This story is a sequel to The Sphere

Note: This story takes place directly after the first. The event's in the movie "Equestria Girls" do not apply here.

Twilight has done it. She has broken through the surface into a whole new world. But what will she find there? And what will find her?

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I guess the sequel system doesn't notify if you change it afterwards.

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A little hint in regards to story descriptions:

Things like "Note: This is my first attempt at fan fiction" may easily turn people away.

I'd put that at the end of the first chapter in the author's notes or something, that way people might already be hooked before they realize they are reading somepony's "first attempt". :raritywink:

Stuff like "The event's in the movie 'Equestria Girls' do not apply here" is fine, though I guess it'd make more sense at the bottom of the description rather than the top.

Other than that, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Oh my god. It's brilliant.

oh dear god, this is going to be awesome :pinkiecrazy:

Something tells me that I'm going to be the main antagonist.

Why would you think that? There's a whole world of humans who have been alerted to the pony's presence now. Anyone's reaction counts at this point.

When do you think the next chapter will be coming? :pinkiesmile:

4983716 I hate bronies so much I can't even get a hate boner at anything related to them.

Lol The ponies think cars are magic!

I'm sure the view count will go up with many more comments. I wonder what the other comments will be like. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.



Well, now this is off to a good start. Let's see how it continues...

Hmm, this ought to be interesting. How will they overcome the language gap? Take a human back to Equestria and perform a translation spell, so he can teach it to other humans? Or will they learn it the old fashion way? And what effect does magic have on humans? How will the government react? Will Twilight go Lesson Zero over lack of magic? Where is Luna? What will the reaction of both general populations be. And what about...


*pant* *pant* SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Well, I don't feel guilty answering one of your questions now, as I've already answered it in what I've written already. Humans don't just have no magic, they cannot be affected by magic in any way. In fact, nothing from the human world can. That's what made the sphere so upsetting to ponies.

5001150 Ah, wasn't sure if earth biological material would react differently than non biological material. Like, some sort of magic-absorber? I dunno, it's been a while since I read The Sphere. Thanks for clearing that up.


I need you to get down that hold and investigate

"...down that hole and investigate..."

James grabbed one of the laps off the wall.


the light bulb had two wires that an out of it

"...two wires that ran out of it..."

An interesting story. So now the humans have found the crossover point, and managed to identify the ponies as intelligent. That's a good start, now let's see if contact can remain friendly...

I'm so looking forward to the next chapter.

The only problem with questioning her is that she doesn't speak English.
Other then that, let's see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Hm they could try pictograms or something similar to start comunications but i think this is a bit outside of the league of the common police so lets see whom they contact for this.

And after Celestia has been gone for a while, Twilight goes looking for her. When she is unable to find her, Twilight comes to the conclusion that Celestia has been kidnapped, and embarks on a mission to rescue her princess. Hijinks ensue.

Well, it was absolutely ridiculous that Judith didn't at any point say something like, "Well, she's not from around here, that's all I know of her origins... That and the fact that she's an alien horse... Figured I should mention that now so no one loses their mind when I bring her up."


Now I'm picturing a squadron of Royal Guards marching up out of the hole in the ground, very polite, but very insistent, carrying with them pictures of Princess Celestia so they can ask where she is without needing to speak the language.

...however, I somehow doubt that that is what Twilight will arrange...

I hope you dont make anything too drastic :twilightoops:

i demand more!

Q: since our world weakens or kills off magical creature what would happen to a Human in Equestria? would they gain magical powers, be immune to its effect or be killed off by it like radiation? :unsuresweetie:

The reason our world has the effect it does has nothing to do with weather or not something is an organism. In Equestria, there's a deep fundamental principle that holds all the magic together, so deep that not even the Princesses were aware of it (until now). In our world, we don't have that principle, but we so still have the conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics, which basically means that since magic won't hold together, all that energy must be conserved in the universe, but lost as heat energy from the pony. The more powerful the pony, the more heat they would generate. So someone like Celestia would have burned alive the moment she stepped in to our world.

As for a human going to Equestria, humans are made of the same fundamental stuff as everything else, as the original granite sphere couldn't even be phased by magic, so I would say that humans can't be either.


Personally, I like this idea and love the way the Princess found away around them going to our world. Will there be more reactions from people?

Sorry about the delay, but I've had a huge amount of stuff going on. Schoolwork, and chores, and my job, between all of it, I'm finding very little time to write. Thing's will probably be a lot slower than they were before, if my scheduled continues to be this crowded.


I can feel that somepony will do stupid things.

5024856 That makes the very large assumption that magic would be converted into one of our forms of energy.

Magic has no equivalent in our universe. It obeys none of our universe's rules.

It's a foreign fundamental principle from another universe entirely. Any 'conversion' is likely to have devastating results.

5001150 So what happens if humans live in Equestria for a while? Humans need to eat and drink and breathe and metabolize.

What happens as their 'Earthverse' atoms are replaced by "Equestriaverse" atoms? And, for the ponies, vice versa?

Have you thought of the effects of two fundamentally different universes directly colliding?

The interface would be rather... energetic, to put it lightly.

Simplification: don't try to use physics to justify magic-nonmagic interactions. The reality is, if two intersecting universes don't coexist nicely, one will tend to overwrite the other and/or violently explode and possibly trigger another Big Bang.

And this parchment, it’s almost as white as my coat, and perfectly cut too.”

Uhm... so this Equestria is far more primitve than in the show?

Because we've seen that ponies have paper in addition to parchment. All their books seem printed on paper. They even have enough production capacity to make tissues and toilet paper.

They also have electric lights, electric or gas stoves, film cameras, printing presses, microphones, recording equipment, a hydroelectric dam, derigibles...


Simplification: don't try to use physics to justify magic-nonmagic interactions. The reality is, if two intersecting universes don't coexist nicely, one will tend to overwrite the other and/or violently explode and possibly trigger another Big Bang.

You just tried to use physics to justify magic-nonmagic interactions.

Also, It's precipice because magic doesn't follow the rules of our universe that it doesn't work in our universe. But if it is an energy, and can be measured, then that energy must be conserved in our universe. Heat obviously exists on Equestria and on Earth, so I don't see why you would call it "our" form of energy.

The form of energy that we have that Equestria doesn't is the strong nuclear force. The electrons orbiting the atoms are the same in both universes, which is why stuff can still be seen and touched in both, but the nucleus of an Equestrian atom is easily interchangeable with magic, which is why the conservation of matter doesn't seem to apply there. As for why our matter's strong force isn't converted into heat when it reached Equestria, it's because the strong force is much stronger than the differences in the dark energy between both universes.

5059428 No, I used physics to explain the predicted outcomes of two dimensions with non-compatible fundamental physical realities intersecting.

I didn't include magic in that part of the argument.

Once you put magic back into it, you just have to throw up your hands and declare 'a wizard did it', because there's no logical way to explain anything after that.

5059428 Uhm... if Equestria didn't have an equivalent of the strong force, they could not have hadrons... you know, protons and neutrons?

The strong force is what binds the quarks together.

If what you say is true, Equestrian matter would be utterly unstable in our universe and be composed of a substance we couldn't even begin to predict the nature and composition of.

I believe you mean the weak interaction must be absent from Equestria. That force is not required for normal matter to exist, and its absense would imply that no radioactive isotopes or particle decay can exist in Equestria, which would mean their matter is hyperstable. Hmm, that would also mean they either do not have nutrinos or their nutrinos can only interact via gravity.

But then bringing such metastable matter into our universe could trigger a quantum catalytic effect, similar to what was feared of strangelets and the 'ice-nine' fiction.

That's only true with respect to how human's view magic. In Equestria, magic is as much a science to ponies as geology is a science to humans.

Even though Equestria doesn't have a version of the strong force, the hadron of the atoms are still held together by something. On Earth, there's no magic to break down or build up that something, so their structures are actually more stable on Earth, not less. In Equestria, you see things change size and mass almost in every show. That implies matter is pretty unstable there.

5059454 Assuming they have atoms...

You're still thinking in terms of our universe's construction.

They could be made up of nothing but rainbows and sunshine dust held together with Cosmic Duct Tape.

MAAAAAAGIC!! *waves hand across the air and little sparkles float off*


That's not how I see Equestria. If you don't like this story, feel free to leave a dislike on your way out.

So, does Pinkie still have a special relationship with physics or is she going to have to scare this new world into obedience too?

Other than the Pinkie Sense, I see all of Pinkie Pie's physics breaking abilities as nothing more than the show's cheap attempt to get a laugh out of the audience, and they have no place in Equestrian world building.


Ah, so she's still psychic then? Groovy. :pinkiehappy:

Hope they're not aggressive, since they have to be cautious due to not knowing what's going on and whatnot. Twilight would likely help there... worried though she is, that worry would likely be enough, in this circumstance, to get her to be cautious... possibly over-cautious, even. XD Likely to Rainbow and the guards' annoyances. XD Or some of the guards, should you decide to give some of those night guard thestrals actual personalities.

Just realized. You never said that Celestia did or did not go through the portal with or without her royal regalia(collar and crown). Shouldn't they have noticed those by now? Or would they notice them soon after, as they get to studying more, since they were too shocked to notice them at first due to her being a completely different species and whatnot?

And did some creative thinking since Celestia is so dang clever and creative with her plans for teaching Twilight, to show off her intellect.... more in next comment, to help focus on those details.

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