• Published 6th Dec 2014
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The Cosmic King - Theyellowninja13

A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?

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Chapter 1 - Beginnings

As I opened my eyes, I see myself falling. And falling. And even more falling! I try to look around as I could only see the vortex I'm falling through. "How did I even get here?" Right after saying that, I had a sudden flashback of what happened.

Several minutes earlier

Cold, So cold. That's all I felt as I lie on the floor, clutching my chest in pain. I see a blurred figure next to me, I think it's my friend. Another figure is approaching me. I spit out some blood. I just watch through my fading vision as the blur sticks his hand out, and flash comes from it, sending a sudden pain to my head. Now, all I see is a black tunnel with nothing but a white light at the end.

As I walk to the white light, it starts to get bigger and bigger. As I am right about to enter it, a dark purple flash appeared and the white light starts to fade away. Another purple flash, my eyes shot open and I notice myself starting to float off the ground, standing upright. I look around as I see my friend still against the wall, unconscious but electricity the same shade of purple sparking across his body. I turned my head, and saw the one who killed me looking at me in shock while the purple electricity sparked across his body, although he looked unfazed by it.

As soon as I saw him, I felt myself fill with anger. As I got more angry I felt more and more power inside me. I noticed that a huge amount of that purple electricity was surrounding me. All of a sudden I charged at the teenager who killed me at speeds faster than light. Once I reached him, I punched him in the face while still moving sending him flying backwards. As soon as his two friends realized what happened. They starting shooting at me with machine guns. Before the bullets reached me, they vaporized from my energy. I teleported behind the one on the right and hit the back of his, with my elbow. I teleported again in front of him as he fell to the ground and I grabbed his head before he fell over. Once I grabbed his head, I slammed it into my knee, knocking him out.

I turned my head and saw the 3rd shooter, looking at me with fear. Once he realized that I was looking at him, he dropped his gun and put his hands up. ”Look I don’t want any trouble! I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!” He fell to his knees, pleading.

"Why should I show you mercy? You didn't show any of your fellow students mercy! Did you even know their names?! I know I didn't but I would still fight for their memories." I said in a distorted voice. "You even almost killed my best friend! Give me ONE FREAKIN' REASON I SHOULDN'T KILL YOU!" I slowly walked towards him as he backed into a wall.

"Oh God, please don't kill me! I'm so sorry! I'll make it up somehow! I promise! Just please don't kill me!" He said as he was fully backed into a wall and I was right in front of him.

Millions of scenarios played through my mind in a nanosecond as I quickly decided on what to do. Upon deciding, I quickly grabbed the top of his shirt and held him against the wall. As I reared my fist back, I said to him. "Only because you apologized." I punched him in the face, knocking him out, but not as painful as the others.

I quickly looked over and noticed that both are knocked out and still alive. After making sure, I turned to my fellow students and noticed the fear in their faces as they realized I was looking at them. Before I could say anything, I felt a burst of energy in me as I fell to the ground clutching myself. I immediately realized what was happening as my body started to glow white. I quickly started to split my power into several different forms so I wouldn’t blow up this universe.

As I started to float in the air, the white light glowed even brighter. I could feel myself splitting apart, like I planned. Before I could blow up, the power stabilized evenly between the several various versions of me that haven’t split off yet. I take one final look at the students fear filled faces and said one final word; goodbye.

Right after I said that, I could feel myself leaving my home universe, and heading into several different ones, all at once, but not in the same body. I saw myself falling through a vortex and exhaustion finally kicked in as I passed out.


“So, it really did happen, did it?” I ask myself as I continue falling. I started looking through my mind some more and noticed a mental memo I didn’t previously notice. “What the?” I opened it in my mind, and loads of new info flooding my mind, telling me of what I am now, my powers, my responsibilities, and tons of information way too advanced for humans.

“Heh, good thing I’m no longer human. So… Cosmic King, huh? If this info is true, I guess I technically I am God now. Wait, no, God was the last Cosmic King, Died by someone called the Universe Lord? Says the position is hereditary unless no more members of their family after gaining powers are dead. But what about God’s son? Oh, didn’t expect that, God got a bit too greedy and made sure his son didn’t know how to avoid his death. So I guess I have to watch over the multiverse and intervene directly to stop things that shouldn’t happen.” I stop to think for a second. “I split myself up because I couldn’t control my powers and was about to destroy my universe, so I sent each version of myself to a different universe to learn a lesson on how to control our powers.” I felt around and sensed hundreds, no thousands of me in different vortexes all coming from the same universe. I sensed a bit farther, and felt even more versions of me coming from parallel universes of my own, ones where I was born differently, ones where I wasn’t a gamer, ones where I actually did sports (the horror!), and even more. I even felt universes that had versions of me where I didn’t get my powers.

“I wonder what universe I will wind up in?” Right as I asked that, I could see the vortex ending. As I got closer, I could see a vast forest, a small little town, a farm with a lot of trees, and a little shack outside the town. As I was about to fall through the portal, I realized that I somehow was about the break the sound barrier, and right after the portal closes with me in this strange universe, I hear a loud bang sound as I am propelled to the forest.

I did the only thing I could think to do as the forest came closer and closer; I screamed.

Author's Note:

I still hope you enjoy my fanfic! Sorry if some parts don't make sense right now, I'll try to clear up some details in later chapters, but I don't want to spoil the surprises I have in mind. Also the shooters were students at my character's school. If you have any questions, post them in the comments, and I will try to answer them if I can.

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