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"Black face," Luna clucked,"Thou disgraces your own name."

So many people will take that the wrong way. Good story though.

Urrmahgurrd. This sounds so freakin' racist.

Oh god xD

5048432 Well there is the racist character Black Face. Who is the most controversial character made in America.

Not rational, not strong, he could not figure how some days how she made it past larva hood without those traits.

I think you have an extra how there.

Why did you put this in the group?
It isn't really bad. Though that "black face" comment...


It's a trollfic, (almost) all trollfics are bad

What group?
Wasn't really writing this as a trollfic. I was watching Canterlot Wedding drunk and I felt like reversing the roles

Knights of the 'something' table.

Kind of late on that response, but I was banned.

That was a lot more entertaining than I originally expected it to be x'D

I'm just gonna ignore the idiots being idiots about the blackface comment.
This was good. Definitely can tell it was written drunk, but it was good enough.
I rate it two and a half chuckles.

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