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Every night a new song is added to his repertoire. Key collects them all, and recounts them for the world. He tells the tales of everyone he meets and learns about. He sings to the crowd, for he lives through them. Without his audience, he would have no voice.

So he plays on for everyone. He gathers the tales of those he sees and meets, and shares them with his fellow mates. All of them have a laugh, and that is the way things are, and have always been, at Fou's Bar.

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Comment posted by The-voice-of-the-dragon deleted Sep 30th, 2013

3281595 Yea no. No "FIRST!" comment for you. If you are going to say something, actually say something meaningful, or at the very least not meaningless.

My apologies, my goodman. I simply desired to see the reaction of a writer to a comment that was completely useless and irrelevant.

Loved the feels you had going there.
Makes me want to track down a shitty dive bar around here.
Good job!:twilightsmile:

3281856 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I liked it, especially liked the way you rewrote the lyrics to the initial song and made it match the situation, well done and good talent there. I also like how you put your own creativity into the story to give it its own feel of how life really is.

Mr. Flare:moustache:

The F u Bar. Very nice.

3281874 Thanks! It's good to know the song lyrics came out alright in the eyes of other readers.

My pleasure!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

HA! I didn't notice that before!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

There I finished the story, If you want to take a look at it, here it is.

Memorioums of a Mad Pony

And here I thought I was being original! I wrote a fan tribute to Billy Joel's music a few nights ago (it's my first piece) and I had just finished uploading it when one of your readers, the_Changeling_Prince_2, commented asking me if I had read your fic! :rainbowlaugh:
Let me just say, WOW. I love the way you molded the song to fit the story (and to pass moderation :scootangel:) and I think your exposition was much more thought-out than my own. and no, I hadn't heard anything about your fic or Piano Mare when I created mine, please refer to my blog post for my inspiration

In shock and awe,
David Brony :moustache:

3398793 I guess it's a popular idea that a few different people have all had! I'll be sure to check out your take on Piano Man. It's always neat to see where other authors will take their own version of a story.

Thanks, and I thought I was finished with it the night it passed moderation, but I'm considering going back and working on my exposition and (maybe) the events leading up to the BJPony meetup.

Hello, good friend. I'm a Dapper Guy that's here to inform you that I've reviewed and accepted your work into the Goodfic Bin. So, here's a ribbon to acknowledge this marvelous tale.

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