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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...


The Equestria Games honor the best of the best. But for there to be winners, there must be losers.

Written for EQD's Writer's Training Grounds #018.

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An excellent glimpse at the griffon mentality, and at the consequences of that mentality's flaws. A brief but powerful piece, one that swoops in, makes it point, and flies off. A proper griffon fan fiction. Thank you for it.

Makes you wonder if Gilda competed in an earlier Equestria Games, and that is why she wanders away from her home now.

Author Interviewer

Well that was really cool. :O

This was very proper good :derpyderp2:

Nice story.

2nd place is the first loser.........

Mongrels . . .:twilightoops::raritystarry::moustache::pinkiehappy::flutterrage::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:


Well written,

You used a scalpel instead of a brush...well done.

This story definitely earned its place in The Club


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5652437 Dude. I did this joke already.


Dude. I did this joke already.


oh yeah, but I just didn't see that post.

*Deletes Post*

And it's gone

Dang it! You beat me to it!

Damn, such a good fic. I love just how much you accomplished in ~1k words.

Good fic. I like the griffon perspective.
Just a couple of typos:

The walls are an indistinct nothing of a color

both of these things he noticed siblings of in the lobby

I have written a review of this story. It can be found here.

Dammit, I just stumbled across this and I was going to say the exact same thing. Curse you, always one step ahead!

Review here, but in brief: this interested me, but I'm not sure I really matched the POV character with all those commas. Nice premise and good reading, but it touched me moderately rather than deeply. Also a bit hard to credit the ending now canon griffon lore has advanced so much. Still worth a like, though.

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