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Dedicated to hand-made quality reminiscent of old-world charm. Specialization in anatomically correct fillies/mares having fun with human males. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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Because it has Sweetie Belle, I'm gonna fav this anyway. :trollestia:

Well, That was everything I expected. And more!

I can't tell if Dale is running towards or away from Sweetie.

There's a thought. What if Dale was the human in the story?

backing fuhrer and further against you

That is quite possibly the best typo I've ever seen.

Good to see you back in the game Hand-Made. :twilightsmile:

YES! you made another story!

I can always trust you to make Sweetie Belle clop. I love you, man!:applecry:

Loki #9 · Apr 17th, 2014 · · ·

And then they can use the bloodied bedsheet as a flag!

Honestly this obsession with vaginal purity is sickening.

Kewl storih though

Anal sex is way overrated.

:yay: -Starts taking notes.- :raritystarry:
I could have used this during the time my principal character in Friends With Benefits performs some backdoor love with Rainbow Dash. It was a cute little story about my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader.
Have all my faves!

If you only knew the lengths a horny Sweetie Belle would go Rarity....:ajsmug:

fucking anal

i wish i was into this shit because it's everywhere

Wait. A Sweetie Belle clopfic and it's not foalcon? Holy shit, Hand-Made!

EDIT: Waaait, nope, never mind. Still, I liked the ending. Heartwarming. Very nicely done, Hand. Though all the mention of 'sin' during the last parts of the clop scene did kinda... well, tarnish their metaphorical first time. It should've been something nice for them.

All the mentions of sinning made it sound evil, even if sodomy is one of the great sins in Christianity. Still, all the same, I enjoyed it.

4248296 Your only saying that because you wanna unpurity that vagina of Sweetie Belle!

it is human in equestria I am going to thumbs down until I read the story. sorry but this has been overdone to the point of me getting sick.

I really want this story to be continued, it is such a sweet story and i would love to see a continuation, maybe up until their wedding day.:heart:

Comment posted by King X2 deleted Apr 18th, 2014

4251377 Playing the devil's advocate here, but alright.
He isn't raping any child on the streets at the moment. And even if the author was a pedophile in real life, I'd much rather he just write stories about it than actively acting on the urges.


Just because someone writes stuff like this, doesn't mean they're gonna go out and do it irl, you fucking idiot.


Implying that it wasn't my goal all along.

:unsuresweetie: "But I poop from there!"
Human: "Not right now, you don't."

4251377 Do playing GTA makes you a criminal? Does Mario makes you want to stomp people's head? Does Call of Duty makes you grab a gun and shoot everyone? I don't think so. :trixieshiftleft:

This is really no different than two teens going at it . The boy was raised in ponyville by Twilight its only natural that he would end up with Sweetie. I really see no issue with this its not even foalcon more like teen romance

Comment posted by King X2 deleted Apr 18th, 2014

Your icon matches your comment.

I'm not getting into this fight, I'm kinda nuetral about this leaning more towards the "this is pedophillia" side. Unless she's an adult or older teen now.

The wording in this story, has made this my favorite story...Of all time.



Your ass is divine.

Why don't you come over to my place, bby?

Hopefully you're under 15.

Man, you have a major hard-on for Sweetie belle... keep it up~ :moustache:


I don't get why some people are so butthurt over this story, I guess normal vaginal horse porn is fine, but as soon as it becomes anal, underaged horse porn suddenly there's a problem.

4250723 Don't downvote a story based on premise!:raritydespair: That is the worst. possable. thing!

4254646 I am tired of reading stories that are cookie cutter. there are much worse things that I could do. I could outright push for this to get taken down.

4254716 Not what I meant. Yes, there are a lot of HiE fics, but to say that makes a story "cookie cutter" would be inacurate. If this was "X gets stuck in Equestria, X instantly befriends everyone. X lives happily ever after.", then it would be be cookie cutter.

It [this story], however, is not.

It's a personal pet peeve that downvoting on premise is a destructive habbit. Just like downvoting a story because it does/does not accept a shipping headcannon. If you're going to genuinly tell someone that they have failed at writing, don't have it be for an idiotic ideal reason. You might as well downvote all fanfiction because it has roots in someone elses work. Stuff like 5 Score, Divided by 4, the 8 universe, and Fallout Equestria are all cookie cutter because they origionate from the same universe, [mlp] right?

4253530 It likely says: I'm tired of your shit. :rainbowlaugh:

Try reading this while shit faced. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MAN! WHAT A RIDE!!!!

4254820 yes that may be true and I may be stubborn, but I do not like canon and OC pairings because it is overdone. but I try to keep headcanons away because of biases.

4258095 That's fine and dandy. You're allocated your opinion. I won't fault you, or anyone for that matter, with having an opinion. Of course, look at this with an author's perspective. People don't like the premise of your story. That means that no matter how good you write, you're going to get downvoted into oblivion, half of whom might not have even read it. You could write what could rival the original Fallout: Equestria, but since so many people have seen Fallout: Equestria fics at that point, nobody will give your story a chance. That is why you shouldn't downvote based on something like a story's premise. If, of course, a fic contains no grammar, every other word is misspelled, their character is a Mary-Sue with no personality and no plot exists in the story at all, then it is a bad story, that deserves downvotes.

Hmmmm...... sexy! :ajsmug:

many a facebook roleplay I have to put up with those people!

4258138 okey I read the story and as I expected, zoophilia. my rule with this is that as long as you do not do it to a physical animal I am fine and accept this is all fiction. THUMBS UP!

I feel like a fucking Pedo reading this...

Our protagonist (thusly named 'Drake', as he is now proxy-Spike) is quite a good packer compared to Sweetie Belle.... :coolphoto:and with that out of the way, this is gonna be long... my apology in advance.

Thematically we have one really grand over-reaching conflict in the notion of sin versus purity. It's set up very well and yet the actual tones and ideas revolving around it seem to be more accurately around perception. it's set up really well to convey a specific pre-programmed idea yet it's subverted in the very beginning and then presented very distinctly at the end.

This...you weren't supposed to see me like this. It's my chastity belt. Rarity says it's to keep me 'pure' until I'm married.

Purity, it's the big underlying theme in this one and it's one that's bound to cause debates. But right here, the first instance of 'sin vs. purity' is put in quotations. Every other iteration is couched in something that seems like an absolutist statement, but Sweetie Belle's intonation is not that she believes it, it's that she's repeating the phrase. This acts as the initial seed of doubt conjured up early on that 'Drake' doesn't reconcile until the very end of the story itself. Other instances of 'sin' are all written from his point of view.

“...the line between man and beast blurred together in a sinful zoophilic frenzy.”

Sinful is something stark here, while it means directly the 'zoophilic' part, there is a major contrast here that can be taken in two separate ways. With the later notion of 'heavenly seed' in particular it doesn't seem to be condemning 'Drake'. And it is written primarily from his point of view in the preceding paragraph. It sounds like it could be condemning Sweetie as being some 'lesser beast' which would be a fairly dark remark. But if that was the case, would Rarity be so supportive of wanting a human and pony "together at the altar"? I don't think the whole sinful human-pony relationship thing comes from Rarity or Sweetie Belle. Lets look at some of the other imagery and let this thought linger. Instead, we'll go straight to sex!

“Slowly, your cheeks pulled more and more spicy nectar from the foal's guarded rose. “

it's nice and erotic without being strictly pedestrian clop fic in tone, mostly because of the allusive language around it. But that's not the reason I like it so much. It harkens back to this:

“...your mother made it clear to give the ruby-red mélange [of flowers] to your marefriend.”

Sweetie's actual sex is never referred to negatively or even vulgarly. Both are presented as a gift, something of a perfect, very individual, and painstakingly specific thing meant for only one other individual. It's even seen that way by everyone else in the story. But the recurring imagery of the flower, especially being trapped in the silver heart or at the mercy of being carelessly crushed really shows how much influence outside force can impose.

Despite all the notions of sex and anal sex being a dirty, and frequently 'sinful' act between two different individuals, we have two straying instances of a single antonym that appear, "heavenly". Dake and the 'heavenly seed' is brought up at the same time as something far more interesting, 'Sweetie's Heavenly butt'. After everything, both occur right at the end. Through the pervasive notes of 'sin' through the whole story, it doesn't crop up after they've been together, not from their perspectives at least. And the why is described very late in the story:

“I mean, it just doesn't really seem like a place most mares would like to be...uh...”

Sweetie's reply of "I didn't think I'd like it either" is almost puzzling if not for a few ingrained questions. How would 'Drake' know this? How would Sweetie come to that conclusion? Why? Perhaps their parental figures play a role. :twilightoops: That early line of Twilight being the happy-go-lucky mother figure who "only wants the best for you" melds with Sweetie "taking after" her Sister and Mother, and together they do a lot for me. Rarity seems to be the different one, and the whole turning her back on the party thing while saying she hopes to see her sister and the 'human' together seems significant.

After all, that's what two people...ponies...a couple does when they're in love. They help each other.

The stammer mixed with the earlier notion that both have been raised with seem like an affirmation that Drake has been handed out some 'Spike' like advise from Twilight. The non supportive romantic relationship, or disparaging sort, “Meh, Twilight says I don't have a chance but what does she know.” it has that seem connotation that feels interesting emerging from the other side of the cultural spectrum.

So it is about perception, and honestly, perception plays a role in a few other key words here and there in the story. My favourite is 'girly'. I don't know if it is particularly a shot at modern culture, but it's all portrayed in exactly the same light as 'sin' which has its meaning pretty much ripped down by the last few paragraphs of the Sweetie perspective story. Likewise, we have an antiquated and yet still very much 'alive' notion being presented at the very end with Rarity thinking that everything must be followed (despite her having not done such) in order for Sweetie Belle to be the perfectly "little aristocrat she was born to be".

So in the end, I think it's a nice shot at challenging perceptions across the board. With most of that out of the way, lets look at some of the miscellaneous stuff.

I think the early characterizations are cute and cozy, they really have a nice edge between sweet and innocent, as so well portrayed with the blueberry juice stains, and that of a burgeoning maturity. It tells the story well, setting it up all from a Heart sand Hooves day card which to me is simply adorable imagery.

Sweetie does really have a lot of 'call backs' to Rarity's behavior, often taking what Rarity is good at and assisting in the hopes of being called as competent and impressive as her sister. To me the triple 'please' section was gold, I loved how it is presented, and says she doesn't take 'no', much like Rarity. It's nice and a progressive logical step for her wanting to be recognized and 'stepping up.

One clever little thing I like, purely from a cultural standpoint, is Sweetie Belle wearing 'high heels' for that extra inch on her rump. If high heels are supposed to change the posturing, accentuating the bust because of the change of posture and balance, it seems pretty smart that the purpose of pony heels is to adjust the posture for the rump. I thought it was a fun idea:twistnerd:

+++Adeptus Gramaticus+++
Linguistically it's quite pleasant, sophisticated in many respects and I welcome that. I think I've pointed it out before so I'll only say it once, there is some clashing with referential replacement words. “maturing plot “ is one I guess is a community standard now but it does seem just a little off given the fact that it is written very well and in a precise, exacting, and artistic tone. “Ponut” is something I genuinely had to look up and I was rubbing my eyes thinking 'alright, how did I not get that one before' . I'm not sure if it counts as a verbal shift, or if that's acceptable as it's really an interesting portmanteau.

Speaking strictly from the literary side of it, I must admit I find the idea of ending on a purely spoken note good. It parts from the previous sentence but I think it can be excused.

And now is about the time I can say I don't really understand the whole 'anal sex is great' thing. But I'll side with Jerry 'bad-boy' Bentham and say who should worry about a few little "irregularities of the venereal appetite". I had a lot of fun with this one. Merci beaucoup! Although now I am craving hummus and unlevened crisps. Well done mate :raritywink:

Thought for the day: “Sweetie Belle's swollen ponut mixed with her orgasm juices” and are part of a complete breakfast.

Well we are amused.:moustache:

In case you're interested, this appears to qualify for the Foalcon group fetish contest. If you'd like to enter for the prize, just add it to the contest folder.

4249681 Whats not to like :3 anal is best pony (no scat though I swear that is more disgusting than ronald regan making out with a dead penguin and a crab) YAY FOR SWEETIE BELLE BUTT SECKS!

4253532 well she going through estrus (what ever that is I no master of horse knowing thing and stuff) plus that lucky bastard is the same age and really the worst I feel for reading is being voyeuristic because im watching (reading shut up) two teens (or children shut up) doing each other in the butt

4716681 It's really a...suggestive fanfic. :unsuresweetie: I think it's for more of the pedophillic bronies...

4716681 Estrus is also more commonly know as heat, a period of increased interest in sexual activity, as well as fertility in animals.

~Toolkit :scootangel:

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