sticking out, and my toes were all broken. I looked in the direction of where I came from, and saw chunks of my right arm where it got hit.

I didn’t know how bad my head was, but when I coughed up blood, I knew it was bad. Then I noticed my vision started to fade out. So as I slumped back on the tree, my vision fading and waiting for death, I saw a yellow and pink blur running to me. Before I could do anything else, I passed out.

I woke up, blinking my eyes from the brightness of the room I was in. Once my vision cleared, I looked down at my body and saw my bloody bandages around my waist, my shoulder, left arm, fingers, legs, and feet. “Huh, I didn’t expect to survive that.” I noticed how raspy my voice was. When I realized that, I felt inside myself and noticed that my bones and organs weren’t where they all should be. I also didn’t feel any pain, I guess I regained enough power to stop the pain, but not enough to heal.

I sat up and started to look around the room. The room I was in was clearly made of wood, and had an amount of furniture in it. I saw a few pictures of a yellow pony, no pegasus, with other animals. My eyes stopped at one with the same pegasus, next to another pegasus, with blue fur and a rainbow mane. It said underneath the picture; Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Once I read those words, I realized what universe I was in. I was in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic universe. I grinned at that realization. Now I was brony, not an extreme brony that dressed up and had plushies, but I was a hidden brony, only my family knew it.

I was stopped from my thinking when I heard the door open and hoofsteps enter the room. I turned on the bed and saw Fluttershy walking in with a tray with stuff on it in between her wings. She looked up and made eye contact with me. “You’re awake.” She was shocked to see me up. Once she got out of her stupor, she quickly walked over to me and set the tray down, and started to look over my bandages.

“Oh my, I didn’t imagine you would be awake for weeks, I was worried you would never wake up.” She said while unwrapping my bandages around my waist.

“I thought I wouldn’t wake up at all.” I managed to say. When she heard me, she stopped and looked over with surprise in her eyes. “Yes I did just speak. Sorry for startling you Fluttershy.”

“How do you know my name?” She asked I just pointed over to the picture with my right arm, but once I realized why I couldn’t, I just mentioned the picture. “Oh, sorry, now let’s switch these bandages.” She continued to unwrap them

“Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet, My name’s Connor. I’m a human.” I said while she finished unwrapping my waist.

“I have never seen a human before. Where are you from?” She started to unwrap the other bandages.

“Another universe.” I said plainly. “Something happened while I was at my school, and I was given strange powers, but at the consequence that I would never be able to see my family and only friend again.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She actually believed me?

“It’s okay, I know they wouldn’t want me to worry, and I’ll try to find the reason why I’m in this universe.” I replied. I noticed she finished unwrapping my bandages, and was grabbing a bowl from the tray. She took a spoonful of it and started to try to feed me. “I can feed myself.”

“No you can’t, you’re too wounded, now open up.” She said sternly. I just rolled my eyes and complied. It tasted like a bunch of vegetables turned into a soup. As she continued to feed me a sudden thought came to my head.

“Do you have a mirror? I want to see what I look like right now before you put the bandages back on.” I ask.

“Yes, it’s over there, I’ll roll it over after you finish eating.” She answered as she pointed a hoof to a mirror that was there a few minutes ago. Once she finished feeding me, she put the bowl down, and walked over to the mirror, pushing it over.

I decided to tell her about my powers as I could feel my strength coming back soon. “Hey, just so you don’t freak out, in a bit, I should have enough energy that my body will regenerate itself, and I have no idea of how it is going to happen. So just a warning.” She finished pushing the mirror over as I finished talking. I looked in the mirror and saw that my head was pretty badly injured. My nose was broken, my face was bruised, I had a black eye, and my eyes were bloodshot. I also had a huge scar across one of my eyes and going down to my chin.

“Uh, well that’s interesting. Can all humans do that?” She asked, quite surprised.

“No, it’s just one of my powers, like how I currently don’t feel any pain.” I answered. As soon as I finished, I saw a glow on my stomach. “I guess it’s starting.” After a few seconds, I could hear my bones cracking as they put themselves in their rightful place. I could feel my organs shifting and all my cuts closing, even the scar on my head, leaving no trace of ever being there. I started to feel it on my right arm, but I managed to stop it mentally and only fix up the area my shoulder used to be so I can attach something I always wanted to it without hurting too badly or opening the wound. I looked in the mirror and noticed that I could see a closed blood vein and a my bones. “But not for long.” I thought to myself. I also finally got a good look at my clothes and noticed my dark grey cargo pants were torn up but still usable, my once blue shirt was now mostly red, and my underwear was unharmed thankfully.

After I finished healing, I looked over and saw a surprised looking Fluttershy. As I started to stand up, I stumbled a bit as the blood rushed from my head, a frequent problem I’ve had since I fell down the stairs at home a few years ago. Fluttershy was immediately next to me pushing me down to the bed before I could fall. “Are you okay?” She was worried.

“Yeah, just a problem I’ve had for a while.” I started to get up again, when Fluttershy stopped me.

“Are you sure you should be getting up? I mean you could still be injured.” She worryingly asked.

“Yeah, I feel better now. Thanks for helping me after I crashed in that forest. By the way, did I have anything in my pockets?” I patted my pockets for emphasis.

“Oh yes, now I remember.” She started walking towards a table that also wasn’t there earlier and picked some stuff up and walked back over. “You had these in your pockets.” She handed them to me.

I picked them up and looked them over. My tablet (Nexus 7) still had it’s green cover thing on it, and when I flipped it open, the screen lit up and asked for my pattern password showing that it was unharmed, and at about 50% power. I put it in my right leg’s big pocket where it fits perfectly like usual. Next I picked up my (also) undamaged wallet, which when I opened it up, had about $15 dollars in it, my student ID and a bunch of cards for Dave and Busters. I put it in my left leg’s big pocket. Last object I picked up was my yellow mechanical pencil which was undamaged too, and I shook it near my ear and heard several things of lead in it. I was surprised that my pencil was still with me and undamaged. I just put it in my left hip pocket. “Well I’m glad my stuff wasn’t broken.” I looked over at Fluttershy who just sighed in relief.

“Oh, that’s good. I was worried that they would be broken, and you would blame me, and then you would hate me and.” I stopped her by giving her a hug. I had to crouch down of course, her head was only as high as my waist.

“I wouldn’t hate you, you helped me when I needed it. Even if they were broken, I would just be sad, I would know it wouldn’t be your fault and not blame you, so, friends?” I asked holding out my hand to shake. She seemed to understand and shook it with her hoof. We started to leave the room for some reason. “So you think I’ll be able to get a house in that town nearby?”

“How did you know there was a nearby town?” I told her I saw it while falling. “Yes I’d imagine you could, but the ponies in town would freak out. Why don’t stay here with me, I wouldn’t mind.” She said that nervously.

“I wouldn’t want to impose. Beside, I always wanted to have a house of my own at some point.” I replied.

“Oh, you wouldn’t impose, it’s the least I could do as you were taken from your home.” She quickly said.

“Well, I’d guess it would take a while to save up the money to buy a house, so I would need a place to stay. That is if Princess Celestia doesn’t give me a place or something when I contact her later.” I quickly regretted what I said.

“How do you know the princess?” She asked.

I quickly thought up of a response. “One of my powers allowed me see where I’m at and who is in charge of the land I’m in.” I tapped my head while saying that. It isn’t a lie though, I can do that.

“Oh, well, I hope you don’t mind animals.” She said as she opened the door connecting the hallway we were in and the main room that is seen in Fluttershy’s cottage during the show. As I walked in, I noticed a bunch of animals in the room looking at me and everything went quiet.

A white bunny quickly ran up to me and started yelling at me and using language that shouldn’t even exist in this world. “What language!” I said at the same time as Fluttershy. Fluttershy looked over at me shocked and Angel looked surprised.

“You can understand animals?” She asked, sounding rather excited.

“Yeah I think it’s one of my powers.” I looked over to see the shocked faces of the other animals.

“So do you like animals?” She asked, breaking the ice.

“Yeah, I do. My favorite is probably a dog. I had 4 dogs back at home.” I answered.

“Really! What kinds of animals do you have in your world?” She was definitely excited now.

“Probably almost the same in this world, but humans are the only things sapient. So we eat other animals, mostly cows, chickens, fish, turkey, and pig. But I can see that these animals are clearly sapient, so I guess I could go vegetarian. Also we had ponies in my world, but they were only farm animals, and not as colorful.” Fluttershy looked relieved at the mention of me not eating these animals.

“Oh, I was worried you would try to eat some of my animal friends. By the looks of your teeth, it looked like you were a carnivore.” She led me over to the couch and we both sat down.

“Well most humans are omnivores, but some don’t eat meat. Humans could go without meat, but it isn’t exactly healthy. We need protein to be healthy. With my powers and the knowledge I gained with my powers, I have ideas to bring animals from other universes that aren’t sapient to eat when I get my own house. But I won’t eat anything sapient.” I said forlornly.

After several minutes of talking, I asked; “Do you want to follow me to that town, while I try to make the ponies not freak out after seeing me so I could try to get a job or something?”

“Sure, I guess.” She led me over to the door, and we left her cottage. I noticed it was about midday, and I remembered it being around morning when I arrived. It seemed to be during summer, but I don’t know how far into the story it is. “I could also introduce you to my friends. I mean, if you want to.”

“Sure, it would be nice to meet some of your friends.” I say with a smile on my face as we walked away from the cottage and to town. I am usually a recluse, but I would really like to meet all of the mane six. “So who all are you friends?”

“Well, my oldest friend would be Rainbow Dash, she is a pegasus like me and we knew each other in flight school while in Cloudsdale. Then there is Applejack, she and her family own Sweet Apple Acres, which is an apple farm outside of town. There is also Pinkie Pie, who gets overexcited easily and likes to throw parties and can do things no one can understand. Finally there is Rarity, who is a fashion designer and could probably fix up or make you some new clothes.” She said. I realized that she either doesn’t know Twilight yet and this is sometime before the first episode or Fluttershy doesn’t see Twilight as a friend, which I wouldn’t believe.

“Well, sounds nice. I only had one friend in my world. I doubt I would ever see him again.” I said sadly.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll see him again someday.” Fluttershy tried to cheer me up.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. But I could probably make friends here too.” I add. “I mean what could possibly go wrong?” I said knowing that something bad is probably going to happen, and I just wanted to say that.

Author's Note:

Well, my third chapter, I hope you enjoy! our protagonist finally meets one of the mane six and has a good reason to go into Ponyville and try to make a life for himself. Will we ever find out who the mysterious figure talking to the alicorn in the first chapter? And who knows what is going to happen know that he said something that never should be said in that universe. Anyways, join in next week on the next exciting chapter of The Cosmic King or whenever I post it.

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