• Published 19th Nov 2013
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SpartAnon - Bastinator

Anon is a Spartan-IV and a member of Fireteam Crimson. When he accidently finds himself on the wrong end of a Forerunner artifact, he finds himself in Equestria. It has to be a dream, right?

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Chapter 8: Nightmare Night

You wipe the sweat from your brow as you store the last of your shipment into the barn. Applejack had a mandate. You were allowed to get off work early if you finished off the northwest field. Of course she would tell you this on Nightmare Night, an event that you’ve been looking forward to. It’s been a long while since you’ve had to use your camo and it’s about time that it got a reboot. You head back inside, peeling off you armor as you walk in, the muddy pieces are in need of a good cleaning. The hose out back is suitable for the task. But first things first, shower and food. As you turn the faucet Applejack calls for you, “Anon? That you?”

“The one and only!”

”You got that section done yet?”

“Yep. Just put them all in the barn.”

”Come find me when you’re done with that there shower. I need your help.”

“No problem, I’m just finishing up.” You finish quickly and dry yourself off, picking up your freshly washed garment off the bed.

Stepping out into the hall you knock on Applejack’s door, “Come in. Gosh darnit…” Spools of what look like medical wrap litter the floor and all wrapped up in the middle is a tied up Applejack. She tries to force a laugh, and all you can do is shake your head.

“Looks like you really could use some help.”

”Ya could say that.”

You shut the door as the tries to untangle herself. “So, what exactly are you doing?”

”Trying to… git this costume…” she grunts further wrapping herself up.

“Don’t even think about going down to Ponyville. The doc said no unnecessary trotting.”

”Well my doctor ain’t here now is he? Besides, I’ve been getting better.”

“Be that as it may, you know I can’t have you hurting your leg again.”

”I know. That’s why you’re gonna watch after me.”

“Calling in that second favor?”

”Nnope. I just know you’re gonna.”

“That’s quite the assumption.”

”Am I wrong?”

“…” For a farmhand she’s one insightful little minx. She knows just which buttons to press. You sigh and approach her. “You’re doing this all wrong by the way.”

You strip away the bandages revealing her toned legs, the muscles tensing when you accidently brush your hand against them. She steps out of the mess one by one until you reach her cast. Your hesitation is unmistakable. ”I said I forgive ya. You can let it go.”

“Were it so easy…” You finish up your work, effectively freeing her of her constraints.

Applejack stretches her legs, “Phew, much obliged partner.”

“Don’t mention it. Seriously, don’t. I don’t need that kind of rep.”

She chuckles and promises not to tell a soul, “Mind helping me get back into costume?”

“You’re just a glutton for punishment now aren’t you?”

”Is that a no?”

“I hate you,” you joke.

”Love ya.” You roll your eyes and take a nearby roll and begin wrapping at her hoof. You work your way up, the bandage sculpting to her leg comfortably. ”Ya know,” she remarks as you get further up her leg, “This is the first time I’ve seen ya without your armor.”

The grey suit you’d long hidden now stands prominently out in the open, and only when she brings it up do you feel truly naked. “Crap. I forgot to put it on, give me on-“

She rests a hoof on your shoulder, “Ah don’t mind the sight.” Well, if it’s ok with her… You guess it isn’t that bad. Her eyes feast upon your skintight suit which leaves little to the imagination, “Ya might be a seven.”

“Not everyone can appreciate my great looks,” you boast jokingly. You finish up the leg and begin wrapping her rear, Applejack getting antsy. “Hold still or I’ll have to hold you down and do it, and I’m not into BDSM.”


“Nothing, just stop moving.” Her breaths slow as you reach her upper body, her chest rising and falling in rhythm with your own. This… this is… Different, yet, strangely familiar.

”Why’d ya stop?”

“It- it’s nothing. Just thinking is all.” She buys your excuse and you finish wrapping her torso and other legs, taking care not to make it too tight. You take a step back and view the mummified pony and rub your chin in contemplation. “Something’s not right… It’s missing something.” Before she can respond you plop her cowboy hat right back on her head. “It’s just not the same without it.”

”Thanks partner, now how about you? Need any help?”

“Nah, the white sheet over the body is too childish. I’m just going in my armor.”

“Well that ain’t very festive of ya.”

“Oho, but that’s what you think.”

”Well yeah, it kinda is.” You ignore her statement and ask if she can move around fine. She wobbles around, getting used to the wrappings before sounding the all clear.

“Good. I can’t tell you how much I hate shoddy workmanship.” She thanks you again for your help and heads downstairs while you get your armor on. You join her out by the barn even going so far as to help her board the wagon because you’re just an upstanding gentlemen. Naww, you’re still a dick. You just haven’t shown it much lately. Now if you can get loose today…

Applebloom and Granny Smith are already on, the pair dressed up as a duo of witches, Granny snoring away. Big Mac’s dressed up as… what the hell is he supposed to be? He’s got on a top hat along with a black cape with a white skull apple thing. “Should I bother asking?”

”Nnope.” With Big Mac by your side pulling the wagon you walk into Ponyville, the town bustling with activity. The little ones scamper about with their parents, everyone dressed up for the holiday. It’s a welcome sight to see so many people just happy for once. The town’s been decorated as well adding to the dark yet cheerful night. The ponyfolk’ve set up a variety of games and the cheers of the contestants don’t hurt your ears as they once would.

“And you would’ve had me bucking apples all night. The gall…”

”I wasn’t gonna make you miss out so quit your jabbering.” Mac stops the cart and you help everyone out. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle come running along, and before you can make a comment they’ve snagged Apple Bloom and disappear into the crowd.

”Let her go Anon,” Granny Smith says wobbling over to you, “Those young rascals can take care of themselves.”

“Yes ma’am.” You and Applejack get over to one of the gaming stalls, a game where you toss spiders onto some web.

”Want to give it a shot?”

“I’m good thanks,” you say giving another pony a shot, “I don’t want to set the bar too high.” You watch as the contestants have their fun, giving a sigh as you grow bored.

”Ya don’t have to just stay here ya know.”

“I know, but I know you just can’t be without my company.”

”Don’t make me smack you. Go on and have some fun.”

“You sure?”

”O’ course, it’s what Nightmare Night’s all about.”

“Applejack,” you say switching on camo like an old suit, “You have no idea what beast you just unleashed.”

”Don’t get into too much trouble.”

“I will.”

You wave your hand in front of her until it becomes apparent that she can’t see you. Good you’d hate for her to have to hit you. *flick* ”Anon!” she hollers as you giggle off into the crowd. Twas but a taste. What manner of shenanigans shall you pull? You don’t have time to contemplate on this pressing issue when you spot a familiar unicorn. You sneak up by her side and lean against a wall as she chats with her lizard, finally uncloaking.

“How goes it Detective Sparkle?” you ask nonchalantly observing your fingers.

Twilight gasps at your sudden appearance, making your day a little better already, “Do you make it a habit of stalking people?” You give her a knowing gaze.

“An irony in that statement?”

”And what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” she avoids the question.

“I don’t know. Thinking of exactly how I want to fuck with the ponies. When I saw you I lost my train of thought.”


“It’s kind of like watching a train wreck, you know you shouldn’t stare but you can’t help it.”


You sigh as you are content with watching the ponies in the time being. They go about their business but you find yourself staring more at Applejack’s stand than the others. This doesn’t go unnoticed however. ”I figured you were one for the rough and tough. I couldn’t see you with somepony like Rarity.” Speaking of, Rarity just happens to be passing by and flashes you with her seductive eyes. You shiver before realizing exactly what Twilight’s implying.

“Really? We’re two different species you’re just imagining things.”

”Am I though? You’re showing symptoms remarkably similar to that I read about in-“

“A book and what did I tell you about reading?”

”I don’t need a book to tell me that you have feelings for her. So, am I wrong?”

Applejack sees you and waves, you doing so in turn. “If you tell a soul-“

”I won’t… for the right price.”

“I won’t slit your throat.”

”Deal.” Of course, Twilight’s company only lasts for so long.

“Well, I better get going. Children to terrorize and such.”

”Don’t let me keep you.” You spot a prospective target and stealth your way over to her and her entourage. The pony squees as the door swings open and takes her share of candy. She won’t know what hit her. You grab the pink menace by the tail, squawking loudly as she flails about, everypony shrieking at the sight of the floating pony.


You thought she was freaking out before, but when you mentioned the candy she went haywire. A hoof hits your hand and you lose your grip as the slippery pony shakes free. ”Everypony run! It’s the Ghost of Nightmare Past!” The crowds go into an uproar as the pony incites a panic. Only Pinkie.

You follow the group as they try to escape, but there are no brakes on the rape train. And when there’s delicious treats to be had you can’t resist. You grab one of the younger colts and drag him squealing away down an alley. ”We can’t help him,” Pinkie yelps. “He’s been decandified!” The group grieves at the loss of their friend, but not before fleeing the scene. The colts screams are muffled as you force a sucker into his mouth and snag his stash of goods.

Pinkie takes a breather by the town square as her group tries to reorganize. ”Everyone check your candy, we can’t have him sneaking up on us.” If only she knew, you kneel beside another disguised pony.

“Return the candy, or suffer my curse.”

She goes wide-eyed, the mare shaking like a leaf. ”Keep it together,” Pinkie says unaware of your presence.

“I MAKE IT RAIN!!!” You grab the mare and twirl her in the air as her candy goes everywhere. “You can run my little ponies, but you cannot hide.”

This goes on as you take them down one-by-one like some sort of candy serial killer. ”Ponies fall back now!” You rest on the rooftop and watch Pinkie hold together the last of her group together. Damn this bag is getting heavy. You’re not sure how much longer you can jack their sweets. ”Is there any sign of him?” Pinkie asks one of her underlings as they creep under you.

”Negative Pinkie, I think we lost him.” You perch yourself in lunging position as they begin to calm back down.

“Not yet.” You tackle Pinkie Pie before she can get away, the real prize in this little chase.

”RUN! It’s too late for me!” They don’t have to be told twice, practically pissing themselves as they escape your wrath. When she’s sure they’re gone Pinkie goes still and smiles, “That was fun. We have to do this again Anon.”

You come out of cloak, your ruse ruined. “How did you know it was me?”

”Silly, everypony knows there’s no Nightmare Ghost.” She knew it was you from moment one. Every time you open your mouth…

“Then… why’d you play the part when you knew it was me?”

She pops back up and adjusts her beak, “’Cause it was fun. Wanna go again?”

“Not really, you kind of threw off my groove. Damn, I really thought I had you scared.”

”If you want I can pretend I didn’t know it was you.”

“It’s alright. It’s just not the same.” A bolt of lightning flashes across the sky along with a blast of thunder, a silhoute cast upon the earth.

”I HAVE RETURNED! MUAHAHAHA!” You stare upwards into the sky where a Pegasus drawn chariot rests and a creature as black as night in tow. Her piercing eyes are only complemented by the slick wings and starry mane on her back.

“And just who might that be? Pinkie?” You turn to find Pinkie shrieking off down the street. The chariot swoops down overhead, the fiendish mare bellowing into the sky. You try to ask another pony, but he’s too busy hollering for everypony to hide. In fact everypony seems to be running off in every which-a-way. “Seriously who the hell is that?” Well since no one else is going to answer you… “Twilight, who is that- loud Pegasus unicorn thing in the chariot?”

She drops down the patio ceiling stunned that you found her out. ”How did you-“

“You’re always there, but seriously.”

She dusts herself off and readjusts her hat, “Her? That’s Princess Luna and she’s an Alicorn.”

“And it’s general practice to flee from your ruler here?” She explains how this entire celebration is based around her past persona, Nightmare Moon. “If everyone is afraid of her, why would she go around looking like that?”

”Because sometimes being scared is fun.”



“That’s retarded.”

”Halt!” the princess’s voice commands from behind you, “Who art thou?” So fucking loud… You turn to look at her, her body changed slightly. Her appearance is far less menacing than when you first saw her, but that voice is still there.

”Princess,” she bows, “It’s great to see you again.”

”For me as well Twilight Sparkle, but I ask again, who is this…” Twilight eyes you, eyes darting to the ground signaling to bow.

You look back to Luna and extend a hand. “Name’s Anon, nice to meet ya.”

”Charmed,” she shakes your hand. Shaking hands with a princess, you figured it’d be a bit more climactic. Ah well, what’re you gonna do. ”He’s taller than you reported.”

“I ate my veggies as a- What?”

Twilight looks away from your gaze. ”Didn’t Twilight tell you? She reports directly to my sister. She has been… watching you.”

“I wasn’t able to tell,” you joke earning a blush from Twilight. So she had the inside scoop with the Princess and she didn’t even share it with you. Shame.

”Twilight, I wish for us to chat in private.”

”Of course Princess, Anon…”

You wave it off and walk off down the street and leave them to their business. You didn’t want to listen to what they had to say anyway. Finding your way back to the cart you plop yourself on the back and stretch your arms. Meh, you had your fun for a while. You’re just not having the fun you thought you’d had. But at least you managed to score a metric shit ton of candy. You open up your bag of loot one second and the next its gone, a faint snickering hanging on the wind. You’re going to fucking kill Dash.

It’s a lost cause though. The Corps issued you a rifle, not wings. But you’ll have your revenge, there’s no doubt about that. The screaming finally dies down after what feels like an eternity. You might have permanent hearing impairment after that session. Gwah! Why are you bored?! This is fucking pony Halloween! You should be out having fun, but no, you’re sitting in this cart bored to tears. Well, not tears. Spartans never cry, we’ve just got something in our eye. Maybe this is how things are going to be. Could your life just be going stale? That doesn’t seem right.

“Infinity,” you say on the comm. What are you doing Anon? You know they aren’t there. “I- I’m thinking bout staying a little longer...” You shut off the comm, an intense sense of relief forming inside. You’d rather have a boring stale life than the same thing but you’ll probably die because of it.

Plus, you’ve got something here now. It’s not much, but you can call it your own. ”Ready to go Sugarcube?” And she happens to have an accent.

“Not quite. Just taking a load off. How about yourself?”

”Me? Ah just got relieved. There ain’t no way I’m leaving yet.” You look back over to the game station, Luna and Twilight playing, the princess shouting something about fun and doubles. ”I was ‘bout to check out the haunted house.”

“Sounds like fun.”

She shifts her hooves, “Ah was wondering if you’d like to come with me.” You chuckle at her nervousness.

“The tough Applejack scared to go alone?”

She seriouses the fuck up, ”Ah can take care of myself thank ya.”

You raise your hands and jump off the cart. “I kid AJ, I kid. I know you’re not scared of nothing. Just poking fun is all.”

She raises her head almost defiantly, “So you joining me or are you gonna just keep poking?”

“Of course I’d like to go with you. You shouldn’t have to ask.” You slip off your helmet and take in the night’s air. “So which way’s the house?”

She points her head and the two of you head on over, your helmet attached by the hip. ”So I heard you’re staying.” You eye the mare curiously, “Ya know I don’t like eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Yeah well. If they haven’t answered me so far, I don’t they deserve this hunk of man meat.”

She chuckles before continuing, “It didn’t sound like they were the ones ya were trying to convince.”

“I don’t need anymore convincing. I’ve got everything I could need right here. A place to live, a job, friends…”

”And family?”

You sport a grin and run your fingers through her mane. “Well I’ve got the Apples for that don’t I?”

”Ya certainly do.” You open the door for her and she steps through, Twilight finally turning to look at you. Her jaw hits the floor to see you without your helmet and scrambles for a note pad. Silly egghead.


You and Applejack emerge a half hour later, Applejack clutched to your side laughing her flank off. She struggles to breath and you find yourself giggling as well. ”Ah- Ah think they were- More scared of you than you were of them.” You waft the air about your nose.

“I didn’t expect them to be that scared though.”

She barely has the strength to keep herself standing when you bring it up. You pick up the mare and place her back atop your shoulder. “Gah, you’ve picked up some weight after this long. You’re gonna break my shoulder.”

”I don’t need weight to do that.” You chuckle and place her back on the cart.

“Need I remind you the first time you attacked me? It didn’t end too well for you if I recall.”

”Is that a challenge?”

“And just what if it is?” She growls playfully as the others start packing things in. “You all done for the night?”

Applebloom starts talking a mile a minute, but judging by the candy she’s stored you can understand why. Granny Smith says something ‘bout today’s young whipper snappers and Big Mac just nods. ”Good ol’ fashioned fun for all,” Applejack hollers as the crowds begin to dissipate.

“Well let’s not waste anymore time. Applebloom’s got school in the morning and Mac and I have to keep up the field work.”

”Eeyup.” You help the family aboard and trek back to the barn.


”Night Anon!” Applebloom yells still on her sugar high as she heads back in the house. Mac helps Granny indoors as well.

“Come on Applejack, time to get some shut eye.”

”You never answer my question,” she replies much to your confusion.

“What question?”

”Challenge accepted.”

Oh no she- Before you can protest the mare tackles you full force and you lose your balance, falling back into the hay. “Dangit Applejack. I gotta go to bed.”

”Five more minutes,” she says trying to pin you down. Well if she wants a fight.

“That means I’ve got five minutes to make you my personal tickle slave.”

Terror fills her eyes, “Oh no! You ain’t gonna- Ah haha hehehahaha!” You flip her onto her back and set your fingers loose upon her ticklish skin.

“Give up? Huh? I can do this all day.”

”N-never! Ahaha,” she cries. “Ooh Anon my leg…”

You stop at the mere mention of it, Applejack cradling it in her other hoof. “I’m sorry Applejack I just got-“ No, not that smile. She pulls you down by the arm and sits squarely on your chest.

”And I win again.”

“You cheated,” you argue lying on your back.

”Meh I improvised.” You shake your head as she lies down on you. ”You’d make a good bed ya know.” Her mane sits next to your head, the fragrance of cinnamon apples and shampoo filling your nose.

“Applejack, I have to work in the morning.” She yawns but stays where she is. It’s not that you mind the smell, but she’s acting pretty- pretty. “AJ…”

”Five more minutes.” You sigh reaching your hand up and stroking her mane as she lies atop you. She hums, the beat of her heart echoing down through your armor. This is nice…

“Five more minutes.” Today… You wish today would last forever.