• Published 2nd Oct 2014
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Celestia's New Student - Art Inspired

Trixie becomes Celestia's new pupil.

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One: Impressive First Impressions

Trixie’s magical talents are hardly remarkable. In fact, they tend to be a bit silly at times, and are only meant to fool the eyes. More often than not, though, she’s able to somehow impress the crowd into actually believing she’s talented when in actuality it’s all smoke and mirrors with a very small amount of magic added in. All that just to gather some bits here, some attention there, and self gratification, too. That’s okay, however, because the crowd almost always loves the show no matter what. Besides, with her new, humble perspective, she’s even gotten somewhat better at the stunts she pulls. In comparison to when she once visited Ponyville for the first time, one might say she’s come a rather long way.

These days, Trixie travels a hard road in solitude. No, really. The road to Canterlot is bumpy, and was for whatever reason named Solitude Trot, but with the thought of riches from the wealthy being thrown at her hooves in mind, Trixie eventually reached her destination. What a destination Canterlot must’ve been, too. It happened so early in the morning that the sun was still rising. Looking up to view the paradise before her, she remarked, “It’s about time!”

She picked up the pace a little after seeing the huge, stone walls, and pulled along the huge, new caravan that was strapped to her backside. All the while, she couldn’t wait to meet and greet somepony, for the long travel was truly lonely. “No wonder they call it Solitude Trot! The Great and Powerful Trixie didn’t see not one bar, any stop signs, or a single pony walking to or from the city! She’s never felt more unaccompanied!”

In little time at all, she reached the entrance. The typical double doors weren’t that impressive to her at the time, because it was all too predictable. What was more amazing in her opinion was the fellow unicorn standing by, on duty. Immediately, she released herself from her wagon’s latches, and came over to him, only to be stopped by him announcing, “Halt!”

She gasped, and stood there for a moment. “Uh, Trixie wants entrance to the castle please.”

“State your business.”

“Ahaha, just a performer. You know, Las Pegasus styled studio plays, performed by moi, Trrrixie!”

He blinked at her confidence, and then sniffled while staring off into the sunrise. “Welp, you’ll fit in like a charm. Of course, then again, if you stink… well, keep in mind, most of the ponies behind this door are unicorns like us. Can this ‘Trixie’ you speak of open this big, menacing door behind me? If not, then she might as well head back home where she belongs.”

Trixie giggled. “Tis an easy task. Watch, and be amazed!”

With her horn lightly glowing, and the sunlight hitting the door as it began to crack open silently, she grabbed hold with all her aura, and began to push it open just like that.

The stallion’s jaw dropped. Right before him was a mere mare, able to do what only trained, royal, and elite guards are supposed to be able to do. “That’s… impossible!”

Then, the door closed behind her even quieter than last time. “If only he knew,” Trixie thought. “Illusions are easily made, so long as I’m in control. Now all I need to do is hope he doesn’t realize the difference.

Luckily for her, this particular spell had been mastered. It was the only expert level spell she was able to perform without much difficulty, or mishaps for that matter. The alteration of the whole door seemed to work like a charm, because the stallion before her remained baffled. “May the Great and Powerful Trixie go in now?”

He then nodded at her, and said, “In you go then.”

Exactly like Trixie, he opened the door for her with his whole aura. It creaked, and scratched hard on the ground, leaving skidmarks where none were seen before. Behind the door was a completely different town than when she opened it not minutes ago, but the stallion noticed not a difference. Trixie walked in soon after equipping her caravan again, and thanked the clueless guard before crossing over. She almost couldn’t believe her trick had actually worked, and sighed after the doors closed. “This town… is so mine!”

Meanwhile, within the palace perimeters, Celestia was busy with her first and only task of the day, which of course was to bring the day itself into existence. She did so in a way that wasn’t too flashy, but wasn’t really all that boring either. Her horn remained sharply aimed at her star the whole time, but once it sustained itself, she averted her head to look back into her room, or more directly at Luna walking in.

“Going to bed so early?” Celestia asked modestly while leaving the balcony.

“Not yet,” Luna replied with a frown. “We’re a bit hungry, so we’ll be headed to the banquet room to enjoy breakfast.”

Celestia nodded, but then joked, “And who might we be? I’ve already eaten, so unless you have a small mouse in your mane…”

Luna blinked, but then grunted, “Ugh, I’m doing it again, aren’t I? Curse this modern day way of communicating!”

Celestia laughed while holding a hoof up to her muzzle. “You’ll get used to it eventually.”

“But, years have gone by, and still I unintentionally use royal speech… I don’t think I’ll ever shake that off.”

Celestia simply walked by her sibling, but stopped before reaching the door to say, “We’ll be in thy city, perusing the commoners today. If thou requires our attention, just come looking for us. We’ll meet midway, and exchange one another’s voices yet again then.”

Luna scoffed, “Tease! You tease me so! Stop it!”

With the door opening, Celestia said, “I’m not teasing you. I’m just reminding you of why everypony abandoned that way of talking. Even though it sounds good when you say it to yourself or others, more often than not, others have extremely differing opinions. Besides, it’s just easier to exchange words the normal way these days.”

Luna smirked finally, and followed Celestia out of the room entirely. They went opposite ways shortly after saying goodbye to one another, but as for Celestia, she had her mind wrapped around the day’s non-existent tasks. There was originally to be much work to be done this morning, including dress preparations for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala. That was sure to take up most of the afternoon, too. However, that was cancelled due to the event being over three weeks away.

Princess Celestia had chosen about three days ago to explain to her prehired fitter that there was no real rush to be sized and designed for the party nearly a month in advance. Besides, the princess finally decided that if Rarity couldn’t partake in the dressmaking, nopony should. Luckily, she’d be coming in a week, and knowing Rarity the way Celestia did, she’d be looking better than ever in no time at all. “No,” she said to herself. “There's absolutely nothing of importance to do. Not today at least, and that's just fine. I’ve been needing a day off from the sheer insanity of this place anyway.”

Cement pillars whose shadows blinked the lone, wandering princess in and out of sight showed glimpses of her beautiful city down below. She walked on, towards the palace entrance, smiling brightly. With the sun floating calmly in the sky, and her sister soon going to bed after enjoying her meal, she felt free as can be to do as she pleased. Soon enough, she came upon a typical, sleepy looking guard. He was just about out of it, too, enough that she just couldn’t resist going, “Ahem!”

“Ah! What- who, where… Celestia?!”

She snickered, and greeted him warmly with, “Good morning. I don’t suppose you’d mind opening the door for me.”

“N-no, ma’am! Not at all!” The dual glass doors opened quickly, and loudly, too, but as she began to walk out and into the light, he asked forwardly, “Why would you be headed off into the city today, if I might ask?”

She simply turned back around momentarily to reply to him, “It’s my city, I’ve nothing to do today; no urgencies, nothing extensive to see to or sign, or read… and I feel like mingling with the locals. I haven’t done that in such a long time after all.”

With her answer in mind, the sleepy-headed stallion nodded to her, and allowed his ruler the freedom to do as she liked. It wasn’t his job to object to something he thought was ill advised. He was just the door holder, so he held his tongue. The outside clearing of the courtyard was the only part of town that normally wasn’t that occupied, especially seeing as how one would need a special invitation from one of the princesses to even enter the palace. Thus, nopony hardly ever needed to intrude upon this fine, little spacing.

All around her, Celestia could hear faint noises of ponies beyond the premises. Some were trotting by, and some were even galloping in a hurry, but most took their time talking to one another. Either way, everyone seemed content. Then, a thundering BOOM crackled in the distance, disturbing the peaceful environment thoroughly. For a second’s wait, everything went quiet save for the echo. In the distance, just beyond the tall standing buildings, Celestia could see fireworks in the sky. She knew it couldn’t be an attack on the town, for there was too much excitement in the air. Not only that, but she could distinctly hear cheering in the background. All she had to do was listen closely.

She walked along furtively without a single pony disturbing her journey towards the event. It was almost insulting, the way they all ran right by her, their attention aimed completely on what’s going on up ahead. That was alright, though, because Celestia couldn’t even deny her own anticipation. With not a single citizen noticing who she was, Celestia came up to the crowd only to look above everyone else. For now, she merely chose to watch the display from afar, and with growing concern.

“Tadah!” Trixie boasted while posing yet again upon her makeshift stage, like always. “You see? Trixie told you, did she not? That it’s not so hard to turn grass to wheat! It’s child’s play, really.” Celestia’s eyebrow raised slightly, but she retained her anonymous status a bit longer, if only to watch on, and observe the show. That is, until Trixie began her next act. “Does anypony have any suggestions at this time? Suggestions, anypony? What would you like the Great and Powerful Trixie to do for you next? Name anything, and she shall deliver punctually!”

One orange stallion with a trenchcoat beamed, “Turn my cat into a dog!” He held up his feline friend gleefully, and without even trying to think logically about this.

“A simple trick, really,” Trixie assured her audience, but this was no laughing matter. To Celestia, no such magic coming from a regular unicorn like Trixie could possibly change one species to another, but while the cat was gracefully placed on the stage, Trixie noted that it looked a bit tabby. It was perfect for the job. Soon, it was clouded by a puff of purple smoke. Along with the signature, shimmering blue glitter, the air cleared with time, and right in front of her was a happy looking puppy.

“No. Way.” The pet owner just stared at the being before him. He even held out his hoof to pet the pup, and was then taken back by the forwardness. “Just like her… Amazing! Though… could you change her back?”

Trixie nodded, and repeated the spell. Like last time, there was some smoke placed around the dog, and as easily as before, she was supposedly transformed right back to being a cat. Although, the owner did notice her nervous stature, but he ignored it for the time being. “Anypony else have any suggestions?” Trixie asked promisingly, the cat being removed from her presence.

“Can you give me a better hair cut?” a country sounding mare asked. “Mah barber ruined it this morning… If you could…?”

Without even thinking, and in an instant, too, Trixie shot a single beam forth, directly at the country girl’s head. Once again, she managed to impress the crowd; all except Celestia. This was a simple foal’s level spell, but it had been abandoned for years thanks to modern instruments. Without knowing it, Celestia asked aloud, “How’d you learn of that one…?”

No response came. The noise of applause and praiseful citizens drowned her question out, but her next words would be heard by all. She had a request of her own, and it would be one that she just knew was impossible for Trixie complete. Before she worked up the gumption to speak, however, she allowed Trixie to boast one last time. “There is nothing too complicated for Trixie to achieve! Come now, surely somepony amongst you all has a better challenge?”

“Turn yourself into an alicorn!”

The whole arena went quiet after Celestia proposed this. Trixie’s audience members even started to part ways down the middle to allow her walking space. Trixie herself even felt severe shivers run down her neck and back. “C-Celestia? The princess?”

“Become an alicorn, Great and Powerful Trixie. That is my request. Do this, and you will have impressed me thoroughly.”

She observed the performer critically, knowing all too well the impossibility of this transformation. Trixie smiled, and removed her hat, but not her cape. She didn’t even say a word to acknowledge the fact that this would be a tough spell to pull off. Yet, the floorboards were coated with steam. Like that of a morning bog’s surroundings, Trixie’s whole body became engulfed with this thick, white smoke. Only her twinkling horn could be seen. Soon enough, the clouds slowly dissipated to show a set of fully grown wings folded inwards on her sides. They were the same color as her coat.

Celestia’s eyes widened immensely, and as everyone gasped in unison, she simply stood her ground with her mouth slightly agape. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Right in front of her was a mere visitor, able to spread her wings like a pegasus does everyday. They unfolded to whisk away the remainder of the fog. As for her horn, nopony really noticed how it was still lightly shimmering; nor could they see her aura on the tips of her feathers. Not even Celestia could tell that it wasn’t real in the slightest.

Trixie looked down at her fellow alicorn, and giggled some more. “Trixie hopes that she’s pleased the ruler of Equestria today.” With that said, she respectfully bowed, and then started walking off for the back of the stage. Before passing through the curtain, Trixie checked one last time to get a good look at Celestia’s unquestionably baffled face. Then, she exited the stage to return to her dressing room. In little time, she’d fold up the set and close shop.

An hour would go by before she finished up and returned her platform to its original caravan appearance. By then, she hadn’t the wings equipped, and Celestia wasn’t letting her leave Canterlot without an explanation for this phenomenon. The day was slowly winding down to the evening times when Celestia was finally able to take advantage of Trixie being outside rather than inside. She sat in front a mirror, combing her mane with a witty expression, like always.

“How’d you do it?” Celestia questioned from behind.


Trixie turned around to see Celestia standing before her, null with emotion. “I just want to know how you were able to turn yourself into an alicorn. I know you didn’t really do any of those things except the hair cut. Becoming an alicorn is, after all, an impossible feat, and one that-”

She was cut off by Trixie’s laughter. Once finished, she waved a hoof while saying, “Smoke and mirrors, Your Highness.” Then, she bowed again, smiling. “I’m a pretty big fan, by the way.”

Rising to look at the ruler in the eyes, she couldn’t help but feel shaky. As for Celestia, the same could be said for her as well. “You mean… it really was all an act? The cat, the hairdo... and especially the wings… You can’t actually do any of that? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Normally, Trixie… that is, I’d refuse to reveal my tricks to anypony, but for you…” She blinked. “You won’t tell anypony that I’m a fraud, will you?”

Celestia shook her head. “No, no. I’d never think of doing that to someone as special as you.”

Trixie blushed at the princess’s choice of words, and walked into her caravan while instructing her guest to follow along. “The cat morphing thing was easy,” she said while introducing Celestia to her pet puppy. “His name’s Dingo. Good thing they didn’t find out what his actual gender is.”

Celestia smiled down at the tiny guy sleeping peacefully in his basket, and chuckled. “Can’t believe I fell for that. What of the hair cut? That’s an oldie but a goodie, I must say.”

She giggled while bringing forth a mere spellbook, gifted from a very close friend. “Basic magic for fillies!” The cover was torn, but still in good condition to say the least. “Took me many tries to finally get that one down, but eventually, I got it!”

Celestia looked off, towards the corner where one could easily spot the pair of wings hanging on the walls. As Trixie placed the book back down on her nearby dresser, Celestia observed how the wings bent like normal ones do. They looked believable enough, but had one definite imperfection: the silver attachment pieces. Were it not for Trixie’s cape, she would’ve been found out right from the beginning.

“I see…”

Trixie gulped while frowning. “Now that you know… I suppose you’ll just be on your way, huh?”

Her Highness just stood there, though, finally seeing the beauty behind the room she found herself in. Every tiny thing around her was made to impress, amaze, excite, and sometimes if necessary, frighten Trixie’s admirers. The lengths this mare would go was astounding to Celestia. She’d never been more fooled before in her life. Naturally, she couldn’t possibly allow this find to slip through her hooves.

Trixie had a gift with not just magic, but the physical world around her already, so the thought of her harnessing her ability of manipulation made Celestia feel… something, and it was familiar, too. “The last pony I saw with such promise… is now the newest princess.”

“Twilight Sparkle?”

“Yes, you know her.” Celestia gazed down. “I remember you now… The fireworks that day! You did that, didn’t you?”

Trixie humbly nodded. “Yes, Your Highness.”

“Yes, I thought I’d seen you talking with Twilight. In that case, you and my student are already friends…” She looked away. “My… former student, that is…” Then, she got an idea, one that Trixie couldn’t come to terms with just yet. “If I offered to teach you magic, the same way I once taught Twilight, would you be up to the challenge?”

Trixie merely backed away, feeling nervous at the knees, and asked, “A-are you serious? Oh, no, no, no… I’m just this mediocre performer! Nothing special about me… Besides, Trixie would be a horrible student. A pain, really. You shouldn’t waste your time on her. Er, me, that is.”

Hearing these words leave Trixie’s lips forced Celestia to merely turn away with a shallow movement, and comment, “Oh, I thought you had confidence in yourself… I suppose I was mistaken.”


“Yes, Trixie. Mistaken. Forgive me for my abrupt forwardness, but up there on the stage, doing what you did… I saw something more that just a mediocre performer today. I saw what might’ve been my next star apprentice. I guess I must be seeing things in my old age.”

She actually began to walk out, too, and were it not for Trixie saying, “W-wait!” Celestia might’ve left the premises to never be seen by Trixie again. She stopped, though, with her right hoof on the first step. She listened to what Trixie had to say. “You’d really teach me? You’d tolerate my attitude, and my personality; my oh, so annoying attitude… I know who I am, so I must warn you before we continue, that it won’t be easy. Not in the slightest!”

Celestia tilted her head in thought. “I put up with many things, including pure chaos. You’ll meet him someday, I’m sure of that, but to answer your question, yes. I would happily put up with you. You apparently think lowly of yourself, so we’ll start with that being your first lesson.”

She turned around, but faced the mirror found on Trixie’s makeup table rather than her host. It was big enough to show both Trixie and the princess, and as Trixie stood by the alicorn, she asked, “I don’t understand?”

“Look at yourself…” She did so, but unlike she’d ever done before. With Celestia’s magic picking up the brush, and it combing her locks out of her eyes, she spoke truthfully, “Here I see somepony that’s been holding back for far too long. You’re able to make the impossible seem all too reachable to so, very many individuals. That makes you inventive.”


And,” Celestia continued, “I see a very elegant mare as well; somepony who’s not afraid to face ridicule. A well taken care of mare, who knows within her heart, that she can rise to any challenge, and complete it without swaying from the course laid out. Becoming my student would be of little ease, I assure you of that, but it’s something I believe you’d be able to handle.”

Trixie backed away from her reflection, her head shaking. “No… No, I need time to think about it. I can’t just say yes! Please, Princess Celestia… I’ll have an answer for you by morning, but not now.”

There wasn’t much Her Highness could say to that. All she could do, really, was nod yet again, exit the room, and meet Trixie outside to make a few minor arrangements. “Then, when you’re finally ready, come see me.” She summoned a pass for the palace gates, and left it with Trixie before walking off. Her final words would give Trixie something to think about for in the meantime. “Come to the palace prepared, and with as much vigor as you contained today whilst on stage, or… simply don’t come at all.”

Celestia’s wings then slowly began to part her feathers from her sides, and just like that, she took off for the skies. Trixie held her pass close, watched the soaring splendor for a minute more, and then entered her home again, but this time feeling even more out of place. She had some thinking to do. A choice would have to be made. There wasn’t much reason to decline the position, but at the same time, there wasn’t much reason to accept it either. It would surely mean deserting her current role in life as a lastingly loved performer. Something like this required thought, and a long night’s rest.

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