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After a season with little rain, a wildfire has broken out in the Everfree Forest. The fire is threatening Ponyville, but luckily there is a chance they can stop it.

By starting a second fire that will burn towards the first, everypony working together can save Ponyville.

An older work written for some Fimfiction competition.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Wow.. Just wow. This is a great little piece. I love how you still managed to have a good ending with something that obviously tragic. lol

*Grins* Goofy and cute. It was a bit confusing as it sort of felt like it switched between being Dash's POV and a more general perspective. Still very enjoyable and you capture Dash's voice really well.:pinkiesmile:

How she managed to fail that hard is beyond me.

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