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This story is a sequel to The Package: Hive and Seek

Other Editions of "The Package":
Hive and Seek (No. 1)

It's that time again! Lunar Republic Extremists have taken over Canterlot Castle and even managed to take the residents, Alicorns included, as hostages! Being in the area and with nothing better to do, Silver Sea gallops back into action. With the unwanted aid of Button Mash, can our hero free Equestria's Royalty? Hell Fucking Yeah! Good things come in small packages.

Image drawn by TheYoungReaper on DA (Commissioned). Click image for source.

Disclaimer: Any Political, Prejudiced or Amoral views voiced in this fiction do NOT reflect my own, nor the creators of the OCs involved. I can't express this enough people. Any hate for any characters should not carry with the OCs elsewhere in the brony fandom, as I have characterised them specifically to fit roles for this story.

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Comments ( 5 )

Despite what you said in the description, I really think I needed to read the previous story before getting into this one. The transition could have been more smooth with a few thousand more words of explanation.

Not that I'm faulting you for that. I never end up writing quite enough.

3447133 I shall remove that then. My worry was that Hive and Seek was not that good, and this is quite different. People may judge this by it's predecessor. Thank you knidly for the input.

3447133 actually, might I ask where any big issues arose?

3447550 It just felt like I had no idea what was going on.

3448163 oh... well... that's not good

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