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Dedicated to hand-made quality reminiscent of old-world charm. Specialization in anatomically correct fillies/mares having fun with human males. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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attempting to hasten the process with a yellowish squirt down your shaft.

oh god.

i remeber that from the videos >_< :pinkiesick:

what has been seen cannot be unseen
what has been seen cannot be unseen
what has been seen cannot be unseen
what has been seen cannot be unseen
what has been seen cannot be unseen

This certainly exists, but I cannot say it affected me in any meaningful way.

This was on 4chan. I remember reading this in a thread. Hopefully you're the anon who wrote this story, otherwise that's rude of you to take credit for someone's work. If you are the actual original author than I apologize and just want to say good job on the story.

why this get so many thumbs downs? its good.
another chapter please.

4006270 apparently people have too high morality. this is kinda OK for a fictional story, there were rape but it was male who got raped and this apparently doesn't count (i'm watching at you, feminists).
and now i realize that i backed myself into a corner with that sentence. i wanted to say that rape of males is ok, while it clearly not. maybe that's because i don't see it like something really bad in this story, me being a desperate neckbeard with tfw no gf.
still, somehow i'm more or less cool with this story, but i would be not if Rarity magicked him to abuse SB. that's a big no-no. consent=cool. no consent=bad. argh. brain hurt. must stop think. :rainbowderp:

All that squirting and presenting was crazy hot.:rainbowwild:
I didn't much care for the netorare, though.:unsuresweetie:

Might do a sequel

A sequel in which Sweetie Belle and the human character get their sexy revenge, perhaps? Because that would be fantastic.:heart:

*Looks at your stories list* Damn... here I thought I was obsessed with Sweetie Belle. :unsuresweetie:

Well... That was something.
It's well written , was a good read , could have described more though. I'm not good at writing stories but I know a good one when I see it and your fix passes the test.
It shall now have a place in my heart.

4005842 then see no more!!!
-takes a ceremonial stone Aztec knife and cuts out your eyes-

4008496 yeah, still seen.

You've written a lot of great stuff over the years, but this one's by far the best in my eyes.

Hate to be "that guy", but you'd be crazy not to do some sort of followup.

4009377 I just sorta wanted to gouge out some eyes.....sorry?

........Well, damn. I'm now wondering if there will be more to this.

Most shocking. :trixieshiftright:

I love Rarity really I do, but if she treated me this way I'd break up with her the moment I had my mind back. Oh sure, she could force me to stay, but how long would it be before I could tell one of her friends hmm. Plus I doubt Rarity would go that far, even this Rarity.


I remember reading this on /mlp/ ...

I wish there would be a second chapter where Sweetie gets revenge.

What fuck I think am going to vomit I don't want to read the rest of this story I feel sick and sad I'm sorry but this is not for me too Much rapish weird shit going on for me it was all god until rarity started to do fucked up things

so i decided i have to finish this story so i could give it popper feedback and here it is
as i said before i liked it up to the part of rarity getting home i'm not a fan of rape or denying someone that wants you with forceful means :fluttercry:.
but besides that it was a pretty well built story i would like to see a second one ware sweetie gets her revenge ware rarity gets dumped tired down and made to feel the same pain as sweetie did if you know what i mean :pinkiehappy:

i also couldn't clop to this story i actually lost my boner :pinkiegasp:
i'm not a big fan of clops without sex scenes involving Fluttershy, dj-pon3, sweetie belle or pinkie pie.
but still that's not the main reason i did dent like it

What videos? :rainbowderp:

4029722 uhm, various horse ones? like the ones from a certain Best Mare Pack Ever?


Goddamnit Jan...

Remember the days you could find a great clopfic that didn't involve blackmail/rape/manipulation?

For some reason, it seems all the fics being made lately can't seem to have clop without some form of rape. In all honesty, I'm getting tired of all this crap, especially since they all have terrible characterization in order for the story to happen. :facehoof:

The whole fic was OK right up until the line

Breed me like a showmare.

THEN I lost it, got it back and lost it once more. I have no clue why that was the trigger.

4031075 greetings, one who knows.

sorry i dont like rarity treating sweetie belle like that, if i were the human i would be spending every ounce of my will to resist rarity and break up with her

4033512 i agree with you i couldnt like this story for that reason im more into her sharing with each other its a lot hotter to me but her treating her like that i dont like

4033732 yeah sharing or just plain trying to outperform each other would be fine but actually hurting sweetie belle is not a good thing


Is this a club? Are there cookies?

PLEASE MORE!!! this is a master piece writing by the gods themselves! I would pay to have this! I marked this as my favorite :heart:
I would love to see what happens next. Would rarity have her man taken? WIll Sweetie Belle have him? god please write more!

with what rarity just did, i'd say she no longer deserves the awesomeness that is 'me'.

but srsly tho. . . this man needs to run away with sweetie. relationships are equal amounts of 'give and take'
and rarity has been taking too much, IMHO


wow rarity, in this fic, is a truly evil bitch

dunno whether to love or hate or what this fic

wow lol this took an unexpected turn. really well written and you did a good job making rarity evil

That was a cruel thing Rarity do to her sister. Element of generosity indeed.

I feel like this will happen if you do make a nother chapter
Sweetie goes to zecora gets an age swaping spell
When rarity is sleeping hits her with it and swaps ages
next she fucks human
makes rarity watch
Lets ready clean up as in when human cums she can lick whats left and or when cream pie mafe rarity can go ahead and eat it cause sweetie wants to rub her revenge in her sisters face
After she leaves rarity as her new little sister and maybe desides to raise her
:pinkiecrazy:im just a fucked up guy...im sorry for this but if you like what i said i wouldnt mind if someone made that a story :rainbowkiss:come on and do it

Comment posted by The Twisted Shadow deleted Jul 10th, 2014

Im just gonna say it,

I don't get the hate that this fic gets. :ajbemused:

Everyone is saying 'why would she do that to her sister?' or 'they could've shared.' people, think put yourself in Rarity's position. you come home from grocery shopping and find out your little sister has tried to steal your fiance from you,using spell to alter his mind, after she more or less forced him into kissing her to initiate. do you...

A. forgive her for trying to mind control your fiance into marrying her and using spells to do it and share him with her


B. assert your right as proper fiance and show your younger sibling why it's wrong to steal what belongs to others in a manner befitting the situation.

seems like most of you want to forget sweetie belle was trying to use magic FIRST to forcefully take what was not hers and just imagine her as a sweet little angel :scootangel:
and make Rarity out to be a villain because she didn't want to share her FIANCE with her little SISTER who had tried to steal him away from under her nose using the very magic you condemn Rarity for.

seriously people, in this situation, it would've been messed up if Rarity DIDN'T do anything to sweetie belle. heck, she was actually pretty nice about it, or at least not as bad as she could've been. she showed through demonstration that sweetie belle would be physically incapable of having sex with her mate, no matter how hard she tried. all that would come of trying is pain and injury, which she avoided by NOT forcing sweetie belle to take him in. so those so called 'rape-elements' are BS. there was no forced penetration, no ejaculation, nothing of the sort. maybe you could call it malicious teasing, but to go so far as to label it rape? just not happening. :ajbemused:

i'm not gonna act like i'm some supreme authority who everyone should listen to, and what i say should be taken as the certain right answer, but i do encourage everyone to think about a situation from every point of view in a situation before determining what's right and just, and what's wrong and cruel.

I think there are more nuanced positions than allowing Sweetie to share Rarity's partner and what she does in this story. You're right: Sweetie should have been disciplined for her behaviour and it would indeed have been 'messed up' for her to do nothing about it. However, her response was completely inappropriate for an older sibling towards a child, no matter what the circumstances.

The main issue is Sweetie's use of the kissing spell, but Rarity's actions completely undermine any message there might have been to show Sweetie this is a bad thing when she uses magic herself to control her partner against his will. The only thing she challenges here is 'my little sister is trying to seduce my boyfriend', which is frankly a ridiculous thing for a grown woman (mare, in this case) to concern herself with or see as a genuine threat. The use of magic makes the situation slightly more serious, but again, the issue to address there is still 'using magic in an immoral way', and on another level 'respecting other people's relationships'.

Also, despite the lack of penetration or ejaculation, Sweetie Belle is a child (and unable to consent), at at least one point she is fairly forced to perform sexual acts by her sister, and the unnamed human in this story is under the control of Rarity's magic throughout nearly the entire scene. In the real world, yes, this would be rape or at least sexual assault.

I enjoyed this story and have no intention of expressing 'hate' towards it, it was well-written and entertaining. However, that does not mean the characters (in this case Rarity) behaved in a moral way.

4936629 I could go on to say why i disagree with what you and defend my position on the matter. i could go on to explain why Rarity's actions were justified given the situation at hand and the sexual aspect was called for. but if i did, i would only create a back and forth between us that would go on for far too long in this comment section until one of us finally stops responding. so instead, i'll just say i acknowledge your position on the matter, i disagree and support my own, and leave it at that.

have a nice day. :coolphoto:

I'd have been curious to hear how grinding a little girl's genitals against an (effectively) bound grown man's penis is ever one of the tools for healthy discipline of a child (feel free to PM me if you want to elaborate), but, alright then.

4005842 The yellowish squirt is a sign of something unhealthy, or even left over urine. Think about it; why would there be a yellow squirt?

5301829 i dunno, a bunch of authors describe pony vagjuices like a yellow liquid, and some of the "videos" I saw also had that stuff.

5302767 From my understanding of anatomy, the only way there would be yellowish discharge, that I know of, from that vagina would be from an infection of some kind. Oh and I've seen some videos with yellow discharge as well, the 'filmers' claiming it is from an orgasm. They usually have dirty hands, and by the stuff they do with their horses it isn't that far out there that the horses might have yeast infections or other such infections, thereby causing a yellow discharge of puss mixed with lubricant.

5302890 >_(\
just >_(\
what the hell are we even discussing?

5303427 Horse vagina's and how they should or shouldn't be leaking/squirting yellow liquid.

5303556 /)_(\ dude man stop.

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