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Hello bronies of the world, I'm Shimmer Shine and welcome to my stuff!!! I like all things Cartoon Network, drawing and of course, ponies!!! I hope you like my stories and have a derpy day!!! BYE!!!!!


Cause I can · 11:47pm Jul 2nd, 2014

So, alot of people have been asking when the next chapter will be up for my new story "What Am I Doing?" and, honestly, I don't know. Life is very cruel right now so, probably not for a long while. Sorry guys..
~ Shimmerz

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Thanks for stalking err I mean watching me

Aww thank you so much for your favorite :)))) :derpytongue2:

Hello, I was just wondering if you could go to my blog & vote? I got a big lack of them!

Not to sound like a bum but.. Chapter 2, mate? The hell is it??

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