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Yay! I have a Bio nw! I am a ** year old living in ********** ** ******** I am a communist and when I'm not playing Skyrim or Fapping I'm writing fics on this site. Praise Satan!

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I have a very twisted secret fetish too.

I stab people in the eyes with razor blades. And I enjoy it. Let me show you.

*Stabs author in the eyes with razor blades*

There is just not enough "no" for this story.


I'm the one who brought up razorblades.

What have I done...



I saw the title in the new stories bar and there was so much wut it hurt.

When I saw the title for the story I couldn't help but laugh.

i came BUCKETS:applecry::applecry:


I knew I shouldn't have read this. Goddamnit.

I saw the story in the thing up top. SO MUCH WUT it hurts. Just no. Bad pony.

But I saw it was short so I read it so I could confirm it's bad.
It's bad.

Although there was one line that got me:
"He then watched as Granny Smith clutched her heart and fell over, dead from a heart attack."
That honestly caught me by surprise and was kind of funny. Not worth the rest of the story however.

The premise is just wrong and it's obvious you rushed it. The writing was pretty meh. Not good but I've seen worse.

There will be blood

For a typical fanfic, I find this to be a loathsome, vile and quite frankly unnecessary waste of words.
For a mrhappyface story, I find it somewhat lackluster.

Verdict: Meh.:trixieshiftleft:

i wish i had some sort of a big picture to put up to show my disaproval.

DAT ENDING :rainbowlaugh:


327189 *Borrows gif* thank you.

What on earth is wrong with you?


Milk for the corn flakes

Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Feb 18th, 2013


Honk for the Honk Honk

:applecry: Why'd y'all get that icky gunk on mah face? An' why er y'all bleedin' from down there? And what's wrowng wit Granny, and Ah ain't never seen sis so mad 'fore this?

You sir... You are a disturbed and truly well and F'ed troll of trolltastic proportions.

The story is pure and utter horror, save for the explosive guffaw drawn from the whole family standing at the door... Everything else was too horrible to ever consider to be anything less than horror! :ajsleepy::applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesick::rainbowderp::raritycry::twilightangry2:

You suck. Peace out.

327079 you know, as soon as I saw you're comment on the dinky story, i knew this was coming:facehoof:

That I had a hand in the creation of this abomination hurts more than words can accurately portray.

God damn it.

Oh like you guys haven't tried masturbating with a razor blade...:trixieshiftleft:


Skulls for the skull king

Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Feb 18th, 2013



327584 At first I thought you based that off of something, but then I found the complaint generator you used. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually would have liked this better if the story had taken itself more seriously, as that would generate more insanity in pretending NOT to be a trollfic.

Hey Mrhappyface, You should use molestia at some point.

327584 Wow, look at the size of the log you just tossed on happy faces fire.

327065 327699 327646 AS a communist it is my obligation to save the people's minds from harmfull information, and as such Vespi's comments shall be censord for the good of the working class. So in it's place please enjoy this nice, wholesum, educational video sharing the truth, unlike the lies that capitalists and facists would like you to believe.

This is fucking hilarious, faggots go away.


Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Feb 18th, 2013


329695 Once again censord! For the good of the people

Scootaloo spends a day with dash.
End of day asks if Dash loves her.
Says no.:rainbowlaugh:
Scoot cries and runs away.
Dash doesn't give a shit.
Scootaloo plots revenge.
You can finish the rest.
Good day.:moustache:

330002 In order to say thanks for the ideas I will stop censoring you, and only edit your comments for the good of the people.

So I make a piont and you *correct my poor choice of words* me?
The guy who gave you a bucket full of *Inspiration, (Ideas are dangerous.)*
I was just saying that you are moving towards the far *left*, its much the same as the far left.
On the fillycaust you supported the killing of the earth ponies for been inferior.
You worship *Lord Satan*, like *Unnamed person from history 1* and the *group of unnamed people from history 1*occult.
You dislike powerfull groups of people who control business and want to improve the lifes of the working class, to create an society where we are all equeal.
Thats *The glorious system of communism* in a nutshell.
Because lets face it far *Left* and far left are the same thing.
*The people* *get* total power, equal rights for *The enlightend* people, and blame *The correct people* for the problems.
Good day.

There you go, now you are speaking good, clean, thoughts! :scootangel:

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