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Dedicated to hand-made quality reminiscent of old-world charm. Specialization in anatomically correct fillies/mares having fun with human males. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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A well thought out and presented bit of clop. 10/10

Every time you release a new story, it feels like waking up on fucking Christmas morning!

The great Hand Made has returned!

Welcome back the eternal overlord!

Hand-Made is alive! All thank the lords above and below! Quickly someone sacrifice a small child so we can keep him going!

6410869 Those aren't hands, they're hooves.

Hand-Made! I always get excited when you post new stories and this one was great! Thank you kind sir/madam! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm Interesting...

All i'm going to say is BUCKETS.

:trixieshiftright: You're good. :trixieshiftleft: You're very good.

...Anybody else take one look at the name of the succubus and immediately think of this one?

Already her well-manicured hooves began to collect dirt from the wet, loamy road.

Wouldn't those be "well-pedicured hooves"?
Seriously though, this is really well done; even if I don't really care for second person fics, you definitely earned the like and follow.

This story touches me in more ways than one. Thank you, Hand-Made. I absolutely love it. And it managing front page is just more flattering icing on the cake~ I just wish I could think of more to say. You wrote my horse so wonderfully well. You're getting something nice from me for sure.

This is an excellent entry into the Hand Made library. Though not my cup of tea no one can say it isn't fantastic.

I've never written a comment before on here



Oh my god, That was awesome. I want more, I really do. The premise is soo interesting!

I usually don't read oc fics but goddammit you wrote this so i knew it was gonna be good anyways....

Wasn't there another story with this OC? Where she brought heat to ponies or something? She ends up coming from a stone prison and the first chapter has rainbow in it, she forces rainbow to clop and clop and clop and rainbow cums like 10 times. It was a great story. Wish i could remember the name :(

I've waited so long to feast upon your stories. It's like fine dining, I can always be satisfied to my highest expectation and sleep soundly till breakfast.

O, what wondrous quality.

aww damnit... I like lilith, but I hate 2nd person fics...

Is the cover-art supposed to have a belly?

Now I'm in love with Lilith. :heart:

Thanks clopfic! :pinkiecrazy:

Hmph. I suppose this was "okay..."

6413398 This one sounds like what you're looking for. Personally it's not my cup of tea - there's a fair bit of mind control stuff which I've never liked - but that's just me.

6415746 Have my babies <3 Thank you so much!

I've written a comment on here before
"Complaining about the length of a fic."
It isn't fucking Fallout: Equestria.

First Hand-Made and now darf? These are good times!

We want a sequel!


Yo, it was a joke, calm down. I'm a horsefucker just like you, no need to be angry over a comment from someone you don't kknow.

Ah, I couldn't tell that you were joking. Sorry, it's hard for me to read these kinds of things through the 'net.

Also, that's a nice profile picture. N-not like I wanted to tell you that earlier, s-shark-san!

6413839 Don't understand the amount of downvotes, if anyone actually checked the original tumblr post it does say Lilith with her belly.......

Hah, I remember lurking the thread when this was posted. Still as good now as it was back then. Awesome work as always, Hand. And way to get Lilith on the front page for a good few days, too.

Edgy succupone is best pone. <3

That was... well, the ending sort of disappointed me. I mean, the rest of the story was slow, methodical, lovingly detailed... then it just finished with,

"What are you?"

"A succubus."

"Oh, okay."


That was... Fun I guess. For the most part. I don't understand though... Is Lillith's real name is Velvet? Bleh... Prefer Lillith.

Fun fact. In actual Mythology/dead sea scrolls Lillith was born alongside Adam by god but refused to "follow orders" or whatever by Adam since he wasn't made by her and that's why Eve supposedly submitted because she was made out of him. Lillith became a demon and proceeded to come to men in their wet dreams making demons out of these encounters that impregnated her.

6420678 I think the downvotes are from the unexpected perspective change from third person to second. Second person is by far the majority's least favorite perspective.

Now, I personally don't find anything wrong with second person perspective in a technical sense, but it does feel very weird to be told what to do. It doesn't feel immersive, and it doesn't help me get into it. I really enjoyed the clop when I pretended this was written in third person instead of second. The clop is written well enough that it is going in my best clop folder, so there's that!

If only it wasn't in second person though... I just don't get the appeal to it. Every single one I have read, written well or not, was always worse than it could have been from an immersive standpoint. In my experience anyways. It also feels lazy, even if it isn't.

6427302 Lol what? My comment was to a completely unrelated issue. However I do concur with you there, second person is an odd perspective, one that I don't see much outside of fanfic. I particularly don't mind it, especially for well written stories such as this one, but it does leave out character development potential. Not to mention I highly doubt many of this story's readers have the "performance capabilities":moustache: as described, although I do find my self with a bit of a mare addiction. None of that anthro stuff know what I mean? :ajsmug:data.archive.moe/board/mlp/image/1337/29/1337299886398.png

6427738 My first paragraph was related, the other two were just in general, not necessary to you. Also, yeah, anthro ruins it more than anything else in my opinion. Anatomically correct all the way!

This was a great read - took a while, but enjoyed every moment of it.
Great job!

Age really kills the flavors."

Funny, bread the opposite if wine.

torn by your mare-starved id forcing heat towards your shaft once more.


Loved it, thank you for this magnificent tale.

On a side note: i Thought Lilith/Velvet was a futa? Or was that just schtick her creator likes?

Hoping for a sequel where she shows him some of the more exotic things she can do with her ink powers~

Id is the correct word.

She can conjure and dismiss it as she pleases.

6435073 ah, was unaware that was a word. And thank for the info on her futa part.

I saw some crappy old wagon with a cheesy magic cape and some plumed helmets on it rocking pretty hard awhile back.

Trixie can take a pounding.

You're quite the Lady, you know, especially for the first succubus I've ever met.

I thought it was implied "you" had sex with Lilith's mother.

"But first, please, call me Velvet."

Why Velvet?

Why are succubi so fascinating? I would like to see this "Lilith's" character explored a little more.

Sucks that a strong willed woman is turned into a demon. I heard it was due to her not letting Adam be "top". What a little bitch of a dude.

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