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Aka Dr Massey, Paradox, Tiff the Cliff, Cannon Ninja. Rule Britannia!


A mare brought up with tales of Myth and Wonder. A dream none believed acclomplishable. Repercussions beyond fathomable.

Cliff Jumper goes in search of an object thought not to exist, and unknowingly unleashes an unimaginable contagion.

It always begins with a Book...

(Contagious Existence)

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Comments ( 12 )

I ask that all readers click the link in the fic's description once you've read this story. It leads to the group page set up for the ponyverse that this fic opens up.

Awesome story bro! :raritywink:

Just sayin', but acclomplishable isn't a word. :twilightsheepish:

3484008 hmm... then I HAVE INVENTED A NEW WORD!!!


Read it earlier but had no time to comment, and well I don't have much time to spend reviewing your story either actually.
But I liked it! Not sure if the story is really original, I haven't read enough fics for the moment. But you seem to have ideas.
Keep going :twilightsmile:

Yes... YES...

This is a very interesting concept, as well as a pretty cool story! :pinkiehappy:

3575042 thank you. pity the thing never left the ground... kinda wanted to open up a new ponyverse for writers to use

Well. This was something. I liked what you did with the endless death cycle.

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