• Published 19th Nov 2013
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SpartAnon - Bastinator

Anon is a Spartan-IV and a member of Fireteam Crimson. When he accidently finds himself on the wrong end of a Forerunner artifact, he finds himself in Equestria. It has to be a dream, right?

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Chapter 12: Spartans Never Die

You adjust your tie again the mirror, the train’s motion not exactly aiding your endeavor. No armor to protect you this time, just a fresh spiffy suit designed by Ponyville’s finest designer. Surprisingly enough when you asked her about the suit she didn’t bat an eye. It certainly struck you as odd giving her efforts to swoon you into her abode. She took some more accurate measurements without a hint of seduction.

You remember checking your belly to see if you’d gained some flab, but that wasn’t it. Rarity gave a sincere smile when you finally slipped into her clothing. She said you were quite the catch, a stallion for any mare. You couldn’t help but blush at the comment. For once she wasn’t giving the googly eyes and it honestly felt like she was a friend. Odd really, but welcoming nonetheless.

You finished freshening up and leave the train lavatory, the rest of the mane 6 gitty about the night ahead of them. You’re not sure what it is with girls and balls. Of course Twilight would correct you and call it a Gala, but they’re close enough in your opinion. Each of them got dressed up for the occasion, once again thanks to Rarity, even Dash spruced up.

This isn’t their first gala as they tell it, the first one ending frightfully. Something about an animal stampede or some such thing. You try not to get bogged down with the details. What you did know was that this time, they were going to have fun, and that meant staying together. A noble goal, one that you’ll let them accomplish.


The train docks in Canterlot’s train station, the group piling out each chatting frantically with one another. The streets of the city were bustling with activity, an oddity considering the time of day, or night. You squeezed amongst them like a sore thumb, the absence of your suit of armor amongst them placing an uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability upon you.

In truth there was nothing to fear. There were no Covenant patrols passing by. The war was nothing but a faint and distant memory in retrospect. Here you could relax and be amongst friends. Crimson Team is off on another mission right now and what’re you doing? You’re prepared to go to a party with a special mare and your friends. Between the former and that latter? Yeah, you’ll pick the latter.


Twilight hands off the tickets to the stallion at the gate allowing you to step inside the castle grounds. Trumpets sound off as you approach the entrance hall. The room expands outwards with the pony elite gossiping amongst one another. You tug at your neck nervously. ”Jus’ relax. It ain’t the end of the world.”

Even Applejack’s comfortable amongst the elite. You’re not sure why you’re acting like this though. You never took this kind of stuff seriously before. Oh look the Princess. Somepony around here you actually know. The mane 6 chat her up before moving off further away giving you a chance to talk. “Good evening Celestia.”

”Ahh, Anon. Pleasant to see you out and about. No armor I see, must be quite the change.

“Fitting the suit around it was a bit more of a burden than I could take.”

She nods, “The look suits you.”

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself.”

”You do realize you’re talking to the princess?”

“A princess that I happen to know.”

She nods in agreement, “A correct assumption.” She greets another pair of ponies into the party before turning back to you. ”Shouldn’t you be off with your friends?”

“I should, but it’s just- Hell, I don’t know. They seem kinda, off I guess.”

”How so?”

“Well, like Rarity. She’s always trying to grab my attention and suddenly turns a new leaf? Or Twilight, I haven’t felt her watching me for a good while now.”

Celestia seems to understand where you’re coming from. ”Do you know why my star pupil is off in Ponyville in the first place?”

Odd question. One that you don’t know the answer to. “I can’t say that I do.”

”Come with me,” she says, Luna descending the stairs to take her place.


She leads you to her royal chambers and asks if you’d like anything to drink. Water sounds good right now and it’s too early to get drunk off what you know is going to be spiked punch. You take a sip and thank her, the princess graciously moving off to her drawers near her bed. “So, why is she in Ponyville?”

”Twilight, as dear as she is, had a small problem when she lived here in Canterlot. She allowed all of her time to be consumed with her studies.”

“I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. In fact, that’s what I should’ve done.”

”The issue with it was how she became a recluse, distancing herself from everypony to focus on her studies.”

“Didn’t she have Spike?”

”Yes, but as an assistant. He was little more than that back then, so I sent her to Ponyville.” Alright now you’re starting to remember the story. Nightmare Moon and such.

“I’ve heard this part, but I still don’t understand why it’s important.”

She levitates a bushel of scrolls, “Good things come to those who wait. After Nightmare Moon’s defeat all was right again and it was time for Twilight to come home. However, she didn’t.”

“Come again?”

”The friends she made in Ponyville had made her learn a valuable lesson about friendship. I couldn’t have been prouder.”

“So she stayed. And…?”

”I wished for her to continue her studies and send me a report on her findings. Namely, her reports on the magic of friendship.” You want to just yell out how gay that sounds but you stay your tongue.

“Once again, how does this relate to me?”

She unravels a scroll and prepares to read before meeting your eyes, “Would you like to hear what she said?”

“Do I have a choice?”


You were expecting a no to be honest. “Go ahead.”

”Dear Princess Celestia, Over the past few months I’ve learned a valuable lesson about friendship. You can’t force anypony to open themselves up to you, no matter what your reasons may be. I’ve learned this the hard way with a new arrival in Ponyville. From now on, I’ll be standing at his side, not taking notes behind his back. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.”

“She wrote that?”

Celestia nods, “Twilight’s always been a curious one, persistent as well, but she isn’t going to push away a friend because of it.”

“So that’s why she hasn’t been pestering me.”

”A good friend will wait for you to open up, not the other way around.” You smile and laugh quietly as you think back to all her shenanigans. ”What is so humorous?”

“Nothing, I’m just thinking I might miss her crazy schemes.”

”Pinkie can fill that in.” Oh she can.

She hands you the letter so you can read it for yourself before drawing up another. “There’s more?”

”Yes, Twilight isn’t the only one who writes these you know.”

“Who’s that one from?”

”Patience…” she hums and holds up the letter. “Dear Princess Celestia, I learned that a good friend should think of others before themselves. I’ve been selfish, unladylike in trying to woo a certain somepony, and I didn’t think to understand why he refused my affections. Thanks to a friend of mine, I know that even though I want something, it doesn’t mean I should take it from away from somepony else. Rarity…”

“And just when I thought I wouldn’t have to slit Twilight’s throat.” Celestia looks at you with concern. “Kidding.”

She loosens up, “Rarity… She knows how you feel about a certain somepony who shall remain nameless.” You look down as you think of her. ”I believe this is why she stopped attempting to, what’s the term she used? Woo?” You nod, finally understanding why they’ve been acting so different. “These are not the only reports she sent you know. There are a dozen others much like these.”

Dozens? You never thought of yourself as the best of friends. “Maybe I should’ve been a teacher with all these lessons huh?” You stand up and walk over to the window and watch the fireworks go off, the Wonderbolts flying off in celebration.

“This makes me curious Anon. The others have all learned something about friendship by meeting you. What have you learned?”

The dazzling show captures your eyes, but not your mind. “I learned to forget the past. I learned it’s best to go along for the ride.”

She immediately senses the fragility of your answers, “What have you learned about friendship?”

“Friendship?” You spot Applejack down below by the balcony watching the fireworks, alone. What did she teach you? “I learned that to be a friend you have to let others into your life. A friend will be there for you even through your mistakes. She’ll give you a hoof when you’ve fallen and a bed when you’re weak. She helped me because she saw that beneath the armor, beneath the flesh… I was just another pony. I only asked for forgiveness, but she gave me much more.”

”Are you talking about friendship or are you talking about her?”

“Applejack’s been a true friend, far better than I. Even through all the bumps and even the rocky start, she was there. She was always there. Celestia…”

You turn to look at her, “Yes?”

“Can we finish this later? There’s something I need to do.”

She stands up and walks to the window. She understands almost immediately. ”Please do, Mr. Anon.”

“Thank you Princess.”

”And Anon?” she stops you at the door with a smile, “Its Celestia.”

“Yes ma’am.”


You hurry down through the now crowded party, the ponies slightly tipsy. How did you know it was spiked? Because you always know. You glide over to the balcony, Applejack still standing there by herself. Say what comes to mind. Striding over to her you lean against the rails. “Applejack.”

She turns to you, her braided hair falling to her side. The sight of her takes your breath away. “Anon.” Your mind blanks out leaving you standing there like a fool. Shit, come on brain work! Don’t fail me. ”Ya alright?” Screw it, go for broke. You lean down and press your lips against hers. No going back now.

Finally your mind restores functionality and realizes what you just did. You pull back. You blew it, all of it. You fucked up. “Aww shoot!” You grip the railing as she stands there stunned by your advance. Always with this shit. Decision after decision! “I’m sorry Applejack. I- fucking… For the past few months since I arrived I just- I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pressed this onto you. I screwed up again.” You’re a god damn human saboteur.

She places a hoof on your arm and turns you to look at her, the green of her eyes mesmerizing. ”If you do feel that way. Say it.” You swallow hard.

“I love you Applejack.”

She smiles and gives you a peck on the lips, “I love ya too Anon.”

You’re so happy you could turn to stone. You smile and bear hug the mare, crying tears of joy into her mane. ”Whoa Anon. Put me down!”


She pats herself off, “Don’t want Rarity killing ya for ruining her dress.”

“Applejack, you have no idea how happy this makes me, how happy you make me. Ever since-“ She silences you with another kiss, your body like silly putty in her hooves. Breaking the kiss the leans up against you and watches the show.

”Can’t believe it took ya this long to figure it out.”

“This long? How far back-“

”Shhh, don’t ruin the moment.”

You rock back and forth with her, the last piece coming together. “I wouldn’t for the world.” Today was the first day of your new life… and you were happy.


You enter the room, the attendant turning to you. “Any change?”

”Every time you come in here asking the same question and every time I give you the same answer.”

“So no change?”

”None that I can see. It’s a lost cause you know.” He’s many things, weak isn’t one of them. It’s been months though… maybe… No. You’re not leaving him behind, not when you caused this. You inform the attendant you’re going in, walking into the chamber. No wonder he’s not getting better. How can anyone be trapped inside a room like this and be expected to recover? It’s too white and plushy, small too. You’ve seen prisons more accommodating.

He’s sitting in the corner of the room, slumped down, the jacket binding his arms together. “Hey. It’s been a while huh?” He doesn’t respond to you. All he does is rock side to side, a dopey grin on his face. It’s strange to see him like this. “I don’t know if you can hear me in there, but you get better. Alright? That’s an order.”

His head rolls back to look at the ceiling, pathetic sight. You kneel next to him. You had to piss him off. “I’m sorry alright. Happy now? I shouldn’t have brought them up. It was… Damn…” You push up on your knees and give him one last look.

”How’s he doing?” Commander Palmer asks over the comm.

“No change…”

”It’s not your fault. He lost control and now he’s facing the consequences.” You lay your head against the door to the cell. ”Suit up Lance, Crimson doesn’t stop because of him.”

You sigh and make your way to the armory. “Yes ma’am.”

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Massive copout is massive.

Can't really call it a cop-out when it was foreshadowed at least three times.

Well...that's saddening.

Is he gonna unfuck his head at any point?

3556066 *sigh* Poor lad,He's gone soft and is in la-la land

3556066 Im sorry but this has turned into a hated story on my part unless in a sequel he gets better. but dont worry it will always be a like and fave on my part.

I don't like hearing it, but I do understand where you're coming from, I guess.

3556751 Not complete hate I loved the entire story except for the end which hit me hard.

i dont get the ending. can someone message me an explanation?

It was supposed to be unexpected, but if you go back and reread some parts of it, namely when he dreams, it was right there.

Anon being in Equestria was all just in his head, the very end being from Lance's POV when he comes to visit him in his padded cell, which Anon had dreams about being in in previous chapters.

3557145 I had always assumed equestria was a dream for him in the first place, but I didn't think it was going to be an insane isolation room. I thought it to be him imagining because he was in a really soft bed. or wrapped in covers.

Well.... that was unexpected for me. I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan of the ending. I still enjoyed your story a lot! Thanks for the fucking hilarious times that brightened my day! I wish you luck on your future endeavors and keep up the good work!

Then, right as he recovers, they Find a planet filled with talking horses......
That would make a great Sequel, if your ending now......

does this mean no more chapters?

Nah, the story ended exactly where I wanted it, no more secrets, no more games, just happy Anon. Besides, a sequel wouldn't live up to the original.

No more chapters.

Huh. I'll be honest, I did not expected a twist ending. Good job!

finely a halo 4 story that dos not have Master Chef in it. Master Chef is grate but it gets a little old. :ajbemused:

Nice plot twist.

I can't really find the words, but I really like the ending.
It is kind of depressing, but still... at least he is happy in his mind.:pinkiesad2:



I swear wikis are like tropes. I just keep clicking links and learning more useless shit.

That would be called the ending.

4chan classified 'pony' as spam. The way to get around it was 'p0ny.' Never bothered to change it.

:fluttercry:That ending HURTS MY SOUL!:raritycry:

I was going through the halo and mlp crossover archive.
When I found this story I was pretty hyped and I just finished it.
I had my suspicions with his dreams about being in a fluffy room.
Overall it was a great story. Haven't read something so awesome in a while!
The ending did catch me of guard. But it's your story so do what you do.
(My mind still can't wrap his head around how it was all a dream. Kinda sucks for Spartanon.

Wow...so sad and yet...this was so awesome...

This ending gets stabbed and dumped in a lake, in my headcanon

Saw the ending coming, but it was soft sold enough to be a good delivery. Good story. :heart:

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