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Other Editions of The Package:
Capital Offense (No. 2)

When his friends are captured by Chrysalis' Changelings, Silver Sea is the only one willing AND able to help them. With a little assistance from Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie (not by choice) and an unwilling ally, the Changelings won't be bothering anypony no more. Good things come in small packages.

The cover image is by one RyuRedwings on DeviantArt. Click the image to see the original (basically no explosions).

Chapters (1)
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Comment posted by Suke deleted Dec 2nd, 2013

3425342 i know i know... just not enough explosions

I...so...that's a thing. Yay for trollfic?:rainbowlaugh:

3425613 nice spot

Fuckin' squee.
Niggas gonna know my NAME!

3425342 If you'd like some improved story telling, check out the newest edition of The Package in this story's description. It's quite different, and if you still don't like it, then downvote. just don't assume it'll be just as fire worthy, cause it isn't

4011712 well fuck me

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