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And all your friends will be there with smiles on their faces.


Rainbow Dash buys some bagels. It turns out to be not as straightforward as she thought.

Rated “Teen” for innuendo. Cover art by “Sweetie Belle.”

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I love cumin. On Bagels, that is. And 17 is prime, also.

Cumin doesn't just sound like something dirty, it smells that way too. :pinkiesick:

“‘I also want two cumin,’ sighed Rainbow Dash!”

That was an awful lot of effort you went to to set up that pun.

I like even primes, myself. I'm still waiting for the next one to turn up.

To curry favor with me, you must favor curry.

An awful pun deserves an awful effort, don't you think?

5726850 You mean the two.

Sounds so wrong...


I like even primes, myself. I'm still waiting for the next one to turn up.

I've never understood why two being the only even prime was always considered so special.

"Even" just means "multiple of two". Of course two is the only prime which is a multiple of two, just as three is the only prime that is a multiple of three, five is the only prime that is a multiple of five, etc.

You have been sitting on my "to read" list for ages.
I have clearly made a mistake in waiting for SA to give me a kick up the arse and actually read something by you. This was the best set up for a terrible pun I have ever seen.

Thank you! I strive to be comprehensive, even when composing rude and silly jokes.

What an awful pun.

Too long.

I cannot make it much shorter. It is just 65 words longer than the very shortest story length that one can post on FIMFiction.net.

I could try removing all instances of “the”.

The main title and the central line are homophonous with a certain stupid and obnoxious Internet meme that was making the rounds a few years back; namely, “I want to [achieve amatory culmination] inside Rainbow Dash.” As Rarity points out, it is not a perfect match, depending on how you pronounce ‘cumin’. This, and the chapter title, are the only puns the story was designed to contain; the rest is innuendo. I do refer in the first paragraph to another punny approach, which was written up as a story here.

oof ow ouchie my pun bones

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