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Derpy finds a letter in her incoming box that is improperly addressed. Unsure of what to do, she decides to read it in order to find who the letter is for.

This was not my idea originally; the credit for the idea goes to Daniel Scott. Additional development for the idea was aided by Chris Sergeant and other military bronies.

The art is not mine either, I'll find the source. No, I didn't know Daddy Loves You existed before writing this, I was just told about it, it’s a really good story. THIS story is about Derpy, the letter is just a plot device. I’ve cleared it up with the author, so there should be no issue.

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Comments ( 37 )

You misspelled ponyville in the short description.


Thanks, I'll fix it

hmmmm... The sad tag is somewhat misleading.
I was getting ready for a real tear jerker, then the dad just walks in? EDIT: This just gave me an idea! Mind if I use it?
Awww well. Happy endings all around.


Come on, the happy ending is still a tear jerker! : )

Yea, go ahead if you want, I'd love to hear about it.

I think you meant "teared" at the end, but that was a wonderful story. A like and a fav to you!:yay:

That was pretty good.

2857274but did you listen to sad music and cry?


Played Sad Music and Read this I did the opposite of Cry...I laughed...gee maybe I really am Nuts :twilightoops:


And that's why I work at the Rainbow Factory :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:


Actually I read Three Hundred and Fifty... That made me hold in the tears.

Good story, I liked it. Although it did seem a bit rushed there in the end to me. Then again, whenever I read, I always prep myself for a full on novel. Lookin forward to more from ya man. :twilightsmile:


It was just meant to be a quick one shot to see where I'm at. Glad you liked it, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.


Thanks man, wish I could do stuff like this more often.

2864626yea I'm in the same boat as you. I got a couple great ideas for fics but don't have the time. My computer is broken too. Deploying again in January and since my ideas would be long story's I wouldn't want the readers to wait 7 months for a new chapter

Sad, but still very good stuff.:moustache:

2864662 on a float? I'm going on the 31st in November. Wish I could go back to Afghan instead.


Thanks, it was supposed to be sad until the end. I didn't obtain the level of emotional shock I wanted to, but it's still there, I hope.

2864692 either Spain Africa or some other euro shithole. Yea Afghanistan was fun. I was in Garmsir. Where were you in the Stan?


Northern Helmand, Musa Qala or hwever you spell it. There is actually a natgeo special on my unit out right now called battleground Afghanistan. It follows my platoon specifically, so I have a decent amount of screen time.

2864953 yea I saw the first episode. Definitely more kinetic than my deployment was. They would only fight with the ANA and would run when we showed up. We wanted to throw on our green FROGs and pose as ANA but they wouldn't let us do partnered patrolls with them after a bad green on blue attack we lost 3 in


Sucks. We did partner patrols all the time

2865450we did too until the ANP murdered our PAT team. Il be on Xbox later a little later. Gonna nap now that we gut released for libo. Happy chucks day

This is a really sweet story i have been sitting here scrolling through for good scoot stories and :facehoof: im about to cry!!!!!


Thanks, that was the intent.

Your a good writer i want to write fics and post them on here but i have no clue how to post them sooo can somepony give me a hoof????

2878448 you gotta create the story, go to stories and add new, then fill out the form, submit it, then add chapters and put it up for submitting. The sites FAQ explained it better.

:fluttercry: beautifull bro well done there were tears had

2878541 Thanks i sent one in and they said to try again so im making one about like me (Ditzy) running away (human) and running into the portal after another 30 moons and trying again and im shipping Ditzyshy

:fluttercry::fluttercry:I've had that happen to me, you know, where something bad happened and I wasn't told until it was to late to say goodbye to a love one (:fluttercry::fluttercry:my poor kitty).
Friend: really a cat?
Me: Shut up!:flutterrage: :fluttershysad: *sniffle* I'm emotional.....
Friend: what every Night...:facehoof:
No help what so ever.
Good story! I really liked it.:twilightsmile:

That was so lovely and touching, really wonderful. Fantastic work, my friend.:twilightsmile:

I was listening to Yirumas River Flows in You, not quiet sure if that was the sad music you had in mind:rainbowderp:. Not too shabby. I would reconisder the Cheerliee tag. Only tag Main or important characters.

The ending seemed kinda smack- done, but I liked this. A felt for derpy as she read it and feared that, after reading the letter, scootaloo would go to her mother, however that was in this Fic, and they'd arrive at the hospital, nly to learned he'd already passed months ago. I am glad it was a happy ending:pinkiesad2:

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