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Bartholomew Kuma, after the events that transpired at the Thousand Sunny, is brought to Equestria by none other than Discord. The lord of chaos claims that without his help retrieving something that was stolen, both Equestria and the world of One Piece will be thrown into complete bedlam.

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Kuma?! :pinkiehappy: best shichibukai in my opinion.

yes, the quiet tyrant comes to the pony world!

3191182 still shichibukai? or anyone who was one? If the latter, eh, he's no Trafalgar Law

3191262 Well, that's a tough question. In the main One Piece storyline, he was originally in the shichibukai, but now that he is a human weapon, I'm not sure. People have said that even though he is figuratively dead, he's still a Warlord, but in my opinion he is just an amped up Pacifista.

It's a shame that happened to him though, seeing how great of a character he was :raritydespair:.

3191262 Kuma is still a shichibukai. Law isn't though.

Hah, Kuma's "catchphrase was used against him!:rainbowlaugh:

Also, Kuma was a bit OOC. Even before he was turned into a slave, he didn't show any emotions. So his reactions after regaining his memory were definitely OOC for him.

Still, a good start to a hopefully good story.

3191321Are you talking about the manga? Cuz the anime currently still has Law as a shichibukai.

Comment posted by NightmareKnight deleted Sep 12th, 2013

3191666 yes I am. do you read the manga? cause I don't want to spoil you on what happens.

3191686I am currently. The last page I read was when Luffy punched Ceaser after he tried to kill Brownbeard.

Decent start and premise, but you need to work on missing commas and errors in punctuation. Get a beta. Fav'd and liked.

Aww yes, I see what you did there for Discord. Very nicely done, can't wait for more.

This is a very promising start.
Looking forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

3192030 whoa! I'm all the way caught up to the current chapter. I cant tell you nuthin. But from where you're at up to the latest chapter; it is filled with nothing but greatness.

3193546I finished the latest manga last night. I'm sad, and I want moar!:raritydespair:

I recommend staying in one tense and reading over for grammar when you write:twilightsmile:

3197009 Yeah, sorry about the grammar issues, I'm kinda new at writing. Thanks for letting me know though, I'll try better next chapter.

3200419 That's fine. being good at grammar is more a habit than a skill, it comes with experience. Multiple drafts and thorough rereads make for flawless writing. If you'd like, you can PM me the next chapter and I can proofread it for you. Many eyes make for fewer mistakes:twilightsmile:

3202165 I shall consider it.

This is an itneresting story... Not much to say...

3240035 If you like it now, just wait... :pinkiecrazy:

Whether this was a side effect of the Pacifista modifications, even he was not sure.

^ Seriously? Vega punk is the smartest person in the OP universe, who designed the pacifista modifications. :facehoof: He should know what he is doing.

Yay, new chapter.

Sounds like Pinkie gets a "Welcome to Equestria giant metal-bear-monkey guy" party instead.

3303747 Well not only does it not specify the source of Kuma's incredible speed on his wiki page, but there is literally zero known about Vegapunk. The only things even said about him are from when Kuma was fighting Zoro at thriller bark and Zoro discovered that Kuma was a robot. Kuma then proceeds to tell Zoro a bit about how he was a robot and who created him. While he says that Vegapunk is the smartest human alive, he doesn't tell any specifics about his scientific knowledge. So who's to say even Vegapunk doesn't know about some of Kuma's abilities, hmm? :trixieshiftright:

Now to wait for more installments :rainbowkiss:

no pony kuma please his human form just add to the challenge and fun!

3304670 I actually considered making him a pony, but that would make it hard to use his devil fruit power.

3304673 I think way too many anime crossovers ponify the characters, for me half the fun of human in equestrian storys is how the ponies react to creatures they haven't seen before

3307222 I agree with you but at the same time,I don't.I agree that too many anime crossovers ponify characters like it's a thing.However,I don't agree with you on your reason.My reason is that when an anime character is ponified,like,say,Luffy,it is hard to picture certain scenes like action scenes and it looking good whereas when a character is NOT ponified,it is easier to picture certain scenes and it will look good.You understand?:rainbowhuh:

3356006 I understand, but for me its fun

Well, I'm glad that you updated this. Hoping to see more. There were some annoying errors and stuff like that, though, so you should get an editor, or look it over several times yourself to make sure it's alright before you post it up online.

i say discord is a co creator who help out with the fruits cause if he did make them then that would mean devil fruit where used in equastria during his rule and there are ponies and other creature who use the devil fruit unless there useless to them or don't work in equastria for them cause that explain how ponies or other sentients don't know about them or still swim...

3378129 Dude, Don't just go and make up your own theory about Discord's role in creation of the Devil Fruits as soon as the chapter is posted. :facehoof: I'm gonna explain it in next chapter, don't worry.

Comment posted by River Road deleted Oct 21st, 2013

3378315 Correct! When I'm done writing the next chapter, I'll PM you the link to the doc it's posted on. However, I want to give one more person a shot at this, considering many people probably haven't seen it, due to the fact that many people on this site are still in school :ajbemused:.

Also, I corrected the things you pointed out. Thanks for telling me about them.:twilightsmile:

P.S. Sengoku is a Zoan user. Him and Marco are users of Mythical Zoan's, which are considered to be rarer than logia.


I intricately encrypted my answers (and deleted the now fixed corrections). :ajsmug:

Don't want others to cheat, now do we? :raritywink:

Actually, Zoan class are the Rarest, and are divided into 2 separate categories;
Mythical and Not.
Apart from that one criticism, excellent!
(N.B) Supposedly the most powerful pirate alive roughly at this time has eaten a PARAMECIA FRUIT
But ignore that. This was Excellent! :pinkiehappy:

3378831 No, logia's are rarer, but mythical zoan's are rarer than logia, due to the fact that only 2 confirmed ones exist. Regular zoan's aren't rarer though.


Rob Lucci
Tony Tony Chopper
Nico Robin
Eustass Kid
Whitebeard/Edward Newgate
Scratchmen Apoo
Bartholomew Kuma
Monkey D. Luffy

Here that all of them and you forgot to mention on thing about Zoan type fruits it the Inanimate Zoan Users and animals can gain fruits abilities too.

3380481 Well done sir, when I get the next chapter complete, I will PM you the link to it.

So I'm confused, all those forums you posted about this story, how will some of these characters get those powers if they already are taken by someone else?

3380633 That will be explained in the next chapter. Just wait...

>>3379691 Actually Not: Though there are many more zoan fruits, they are divided into so many subcategories that should be classed as there own.
But never mind.

Admiral Kizaru
Eneru (Enel if you want the Japanese name)
Ace/Admiral Akainu (Akainu's the right name for the magma guy right? I know Japan says it's Sakazuki, but I don't remember it saying that in the anime)

Rob Lucci
Tony Tony Chopper
Fleet Admiral Sengoku

Buggy the Clown
Nico Robin
Eustass Kid
Warden Magellan
Whitebeard (Shirohige)
Scratchmen Apoo
Kuma (obviously)
And last, but sure as hell not least, MONKEY D. LUFFY!

Do I win?:pinkiehappy:

3382315 Well, you got em' all right, but sadly you weren't the first one... sorry. :pinkiesad2:

Discord had a role in making the devil fruits.

And just like that im done

3382787 And why would that be?

I personally think it's a bad idea, and I don't like why the two universes meet before the story takes place

3384715 Allright then, just wondering.

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