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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


What do you do when your love moves to pursue her dreams? Rarity is living the high life in Canterlot, but Applejack can't help but feel left in the dust.

Luckily, sometimes, there's somepony nearby to help you through it.

(Inspired by this song.)

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Damn, two stories in one day (wait, no, it's the next day actually)? Nice job on the prolificacy with writing! :pinkiehappy:

2937684 Thank you! I was depressed for... a really long time. Recent events have spurred me to write more than ever before. It helps that I saw how much you were putting out and I got jelly :p Even if you're the better writer ^^

I'm seriously honored that you like my stuff, Bob. I really am. So thank you :heart:

Hey, if its good stuff, I gotta tell my feels about it. And my feels for this story is really good. I'm impressed so far with what you're putting out, and here's hoping the ball keeps on rolling with your awesome writing. :twilightsmile:

2937713 yay~ :yay:

You're just super.

This was an interesting story, I did enjoy it, even if it was sad.

This one is definitely sad, but with a faint glimmer of hope that makes me smile just a little bit. Nice writing, Dancer.

Wow, just when I was in the mood for some good ol' fashioned Rarijack, I happen upon this little gem :raritystarry:

I really liked the writing style. Not to mention the theme, and the fact that you made Granny Smith a filly-fooler (which is original and at the same time adds a whole new layer of depth to the character! Great job)!

Although, one critique to be made is how often the characters use each other's names. In real conversation, it's actually surprising how little we address each other by name (or nick-name, same principle). Here, nearly every time a character speaks they remind the audience who they're talking to, which as you probably know, is unnecessary.

But really, other than that, this is a great little story!

P.S. I hope you recover from your depression. I've been there, man.

:pinkiesad2:vary nice :pinkiesad2:

a vary long time ago i made two dark poem's for school. this made me think of them...

what do you think?

Aww, that's sweet.:raritywink: I hope your depression heals. Is it anything we can solve?
Is that Pinkie's "Granny Pie" who taught her to giggle at the ghosties?:pinkiegasp: Granny Pie's sister?
I look forward to more of your work.

2938114 Thanks. I tried writing it a few different ways, and kept running into the whole 'confusion over who 'she' is' thing you get with non-specific pronouns, so. Apple Bloom was in it originally too, which didn't help matters. But yeah.

And I'm not a man xD But thanks.

2939488 It's not really solvable-it just kind of happens sometimes, and that song the fic is based off of was summing up a lot of things for me.

And maaaaaaaaaaaybe it was Granny Pie, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe not :3

Ach! Sorry! I'm not a dude, either, and I've had people in the fandom mess it up for me, too.

CURSE YOU, ASSUMPTIONS!!! :flutterrage:

I. Swear. To. GOD! This story, and the one you've crafted are long-lost second cousins from another dimension... twice removed.

On with my comment.

I must admit, this story deserves to be tagged 'sad', for that's how I felt after reading it. Why? Because it was one-sided. We were given very acute, very relatable detail of Applejack's life after Rarity's leave. Yet we're left completely in the dark of Rarity's affairs. In other words, your execution was simply perfect. This fic was sad because we were throw right into Applejack's head, and we couldn't get out. Not even when the story ended.

You've officially fired a loaded gun right into the 'feels' gland. You monster.


Well, this was sad, but good.

I can very much relate to this kind of love.

I think I may have a letter to write.

That was a nice bittersweet short story. The characterization hits the mark and you neatly captured the emotions of a lover whose beloved is at a place far away, feeling that she has been left behind and will never see her again. Definitely a good one.:yay:

I'm new , and I'm having trouble figuring out what you press to read it, sorry that's such a dumb question... :twilightblush:

7478814 That's ok! Most of my chapter titles are ascii symbols, which might not display correctly if you're reading on a phone or tablet. You can use this link to read, if you want: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/116650/1/needing-and-getting/-

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