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Rarity indulges in some of life's simple pleasures: food, drink and attractive young mares. A good start to a good day or perhaps a bad start to a bad one? Of course, any day can be made better by a good breakfast, some good cider and the intimate company of a close friend...

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Well I kind of saw that coming at the beginning with Pinkie and Fluttershy and then the cauldron, but it was a good story. I wish Applejack would ditch the hat and braids for at least 2 minutes in the show. Her locks would be awesome. :rainbowkiss:

3014867 ASDF? This is a robbery?

There was no gasp in asdfmovie! This is an outrage! Come to think of it, I don't remember a le either! What is the meaning of this? Why must you engage in such blasphemy?

3015620 I thought maybe the name would have given it away. In all honesty, I did my best to keep it not too obvious, but I'm hardly Shyamalan.

As long as the story was enjoyable...

3016116 But there was a French Guy. Anyone for BenCake? The dick is particularly delicious.

Well that was certainly interesting. :pinkiesmile:

...Ok. You story checks out... for now.

I haven't read too much MLP fanfiction as of late (my recent discovery of the awesomeness that is Portal got in the way) but this… was beautiful. I can think of no better way to return to pony literature than through this. You are amazing at descriptions. The carrot pancakes, Applejack, the spiced cider… you did them all so perfectly. The ending was what I can only describe as sweet. I always did wonder what Rarity was dreaming of there. And on a side note, I did notice a few spelling errors you may want to have an editor look at. But other than that, beautiful. Have a like and a favorite, and I will most certainly be following you as well.

4356717 Spelling errors? Oh my, how embarrassing. :twilightblush: I shall purge them. Thanks for your kind words. It always cheers me up when someone takes the time to comment on one of my stories. :yay:

Edit: I fixed the spelling errors (I hope). I also made a few alterations to the flow of the story. They were all minor tweaks, so don't worry: the story itself is identical. It's all just fixes to the paragraph structure, a few reworked sentences and a couple of alterations to my word choice. All in all, I feel a little happier with how it reads now. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to go and fix it. This was just one of those stories that I had written mostly for the purpose of getting it out of my head, if you know what I mean. I guess I had sort of forgotten about it ever since posting it, but now that I've read it back again, I remember how much I love it. I hope you enjoy it just as much in its reworked form!

I like how this was a dream sequence written entirely without italics. (So I can fearlessly save it as a .epub (which don't come as marked-up text from this site!) :twilightblush:)

Cue themesong

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