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This story is a sequel to She's a Glitch

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With Glitchie Pi finally captured and restored to... 'normal'... Fluttershy has decided to reveal that she too is not the original pony she has claimed to be for so long. With a changeling stood in Sugar Cube Corner, what will happen next? When and how did she replace the Fluttershy we know and love? Who was that Earth Pony spying on them? Are there more secrets to be shared by the Mane 6? AND WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO!?

All this, and more, if you only read on...

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3546311 nope... but... eeerrrrrrr, not TOO far off... ish... I've said too much... BERRY! Another one!

Damn i was close, still half of idea (time traveling to kill self ?) :D

3550891 you'll just have to wait and see :pinkiehappy:

And Twilight is the Daughter of Nightmare Moon sent back in time when she was a newborn.... :facehoof:

This is a crazy train ride.

3551462 i am proud to say that is not the case. all of you must think one thing: what has been the connection with all four deaths: Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Rarity... there is a connection between all four. Then, and only then, will you have a chance to figure out what may or may not have happened to anypony else.

Thank you for the reference in the link, because I now am hooked to that song.

3793922 huh? the carmen san diego track?

That ending was brilliant. Well done, Sir. Well fucking done.

3813180 heh, thanks. you should come see how the next chapter is going

Can you email the link to me? I gave you my address on Skype.

3813320 the link should be at the bottom of the previous G Doc I linked you. With each new chapter I update the links

That semicolon in the last line is wrong. A full stop, point, period (or whatever else you wish to call it) is the correct thing to put there.
That or a comma.
A full stop is better.

~ Decaf

Don't worry! I'm not going to go back through it and look for errors. I just saw that while reading and decided to tell you (for your own benefit, of course. I'm not that much of an asshole about grammar.).

I completely for got to mention that this is an interesting epilogue. I'm intrigued.

~ Decaf

3876527 I would have waited for you, but I managed to get another guy to check it...

Yeah. Sorry about being busy. I still haven't got my shot together. I never recovered from being lazy at Christmas...

And the craziness continues... :pinkiegasp:

But, as I started to attune my eyes to the flood of light and colour, I saw a figure falling from a city made of clouds. I was weak, and sadly couldn’t get to where she was to fall before it was too late. I found the crumpled mess that remained shortly after I heard the collision with the ground. It was a horrible image that still haunts me to this day.

Everyone always dies in childhood in these fics I swear.

Fluttershy splatted, Rainbow rainboomed into the ground, Pinkie got crushed by a rock or (in this fic) choked on pie, Twilight died in her magic outburst, Rarity gets killed either by the gem rock or nearby it, and AJ... is surprisingly rarely ever dead as a filly, now that I think about it.

“No, I really do mean ‘fuck’,” she sighed, “You may have already guessed, but... like with Glitchie Pie and Flutterling, I am not the real Rainbow Dash. Well, I am her. It’s just... ugh!”

It never ends lmao

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” they all shouted, guns pointed at us.

Of course.

“Don’t look at me; I didn’t do it.”

Didn't do... what? Every so often it's like you deleted a sentence.

You see, I found out later that she was the missing link. She had been crushed by a splitting rock when Rainbow Dash pulled off her first Sonic Rainboom. Without her, there was no Generosity.



Finishing off, Berry added, “Oh, and I’m from the time of Nightmare Moon’s first rising.”

Of course you are.

With the rise of Nightmare Moon came a bloody slaughter. A civil war that left us vulnerable to the rest of the world. Celestia had one last course of action available to ensure the safety of ponykind. Using the Elements of Harmony, she performed a worldwide memory alteration spell. It set everypony and everything back massively in technology, wiping our greatest feats of engineering of the face of Equis.

Um rude? How dare you delete my gamecolt from existence

“Dammit, Plot!” Cliff screamed, punching a wall.

I mean his name WAS Plot Device. This is on you honestly.

“Yes… the pony who murdered Pinkie Pie… is in some way connected to the Old Lunar Republic… maybe even from that time, like myself…”

Dun dun duuun

Cliff tilted her head slightly, confused as to why the Colonel was acting out. She didn’t know he was seeing a humanoid version of her pony self; an anthropomorphic pony. Two things were stopping him from saying anything to his superior officer: One, never before had anyone ever seen an anthro pony during this war, and two, this was the first pony who hadn’t stared daggers at him. There was no hatred, or ill intent. She just looked, for lack of a better word, innocent.

I. Why did this happen O.o

In one smooth, unhesitant movement, Colonel Michael O’Neil put the gun to his own head and fired.

well this shit's happening

In an instant, all of Equis was swallowed in a bright rainbow light. Bruce, ramming random cable ends together while looking away. Stiggerz, lying lifeless amongst glass shards. The invading Human army. The planet’s natural residents. Everything. And then it all came in on itself, forming a singularity; a black hole. One that would eventually suck in and devour the entire Universe.

I mean... it's the best timeline so far.

Cliff pushed with all her might, feet slipping in the mud. Berry gave way, falling off of the road, onto the grass. She seemed uninterested as she looked at her saviour. Cliff just sighed with relief. Then the car hit her.

...they teleported to the human world and now it's Rainbow's turn.

“Cliff? Erm… the military man? He’s dead. I’m sorry.”

Damn. Also, the 'ling still works after death? Nice.

Ash started to lift herself back up, but snuck a hand behind Berry’s head, bringing her closer, and their lips met. Alarm bells sounded in Berry’s mind and she pulled back. A look of confusion showed on Ash’s face.


Night had fallen before the suits had come. This was a mild convenience. With no attempt to hide her presence to any passers by, Berry Punch walked emotionlessly through the town. That evening was bitter cold, but Berry didn’t notice. She was already cold inside.

nuuuuuuuu D:

The portal flickered, collapsing after receiving its creator. Just before it was gone for good, Berry dragged a gibbering Cerman through it.


She galloped away. The teleporter exploded. Then came the loud crush and scream of Rarity. Arriving on the scene, there was a flash of orange in the corner of Berry’s eye. She wanted to pursue, but Cerman was heavy, and had started barking like a dog. With Sweetie Belle likely to spot them leaving, thanks to a lack of natural cover around the gem filled rock, there was no other choice but to use the Harkness.

...Cerman is Screwball?

“As am I,” said Applejack.

...dammit, the story isn't even over

you should feel lucky. This story it the third story to have earned a pace in my wut folder.

This is a hilarious convoluted mess and I love it.

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