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Dedicated to hand-made quality reminiscent of old-world charm. Specialization in anatomically correct fillies/mares having fun with human males. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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ASF #1 · May 28th, 2014 · · 1 ·

YESSSSssss. Can't wait to read this!

Poor Spike.

Awww, that's sweet how he helps poor Scoots out but didn't charge her. Well done story!

You weren't about to let that happen; the filly deserved her perfect day.

Cue the music!

4461298 hah! That's the first thing I thought.:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by LeafBug deleted May 30th, 2014

Encore, this could be a full fledged gentleman story. Continue!

Y u laff?
tis a tragedy.:fluttershysad:
I understand that he is in the show for the comic relief,but this shit aint funny.
Reason why rarihaet hueh hueh hueh

4462097 I've read so many fics of different outcomes that if rarispike occurs then great, but if that universe has heat seasons then the majority of those story will have rarity rutting something or someone else. I feel for spike I do, but if you think about it, a man/lady has needs that must be sated and unfortunately spike is still too young to help. If it helps, think about the multiverse theory: for one universe spikes heart is completely and utterly destroyed after finding rarity rutting shining armor on a work surface covered in dress jewels and loose fabric. Another universe could have rarities heart broken after finding spike going at it with older versions of the CMC, but in a third universe their living happily together with a couple of cute hybrid offspring in a marble mansion. :duck::moustache:
I laugh because no matter how terrible something comes to be in one spot, there's hope and love in another.
Or maybe I laugh because I'm just weird and twisted, who know?:twilightsmile:

I don't even have to read this to know that you made another masterpiece!

But I will any way.

I was on this thread.

And now we just wait for Superflyingcookie to grace us with his presence...

not really what I was Expecting, but still good.

omg this story... i swear i love all of your stories. everything in this was perfect.the characters and setting nicely done and the ending just...wow. wish there was a sequel bu the way you ended it is simply perfect. kinda want to see you write a longer story than just a one shot.

Heh. this guy could sure give Guilty Pleasure a run for his money, he even kisses! :ajsmug:

4464110 And by "this guy", I mean "me" of course :twilightsheepish:

:) Oh sweet love...

Oh god, the feels. I love this, may I please have another?

I love this. But uh...

"I knew what you did from Sweeite,


This was great, in spite of the lack of Sweetie Belle. I'd love to see more.

4463504 You fool! Never say that name aloud! Or do you have to say it three times in front of a mirror...

This is without a doubt a true work of art. I really enjoy the emotional details that you have added to the story that made this so enthralling. I really was hooked. And still am! I wish that there were other parts to this, but alas it seems not.

One thing I will note is that there are some grammatical errors, but other than that, I really enjoyed this. Truly. Thank you. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I'd love to see this continued as a full story. Its just so cute.

So cute. :rainbowkiss:

Beautiful, just beautiful. :fluttercry: AN good as hell too! :twilightsmile:

The cover art honestly almost made me skip by, but the title made me read the description. I'm really glad that I stopped to give this a chance, because it was really sweet.

Might want to add something to the description about Scootaloo being somewhat aged up. It took me a while to piece that together, and until then I was all Whoa. Whooaah! Hold on a second there.

I'm really starting to like you, Hand-Made.
...You should run now.

Pretty adorable, although I'm surprised he'd give up the prostitute job; it's a good source of income. Maybe just limit his clientèle further, until he can find other employment?

OK.... *Sigh.... lol. I read the first paragraph of this story and just died!!!!! This will be fun! I can't wait to read this. I hate to read clop, Ibut I love it! I don't know why. You added one of my second favorite CMC memebers, Scootaloo! (Next to Apple Bloom.) You make more of these my friend and I promise you this, I will read them. Good work.... so far. LOL

i like this idea but not the shortness, 2nd person style. this idea has a lot of possibilities. like scoota hiring him not really knowing what he does to be her coltfriend because all her friends have one or something like that

D'awwwww :rainbowkiss:
loved it :scootangel:

i downvoted not because it wasn't well written because it was quite well done, i just cannot stand behind the current fandom's obsession with Scootaloo being handicapped. She has hovered if only for a few minutes and her wings are obviously strong if not fully developed as she uses them to power her and often her two friends on her scooter. Which is more than I can say for the other pegasi in her class, you never see rumble or featherweight flying do you?In fact I have never seen them so much as hover like she has. I would wager that she is in fact the best flyer at her current level and age group. I know that this is your headcanon and therefore your right to make of it what you will but it simply was not for me. Again well written and interesting plot line. :twilightsmile:



I came here to fap, not to feel.

Those surprise feels gave me a case of the HHHNNNGGGGGGGG.....:rainbowkiss:

And how many stories have you written? This was from one author to another and had no bearing on yourself, i simply feel that if you downvote a reason is often appreciated especially if it is not for grammar or a bad story. Things like that tend to make authors think in other ways than simply their own headcanon and inevitably make them better writers. Hell I wish that those who downvoted my own story would have told me why for the very same reason. now I am sorry that you are such an attention grabbing whorse that you feel the need to mock constructive criticism when you are a leech to this site and have submitted absolutely nothing to it other than a bad avatar. Have a nice day sir/ madam :twilightsmile:

This was very well done in my opinion. The explanation for why he does this is believable, Scootalloo's dialogue and actions stayed true to her character, the interactions between the two were very sweet, and the end result was lovely without being too cheesy. Great job.

4467501 I understand why you downvoted this story, but I do have to disagree that you should downvote based on personal head-cannon rather than the quality of the story. I see where you are coming from, but I see downvotes as more of an idea of how well the story is written. Both someone else's and my own.

I think that if you are going to downvote it should be based on the quality of the story rather than personal preferences of characters/ships/etc. Rather if you do, you should just ignore the story if you cannot vote without a biased view.

I would love to hear your opinion of your feelings on the matter on why you would down vote based on personal bias.

It's a little off topic but Scootaloo can't fly; not in canon anyway. She also can't hover more than a few seconds, again that's in canon.

Rainbow Dash had similar style wings as Scootaloo in The Cutie Mark Chronicles during the flashback, and she could fly just fine.

Her special talent right now is being a grounded pegasus, and coping with that.

I use downvotes for my personal like or dislike of the story I disliked it simply because of the prevalence of the "Scootaloo is handicapped theory" that I hear so much in this fandom when the opposite is proven in the show (see my first comment for explanation) . I read the whole story and was able to overlook it and really look at the story itself and it was well written, had good grammar, and an excellent plot line. I use likes and dislikes as they are meant to be used as opposed to a popularity contest. This story is immensely popular and has done something my own work has never done, gotten featured, so I cannot detract from the authors skill or work in general as it was well done. I simply didn't like that aspect of the story and honestly it would still have been great even had it been written without the handicapped part but simply as her being a mediocre flyer and being depressed about it. I just felt that if I am going to dislike on a personal bias as you put it, and you are absolutely right, it is one, then I felt that an explanation was in order. :twilightsmile:

4468524 Sounds reasonable enough, have a great night! :rainbowkiss:

All true, and thank you for bringing that up, but remember Rainbow Dash's special talent is flying so not quite the same instance as she was bound to be a prodigy at it. As to her similar wing size in the flashback you mentioned we do not know that for sure just that they look proportional when comparing the two. I would wager that since she was in flight school I imagine that she was a bit older than Scoots is as Dash would have already left grade school. This again holds true since Scoots has yet to go to flight school as I believe it was said all pegasi do. :twilightsmile:

I'm a huge Scootaloo fan, but if wall eyes count as a handicap, she's not my favorite.

what's so wrong with being handicap it just so happens that I'm handicap so is there something wrong with me

4468997 Nothing wrong with being handicapped. But Derpy is my favorite pegasus with a handicap, and you said Scootaloo was everyone's.

ooooooooooooh:rainbowhuh: well I feel like a giant douchebag now:facehoof:

4469170 No, you shouldn't. Just misunderstanding words shouldn't reflect poorly on your character.

ok I'll try to not make the same mistake again:twilightsmile:

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