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When Dan is sent to Equestria by Elise as a research trip, he wants nothing more than to get back home. Unfortunatley, the Elements of Harmony, Dan's only way of returning home, are stolen by the Great and Powerful Trixie, who hides them away in the Changeling's Kingdom. Now, Dan must join forces with the Mane Six to retrieve the Elements and stop Trixie before she demolishes Ponyville and builds a new city in it's place: Trixopolis.
Based on the Tumblr by Fluffy Mixer: http://dan-vs-fim.tumblr.com
This is before Season 3.

Chapters (14)
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Nice work, I award you with a happy Twilight, :twilightsmile:


Doing something nice?

Man, Celestia. You realize his localized hate is going to cause the Windigoes to freeze Equestria over before he completes that task?

I didn't think you hated your subjects that much...

3868430 Trust me, this is only just the tip of the beginning of the iceberg.


Hah, hah, hah...

I see what you did there.

Windigoes freezing Equestria over -> iceburgs...

I can see Trixie wanting revenge, but probably not to the point of betraying all of Equestria to get back at one to three individuals in a small town.

I can see Chrysalis protecting her hive's location, but probably not through murder. More likely she'd wipe the pony's memory of the location (if she had reason to let them leave in the first place) or imprison them either in a dungeon or a pod where she could farm love from them.

Comment posted by TreSiv deleted Jan 30th, 2014


It really seems like it's unnecessary escalation. When Trixie returned with the Alicorn Amulet, it made sense because her goal was "out-magic Sparkle". Here, what's the endgame? Is it the classic "If I don't win, everyone loses" or is she trying to take over herself and following "the enemy of my enemy"?

Even then, though, you have to realize that at some point the statement becomes "The enemy of my (vanquished) enemy is my enemy." At this point Trixie siding with Chrysalis is a considerably stupid move from a strategic standpoint.

Comment posted by TreSiv deleted Jan 30th, 2014

3871012 I really cannot discuss the story any furthur without giving away the ending.

one of them being his cat,

Reduce confusion by changing this to "one of the exceptions being his cat." :twilightsheepish:

I'm liking this so far, but you could benefit from an editor, if you can get one. :pinkiesmile:

Phew! Being nice really is hard work.
Good job

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight...

You still think he's trying to be nice?

The way I see it, there's two options here. Either obey Celestia and be nice and get sent home, or do the exact opposite so that Celestia has no choice but to banish you back home in order to get you out of her mane.

Then go home and tell Elise that you encountered an alien species, pretty sure you started an intergalactic war. That'll teach her for sticking you in weird portals.

3912135 Time will only tell. And me, but in time.

...or give Rarity a class-nine conniption fit. Either works.

Could Celestia really be that misguided?

Somehow I think she just found his (very serious) threats funny...

3932577 She knows he won't do anything to compromise himslf getting home.


See, this is here Dan and I diverge. If she decides to "punish" me by keeping me in an idyllic land of pasifistic prey species I can torment on a regular basis with little to no backlash, then she's in for at least fourty to seventy years of constant headaches.

Or, she could just "delegate" me back to my original home, and not have the peace and tranquility of her utopia disturbed every day.

It's all just a matter of scale. A couple incidents is alright, but having to constantly rebuild buildings that have been torched or blown up ruins economies.

3935487 I can't even stress to you how much of the story I would give away if I explained that.

Celestia smiled brightly. "No dear, he is just being playful. Perhaps this is a sign he might be changing."

"No dear, he is just being playful. Perhaps this is a sign he might be changing."

"No dear, he is just being playful.


Looks like we get to have fun with portals now

You should've had him swear vengeance upon Elise as he went through the portal
Something like

As the clipboard and recorder flew around Dan, he threw his balled up fists above him and let out one last yell that faded into the purple void as he rounded a corner in the tunnel.

"Gummy, go save mommy. Please?":pinkiesmile:

Great line, made me laugh.:derpytongue2:

Poor Celestial...first she lost the Elements... then she's gonna lose her crown...

"Twilight dear, have you seen my crown?...":trollestia:

"No Princess, I don't know where--DAN!!!!!!":twilightangry2:

She was going to throw Dan a party.

Next time on Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. Pinkie Parties.

Not to sound mean or anything, but you really need to work on your spelling. I thought 'guard' being spelt wrong was an accident but you spell it wrong every time. I suggest a simple spell-checker because these are simple mistakes that it could pick up on :twilightsheepish:

is it just me thinking he should be more pissed?:trixieshiftright:

I don't think Dan is even ABLE to do something nice.

No dear, he is just being playful.

Oh dear. I don't think she knows the extent of Dan's rage.

Oh, and bring Dan.

Say goodbye to your crown Tia.

Dan doing something NICE? That's like asking the Hulk to go 20 seconds without being angry.

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