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Hello bronies of the world, I'm Shimmer Shine and welcome to my stuff!!! I like all things Cartoon Network, drawing and of course, ponies!!! I hope you like my stories and have a derpy day!!! BYE!!!!!


Cause I can · 11:47pm Jul 2nd, 2014

So, alot of people have been asking when the next chapter will be up for my new story "What Am I Doing?" and, honestly, I don't know. Life is very cruel right now so, probably not for a long while. Sorry guys..
~ Shimmerz

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Sparky and I · 1:02am Apr 8th, 2014

OK People, my friend Skatespark and I are making a story called. " Some Ponies are too Oblivious". It's supposed to be a funny kinda romance story. Our friends are stupid and sometimes miss the point so, this story was created in the honor of Idiots!!! Check it out! We only have one chapter up so far and there is more to come!!

- SkateSpark and Shimmer Shine

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