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Hi-ho the merry go round my lucky little penniless orphans. Gather yer wits and enjoy some high tales of pony-based frolicking and such.


In the beautiful land of Equestria, a creature born of darkness and despair from a world where hope long lay dead crashes from the sky. A beast of little more than destruction and fury. His name is Jonas, and he has no idea why all these colorful ponies are talking.

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I love this story. Your description pulled me right in. I expected something awesome, and I was not disappointed.

HOT DAMN!!! One of THE strongest, most well written opening chpaters I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Your had very few spelling or grammatical errors within, at least as far as I noticed, and the story flowed very well.

I love how you made him a titan, while still keeping him inherintly human. I also enjoy how Jon still thinks he's dreaming or hallucinating or something, I think that if a real person was dropped into a situation like this they would freak the hell out before they had such a level of acceptance.

I'm already feeling some sympathy rage for Rodrick though. He comes to their world, helps to unite their people, takes all of the worlds evil into himself; and they lock him alone, underground, to die after a thousand years of what I would assume would be a living hel, and now they might try to do the same with Jon. Admitedly they probably had to do something about him but that just seems REALLY harsh to me.

I feverently await further updates my friend.

Oh this is gonna be fun!


This is very good and very, very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Looks like its going to be a drawn-out epic. It's written well, but I hope you're in for the ride.

Very promising scenario. Can't wait to read more. :twilightsmile:

how does one react to the fact that their absorbing every bit of anger and hate in existence?

Another great chapter, truely marvalous in length and quality.
But Roderick... my heart litterally aches because of the way he died.:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Really liked the way you showed Jons titan streangth and invincibility again, and how he's still not entirely sure he's really there.
I REALLY want to see where this goes, keep up this epic and i shall be most pleased:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

this fic is truly epic and im loving the length of the chapters, keep it up!

when u shove your hand into a manticores mouth and the manitcore comes out of it worse than you..........thats when you know that you officially kick ass:pinkiehappy:

“The beast we go to battle is my most feared foe." Oh yes a feared foe who cracked up about leaving an imprint of his rear in a restraunt floor. Such a dangerously hilarious beast must be caught and forcefully tickled to death lolz.

I love this story! This is my favorite Human in Equestria story! Very well written and entertaining! :raritywink:

This is starting to look like a dead fic, which is truly a shame. This was an interesting story, and it would be nice to see where it would have gone from here.

Not dead. I got full time employment over the summer, in addition to reaching a very delicate portion of the fic that I don't want to rush and ruin everything for everyone. Me and my proof-reader are in constant contact and have been working out how to handle it properly, it's just that things have been incredibly hectic recently.

Sooo, update soon? :scootangel:


Understandably, work comes first. I can respect that. And being in a hard-to-write portion slows things down.

But please remember this fic, as it is a lot of fun for us readers. Don't take this as an insult, but there's a general rule about fics like this; when the author talks about how the fic isn't dead, they are reassuring themselves, trying to take away guilt. I myself have fallen into this trap in a fanfic for a previous fandom, so I'm unfortunately speaking from experience. I hope my fears are unfounded. I hope you're stronger than me. I love this fic (what little of it there is), and would love to see where it's going from here, but I'm beginning to lose hope.

Please prove me wrong.

Let's see. Description says a creature born of darkness and despair from a world where hope long lay dead. Intriguing....human tag? Fuck that. Heard this song before and it stinks of emo and misanthropy. Why can't humans ever come from a world where everything hasn't gone to shit and everyone on the planet has become Satan incarnate?

Why am I so ANGRY!?

I see this in the future.

448135 truth be told if you shove anything into anything's mouth and your foe comes out worst than you, you officially kick ass and are badass.

1310843 because there is no place on this world that is like that. look at our past 400 years and tell me if this place can be like that. watch the news for a week and tell me if anyone is a "nice person". because where i come from hell is the exact description for it


The story is not as emo as it sounds, at least not yet. Basicly the story is Equestria is so nice because some human a long time ago came and because he came from a universe where a species actually has to try to survive, negative energy is drawn to him. This lets ponies have an even easier time building a civilization. First guy goes crazy eventually and has to be sealed up and eventually dies, the lack of a human sucking up bad energy causes another to be pulled here. The same thing starts to happen so presumably there will be a quest or something so protagonist can stay sane and not be a world-level threat. It's actually being pulled off quite nicely.

Tl;dr: Protagonist has to find a way to not be a super emo who will become pony godzilla. Is written well without emo stuffs.

Also I agree with you on misanthropy things, anyone with half a brain and a history textbook can see things are getting better faster as general trend. Challenge is what drives humanity.

A picture of the Beast would be awesome.

Sooooooo... Luna's mind raping Jonas? Bitch please.cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-asmug.png

1311289 There's plenty of places and people in the world that aren't like that, though if you watch the news, they will have you believing it.

O SHIT!!! It's been so long I almost forgot about this story.:pinkiegasp:
Can't wait to read the chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Ah yes, this story again. Forgot about it all this time. Rather excited to see some more.

No tools... But he CAN punch trees. It always starts with punching trees :D

epic update is epic:twilightsmile:

1311488 Fuck off with that shit emo he isn't cutting himself and the world is full of bastard


Huehuehue earth is shit and so is humanity huehuehue

People tend to forget that the human it self is not evil it is the powerfull ones that ruin the lives of millions and that has always been like that since for ever.

1315822 that is very true in fact very few humans are our and out evil even then one persons monster is anothers saint so the issue is far more complicated. Bastards on the other hand (and not the technical meaning meaning no father) are far more numerous. Though you do raise a good point humanity aren't evil beings. Most authors go wrong by trying to make out that ponies are better in every way which is wrong. Humans vs ponies is a long and worn out argument. In a fair fight or even a cheating fight humans would win via numbers technology and weapons of mass destruction plus we due to being omnivores as well as a war species find killing far easier than a herbivorous peaceful pony that has lived in a country that is in peace time and who's guards most important mission was guarding a tea party.
Magic would be there only saving factor and even then most unicorns are fairly average with magic considering that Twilight is one of the strongest and she struggles with things that would prove a slight challenge to a human.

I love this so much.

It's so well written. It made me laugh.
I love it when I laugh, Thank you for that.

1311971 Er mah Gerd, Dat huggle.


Ah exellent and here I thought I had another person that simply went down the path of hating humans,may you exuse me for my wrong image I had of you kind sir?

So now the shit hits the fan all because Fluttershy didn’t have it about her to ask the manticor if it might have done anything to warrant a slap.

1311777 Would these suffice? Personally this is what I had in mind while reading the story. I felt that they fit pretty damn well given the similarities between the two: the Beast and this (Angra Mainyu) are both sacrifices that came to represent "all the world's evils".

1317620 i aim for diabeetus

Great chapter!!!!:pinkiehappy: Glad to see you back after so long!!!
I really enjoy this story still, and it's nice to see Jon finnaly snap. I know I would have much quicker.
Also, was that an Ice Age reference?:rainbowhuh:

Can't wait for more!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1319662 Very cool. Personally, I pictured The Beast as a more Balrog-like creature.

you better not make me wait so long for the next update.
since you made me wait this time here have some trixies :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright:

So the premise is that since our world isn't a sugar-coated wonderland, we don't solve all our problems with 'friendship', and we actually have to fight to survive, any human that arrives in Equestria is forced to be the sink for all their negative emotions so they can have an even easier time of living.

Their easy life is made possible through human suffering, and they hate us.
News flash you pastel pansies, all this rage and anger that you see is yours.
He's Equestria's Jesus.
They already nailed the last human that came by to a cross, metaphorically speaking, what do you bet they'll try to go 2 for 2.
Or maybe I'm just hungry and it's making me snippy.

Bit of a slow chapter, but things should pick up soon.

Major props to CyberBanjo for editing and being my bouncing board for ideas in this fic. Seriously, that man is the classiest.
He is the classiest of mans.

Hope you enjoy.

Jonas is like a ticking time bomb of destruction. Sooner or later he's gonna go off. And when he does...oh god when he does.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Discord.png

a stache for you:moustache:

and a stache for CyberBanjo:moustache:

D'aw, thanks man. I'm glad to help.

Woo! Stache power! I feel manlier already.

1649259 any time, hardly anyone thanks the editors other than the authors

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