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Comments ( 62 )

Damn, you're a writing machine!

I was almost thinking you were going to pull a fast one since Sombra was not speaking of actually seeing her (instead we have thoughts saying we see her figure and shadow etc) and have him be surprised at the end that it was somebody else (say like Celestia due to the last story) just to freak him out more.

4326295 :rainbowlaugh:That's exactly how I pictured it.

I wanna know that feel...

Luv ya stories

And now I'm all the more concious of the fact that I'm forever alone.

So adorable and so lovely...It actually reminds me of a song! Perhaps Pinkie Pie and Sombra's song, it seems to go with this story! :twilightsmile:

(I honestly don't know how to input a video here, sorry.)

Yeah, well, not having a social life does that.

Dear Lord, that's a crack fic waiting to happen!

Sombra: why, hello there...
Celestia: did you sleep alright?
Sombra: GAH!!!

And that's what motivated this story.

Yeah, I can't do that either. I'll have to listen to it when I have more time. But I've read the lyrics and it does match them!

Yay! Gotta read brb life.

It's interesting to see the clash between the old part of Sombra's personality, that of a maniacal tyrant, and his new personality that is steadily taking shape.

Also, Sombra needs a emoticon.

Damn this was a good story:pinkiegasp:

There should be a sequel as to when twilight finds them.:rainbowkiss:

Twilight: alright, Sombra, it's time to wake u-- *freezes as she sees Pinkie and Somnra snuggling together* Spike, get the camera! NOW.

Another wonderfully written SombraPie fic.

I gave the story it's first dislike!

This was very nice to read, especially with the internal conflict of who he was versus who he is becoming.

I don't find it amusing that you would announce it. If you don't like it, just down vote it and leave it be. Announcing your disapproval for my story doesn't help anyone.

Thanks for the link. I've already listened to it like a gazillion times!

Time for my daily dose of well-written, cute SombraPie.:pinkiehappy:

Geh. I've been reading too much cute recently. You're too damn good.
EDIT: Also, not sure why I didn't hit that follow button yet. You hit my 3-story rule a long time ago.

Scumbag-style comment.
At least explain why you gave the story a down vote. Maybe your actual opinion would help improve the author's current or future works.

Good, I'm not the only one. And, glad that we came to the same conclusion! :heart:



But, out of curiosity, how do you do that? If it's no trouble to answer. :twilightblush:

4328892 There's a YouTube button in the comment box. Punch it as hard as you can with your punch button, then insert the link to the video. Easy as one, two, nap!


That does sound easy, thank you very much!

I know how Sombry feels. I can't sleep without my beloved.

Now this is a romance. Nothing sexual, just two people who love each other wanting to be together. If that isn't real love, nothing is.

Ya know, before I clicked this, I thought, 'I swear, Harmony better of written this or else... Oh look, I was right'

I have yet to see pinkie's womb carrying his majesties legacy

This is my favorite one-shot of these two so far! Luv it:heart::heart:

You're lucky I wasn't drinking something or I would've spit my drink all over my phone!

But in all seriousness, there WILL be a generation of SombraPie offspring. They will have four kids, one son and three girls, two of which being twins. It's all been planned out in my head.

4328834 What if he didn't like the central aspect of it (Pinkie X Sombra)? I mean, the comment section and the thumbs system are both tools designed for us, humans, to use. And he did that with everything his subjective mind had to offer; he just gave his subjective view on the story by clicking the button. I mean, I'm not defending him, but it's not hard to understand why one would dislike some stories. If they don't bother leaving a [constructive] comment, then they just dislike the setting.

It's a rather simple thing to infer, IMHO.

I gotta say, I like crack ship fics occasionally, but I hesitate to call this one. Is it implausible? Yes, but really if anypony could truly reform Sombra, who is essentially the MLP equivalent to Sauron from LOTR, it would be Pinkie Pie.

well fuck me sideways this was actually quite good.
ill not lie i read this purely due to how absurd it sounded. i saw it and thought oh what fresh hell is this. and i will admit without lie or regret i was dead wrong. this was well written,sweet,endearing and enjoyable.
so dear author i apologize for my reasons in reading this but i far from regret the joy i found in this simple and touching story.

So romantic! Love reforms everybody! :pinkiesad2: :pinkiehappy: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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