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Can a creature that feeds on love, ever truly know love?

After the blast leaves Chrysalis wounded and lost in the Everfree forest. She does her best to drag herself back to her village. However due to the severity of her woulds she collapses. Eventually she reawakens to find herself in a strange house, home to three mares and with their help maybe she could truly learn to understand the thing she calls food.

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Off to a good start. Tracking. Oh and maybe first.

Stop it, stop it! She's irredeemable, she's a monster that feeds on love and doesn't care whose lives she has to destroy to further her own goals. This fandom sometimes tries to hard to find the good in people. It's Discord all over again; The guy's a sociopathic sick fuck but clearly he was just a misunderstood little guy crying out for help. Please.

Not badly written though, so I won't rate you down or anything stupid like that.

Roughly 10 hours after the episodes air, we have our first Chrysalis fanfic. Sweet.
I like it, well done. Can't wait til the next chapter.

damn, i need to work faster... back to the writing boards... :pinkiesad2:

Hipster mode activated. Boop.


That's the point, she needs to feed on love, who is to say she can't gain it through an actual relationship, or through friends.

Dam dude not even half a day people just shot out the fanfictions like nothing. Wow. Dont really like the idea i mean she looks past the point of no return to me but i like happy endings but i also like villans gives the hero a reason to fight. But the story still kicks ass very good job.

Nope i beat you guys too it by a hour
i already made a fanfic involving her :D

Wow this character not even a day old and she already has a fanfic on her

Wow the first of many fictions that I hope include Chrysalis in new and awesome ways.

Carry on man, it's going to be great seeing where you take it!

Although just a little something I noticed the bits with Celestia chuckling about how Manticores being a solution to a perceived "problem" seemed kind of sudden to me. I think you should of given a little more detail to the Manticore, and Suddenly Nightmare is back? :rainbow huh:

EDIT: Okay just looked back at the chapter and I guess the manticore thing really isn't such a big deal. It's short, sweet, and to the point

Something tells me you got something up your sleeve in regards to that so I digress. But yeah, I think a little more description or more focus on the Manticore would help the readers... Sorry if I'm coming off as snooty or "Back seat writer" or something, I'm trying for constructive criticism

But keep at it man! Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Huh. Not a bad start. The grammar nazi in me is stirring a bit over small errors, but it's nothing too big. I'll be looking forward to more of this fanfic later on... :heart:

"What the fresh hell is this?"

My thoughts exactly.



Have to agree with this guy. The writings is decent, not fantastic, but seriously, are we going to do this with EVERY new villain?


Unless it is posted you didn't beat him, especially since he announced his 6.5-7 hours ago. But good try. Maybe I will end up reading it.

Knowing this fandom, yes. Along with several dozen clop, gore, sad, and alternate universe fics.

Yes, I agree.

I even saw a image on poniboru with a pic of her saying:

"Now fanfiction writers, make her misunderstood and good in the inside."


Isn't that the point of our fandom? We try and love and tolerate everyone and a key part of that is understanding the world from their perspective. Sure she's probably an evil queen and Discord's probably a sociopath but until we try and see what the world looks like to them how can we say for sure?


There is another fic by this guy called Equestria's Crazies were Nightmare comes back.

haha, as expected queen chrysalis fics are gonna be coming in droves

481165 portrayed in the show, yes.
but there still are ponies who would give her another chance (Fluttershy)

Waiit. Does favoriting something the same as tracking something. Because I don't know how to track a story. Not a person. :applecry:
But it's a very good story. :yay:
They need to make a Crysalis emoticon though. :trixieshiftright:


Discord throws the entire world out of balance and manipulates the lives of ponies like puppets.

Chrysalis invades Canterlot and orders her minions to feed on the citizens of the kingdom and would have then flown all of Equestria to continue feeding.


Sometimes, evil people (ponies) are just evil.

Yes it does, or you can click the little book next to the title for read later. They both track stories and tell you when you have unread stuff. I am unsure what the difference is, but I use the favorite button.

481457 Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you THANK YOU. :raritystarry:

Don't know why, but this fic idea reminds me of Elfen Lied.

People will write what they want to write. What right do we have to tell them they can't? I personally enjoy Royal Guard Tictac's stories because he takes the redemption idea and finds a way to make it funny. In one of his stories, not sure if he considers it part of his fanon, he made a backstory where Discord wasn't even really that evil. Read it and you will know how that is possible. But regardless, people will write what they want to, simple as that.

Especially in the wonderful and joyous creation known as Saturday Morning Cartoons.

I'm not here for ambiguity unless your show is titled either Batman: the Animated Series or Gargoyles.

No, I'm here for Cobra Commander, and Megatron, and Skeletor, and Aku, and so forth and so on.

Guess I owe Trautman $50. I was expecting Fics tomorrow, but this, this was released late at the night. Was not expecting it

Daayuum, I knew we were ganna get it quick but not this quick! :rainbowderp:

And for once, I agree with 481165. Can't we let something evil be evil? This time she has ABSOLUTELY no redeeming traits. She showed no remorse. She showed no mercy. She was planning on enslaving everypony. She was evil. Discord had that thing were there was possible history between the princesses (and even that is a bit far fetched). Trixie had those vague personality breaks. Nightmare was Luna deep down and people can write for hours about how Luna's personality overpowered Nighmare's or, you know, that slave and master kind of relationship.

But, were basically barking up a tree that likes barking back. This fandom's got some crazy people in it and they are willing to show just how crazy they think about the characters.

No offense to you crazy people. :twilightsheepish:

So far, all I can say is that it doesn't seem like something the characters would do. She truly gave off the feeling of murderous intent in the show. But, I'm willing to see how this works out.

Tracking for now. :unsuresweetie:


Or...she could learn how to love herself.

But wait...that might be cannibalism....:pinkiegasp:

Oh dear. Chrysalis plus roommates, this should be interesting. Nice start, although her mental voice doesn't sound quite . . . alien enough? The changelings seemed rather insect-like in the finale.

As far as villains go, I understand that it can seem a bit much, looking at all the "villains who are redeemed" fanfics en masse, but I also think each fic should be judged on its own merits as much as possible.

Also,Chrysalis' motivation for attacking Canterlot was to feed her people, which is more morally grey than Discord, who just enjoyed making everyone around him miserable.

This likes it will turn out to be a great story. I just have one thing I want to say, it's spelled "Shining" with only one "n." It's well written otherwise, and it's a clever plot.


I wonder if I got this reply thing down. Anywho.

Ah, thank you very much for that, I just read Equestria Crazies (Loved it.) and I feel like I owe the author an apology. He obviously knows what he's doing and the whole bit with the manticores make perfect sense now!

So just ignore me (ha) and continue on with the greatness


OMG! That was priceless!!!
God Bless dammit!!! :pinkiesmile:

Oh, yes. Trying to eat, that evil bitch. How dare she...intake nourishment. And not...let her species die an agonizing death by starvation. :facehoof:


I'll take that as an answer for those holes in her legs.

"Apparently Manticore can solve most problems."


You are brilliant and have earned the respect of a person who eats like a pig and sleeps little if possible.

And that my friend, is why we can't have nice things.

Why did you let Celestia say nightmare instead of Luna at the end? D:

This will be most interesting. I think I will continue to watch it.


Let me reiterate.

She invades Canterlot, imprisons Cadence for what seems like days, mind-controls an innocent colt and slowly sucks the life out of him, she orders her minions to feed on the innocent citizens of Canterlot, they destroy most of the kingdom in they invasion, and she even mentions that Equestria was one of the most love filled lands they've encountered, which means they've done this before.

Get over it, she's evil, end of story.

That was fast

Edit: Looks pretty cool, but full of errors, I think her blood was red then black and Nightmare? You mean Luna? I am so starring this. :derpytongue2:

The idea of Chrysalis finding out about love is kind of silly, because who is to say she doesn't know of it?

The fact she and her race are parasites doesn't mean they aren't capable of love - feeding on love is just what they have to do.

A Manticore can solve any problem. Classic TicTac Humour :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. Great story so far, You have not dissappointed me. But I sense danger ahead for Chrysalis


That's quick :rainbowderp:
It even get to top 5:pinkiegasp:

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